What flowers are best planted on the balcony in summer, winter? Balcony flowers: a list. Flowers for a balcony, blooming: everything for an open and glazed balcony

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Plants on the balcony - one of the ways to decorate it, as well as make it shady. Thus, in the summer, the sun's rays will not penetrate your room. In this article we will talk about the most popular balcony plants.

Flowers for the balcony, blooming: everything for an open summer balcony

Before you equip a flower bed on your balcony, you need to assess the situation, as well as find out for what purpose you are going to plant plants. Of great importance is the balcony itself, or rather, glazed or not. Accordingly, if the balcony does not have glazing, that is, it is open, then in this case annuals will be an ideal option. Since in winter, accordingly, nothing can grow on it.


  • An ideal option for such balconies will be climbing plants, which are not very whimsical to care for. Among them can be distinguished beans. The main advantage of this plant is that it can grow on a rather shady balcony, on which there is practically no sunlight, that is, from the north side. For quick shoots, there is no need to put the pots directly on the fences, just move them in a row on the balcony itself, that is, on the floor.
  • Even in conditions of lack of light, the beans stretch very quickly, and become quite high. The length of the lashes can reach 4 m. Before planting a similar plant, it is necessary to make for it a kind of support that the plant will braid.
  • Another good option for breeding flowers on the balcony is bindweed. This is also a plant that is distinguished by long lashes, and is quite stable in relation to the wind. That is, these flowers are quite stable, their whips do not break even when exposed to strong winds.
  • Bindweed is best planted on the sunny side, as this plant loves light. If you plant this flower on the north side, it will also grow, but much more slowly and at the same time it will bloom for a short time. With proper care, bindweed can bloom from June to October. Some note that the flowers are kept in lashes until frost.

List of flowering plants for the balcony:

  • Calendula
  • Nasturtium
  • Petunia
  • Ivy
  • Bindweed
  • Beans
  • Marigold
  • Begonia

What flowers are best planted on a cold balcony: the organization of a winter garden

It is safe to grow cold-resistant plants on a glazed balcony. Moreover, this can be done not only in the summer, but also in the winter. In this case, the main condition is that the balcony is glazed, the light penetrates well, and snow does not fall. That is, almost all glazed balconies can grow a winter garden.

But for these purposes, you need to choose special plants that perfectly survive the reduced temperature. A prerequisite is the presence of heat, as well as additional lighting. In this case, you can choose any plants.

Flowers on the open balcony

The following plants can be referred to as cold-resistant:

  • Chlorophytum and Pelargonium zonal. The fact is that many of the pelargonium hybrids feel very good at low temperatures, grandmothers call this plant geraniums.
  • It also grows well on cold balconies. Washington palm and yucca filamentous. These species can tolerate even small frosts.
  • It grows well in cold conditions Camellia. It can withstand temperatures up to -5 degrees, and from 0 to +10 degrees Celsius is considered ideal temperature standards for them.
  • Can be kept on balconies azalea. It grows well at a temperature of + 5-6 degrees.
  • Cyclamen It is also a cold-resistant plant, it feels great at temperatures up to 6 degrees Celsius, and on insulated balconies.
  • In autumn, you can grow on heather balconies. These are small shrubs that feel pretty good even at low temperatures. Even in winter and autumn, these plants will delight you with a beautiful color.
  • The most interesting thing is that even after drying, such plants look very organic and unusual. There is a plant Hebe which has not yet gained wide popularity in Russia. These are low shrubs that differ in their green color, and at different times of the year. Withstand a temperature drop to -5. It can even be grown in some suburban areas. In the winter garden, such plants will not cause any problems.
  • For vertical gardening often used ivy. Most of its varieties are frost-resistant, and also live well in the Crimea and Odessa region, where there is no decrease in temperature lower than -10.
  • In February, there are also plants that feel great on a cold balcony. Among them can be distinguishedhyacinths, as well as primrose.
Flowers for a cold balcony

How to grow balcony flowers in winter?

If your balcony is not very warm, and the temperature can sometimes drop to -10, then you should pay attention to the choice of garden plants. It is best to choose evergreen garden plants. They can be purchased in the autumn at any flower shop.

These are not large dwarf pines, as well as Christmas trees. Perhaps this is thuja and axle, and after wintering on the balcony, in spring, it is best to transplant them into the open air. This is ideal for those who live in a private house with a balcony, as well as gardening in the spring.

Winter garden on the balcony


  • He feels rather well in winter conditions andgaulteria lying. This shrub has not yet gained wide popularity in Russia, however, thanks to its external data, it is gradually conquering gardeners. Such shrubs up to 15 cm high can be planted on any balcony. They do not bloom, but on their branches there are cute red berries that will decorate any Winter Garden.
  • It is worth noting that planting flowers on the winter balcony may cause unexpected problems. This is especially the case with evergreen shrubs. If they feel good on the plot even in the cold winter, then on the balcony, among the plants of the winter garden, they can freeze. Why is this happening, because the temperature on the balcony is much higher, and better care?
  • This is due to the fact that in the process of planting, the roots do not sink very deeply, therefore, they can freeze during heavy watering. This is the main reason for the death of evergreen shrubs on the balcony. The main task that will allow you to save plants in the winter on the balcony is to provide fairly rare watering. It is enough to water only once a week, and at the same time it is best to raise the temperature on the balcony so that the water quickly absorbs and gets to the roots.
  • In no case should you wet the plants, because this is fraught with freezing of the roots. Refuse also from external spraying of leaves. If you still want to do this, move the plants into the house to spray them. Leave it for a while until it dries and absorbs moisture, and only after the leaves have completely dried, bring the plants to the balcony.
Winter Garden

To organize a flower garden on the balcony, you need to stock up endurance and attention. With a lack of free time, refuse to grow demanding plants.

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