Postcards scrapbooking do it yourself. How to make an unforgettable card with scrapbooking technique?

The article will tell you as much as possible about scrapbooking and greeting card manufacturing techniques.

Everyone in childhood made cards with their own hands. They were cut out of cardboard, decorated with colored paper, ribbons and painted with felt-tip pens. With age, due to lack of time and inspiration, many left this lesson. However, you must admit, it is much more pleasant to give a thing that is made with love. The person to whom the gift is addressed will also appreciate such a card.

  • Creativity develops in all directions. And one of the most common areas is scrapbooking. This direction includes the manufacture of crafts from paper, cardboard and wood, and decorating them
  • For example, the results of creativity in this direction are manual photo albums, notebooks and postcards. For those who are just getting acquainted with scrapbooking, you should start with postcards. Firstly, they do not require a lot of material. Secondly, they will allow you to experiment and look for new approaches
  • Also, I want to note that scarping is not only a hobby of thousands of people. For some, it has become a fairly successful business. After all, handmade products are always at the peak of popularity

Making scrapbooking postcards

  • The first thing to do is come up with the idea of ​​a postcard. What holiday is it dedicated to? For what person is done
  • If nothing comes to mind, look for inspiration in other people's work. On the Internet, you can find thousands of ideas and workshops.
  • Consider what materials you might need.
  • Of the standard materials, these are colored paper, cardboard and PVA glue. Also, you can use ribbons and lace, artificial flowers, beads
  • Prepare the base of the postcard. It should not be soft. Visit the shop for creativity in your city. There is soft colored double-sided cardboard. Sometimes it happens with patterns. Such cardboard will be an excellent base for postcards.
  • If you have chosen the basis of a dark color, think about how you will write the inscriptions. A blue or black pen will be poorly visible on a dark background. For the area where the wish will be written, cut off a piece of light paper. It does not have to be rectangular
  • Use patterns to cut clear shapes. It will turn out much more accurately
  • Do not be afraid to experiment. Perhaps your card will become a masterpiece

Set for scrapbooking cards.

For beginners in scrapbooking, it is convenient to use a set for making cards. It is sold in shops for creativity and, sometimes, in shops with an office. Sets are thematic. For example, dedicated to the New Year, Birthday or March 8. This set includes:

  • Cardboard base. It is bilateral or one-sided. Usually, a set of several options for the basics
  • Colored paper. It is a bit softer than cardboard, it may have patterns or thematic drawings
  • Ribbons and lace
  • Easy to attach to half beads
  • Additional items: wooden figures, flowers, three-dimensional figures, frames and much more

The kit has everything you need to make your own postcard. All you need is inspiration, glue and scissors.


Types of cards scrapbooking

There is no clear classification of cards, because each master uses his imagination and mixes many elements. However, you can make a separation of scrapbooking cards into several varieties:

  • Depending on the shape: square, round, oval, rectangular and curly.
  • Flat and voluminous
  • Textile (types where fabric is used to the maximum)
  • Postcards for the holidays
  • Cards "just like that"
  • Postcards
  • Postcards-photo albums
Idea for postcards.

Scrapbooking style templates for postcards.

If your creative ideas go far beyond the standard scrapbooking kit, use templates.

  • Patterns for cutting individual parts.
Parts Templates Parts Templates Parts Templates
  • Patterns for background.
Background Background Background Background

Fancy scrapbooking cards

Below are a few ideas for inspiration. Absolutely everyone can do such unusual cards.

Bright postcard Spring card Volumetric postcard Surprise card

How to make a scrapbook wedding card?

  • Browse wedding card ideas online
  • Greeting card for the wedding should be light shades. The background may be slightly darker than the decor. Ideal base colors: pink, peach or coral
  • The decor should be airy and delicate, use pearl beads, lace, fabrics of different factors
  • Prepare wedding templates: pigeons, hearts, rings and figurines of the newlyweds.
  • Think of the element of surprise in a postcard. For example, to make it unusually open. Or to contain some kind of special surprise inside
  • Choose or make your own touching wish. Write it inside using a beautiful font. You can also print a wish
  • Put the card in a beautiful envelope. He will keep small details on the card and will not let it get damaged.

Wedding Card Ideas:

Wedding card Wedding card Wedding card

Video: Wedding card. Master Class

DIY birthday greeting card scrapbooking

One of the most joyful holidays is Birthday. If you are tired of giving purchased postcards, show your imagination and make a gift with your own hands.

  • For Birthday, use original postcard ideas. You can make a card in which there will be a hint of a hobby or a profession as a birthday person. For example, if a person is fond of sewing, a postcard in the form of a sewing machine will be appropriate
  • For a birthday celebration, use bright colors in the decor: red, green, pink and blue
  • Think about the age of the birthday person. If this is an anniversary, it is appropriate to make the decor in the form of numbers
  • When making cards, you need to consider who gives the gift. For a child, husband or mother, a postcard may be more personal. But for the boss or colleague, it is better to make a card of neutral meaning
  • Do not forget about your sincere wish

Birthday Card Ideas:

Birthday Card Ideas Birthday Card Ideas Birthday Card Ideas

Scrapbooking postcard jacket, master class

A card in the form of a jacket is an original gift idea. This may be a birthday card for a man on February 23rd or just as a reminder of an event. Making such a card is easy, even a beginner can handle it.

Examples of postcards:

Example Example 2



Necessary Details:


Video: Jacket postcard workshop

Children's cards in scrapbooking style, master class

Children's cards have their own characteristics in the manufacture of:

  • If you are giving a baby's birthday card, be sure to find out his gender
  • Accordingly, for a girl's postcard, use pink, beige, cream color. Greeting card for a boy can be made in blue, blue or light green
  • Add a decor that symbolizes the birth of a baby: a stork, a cradle or a stroller
  • If a postcard is made for an older child, you can focus on the hobbies of the baby

Examples of postcards:

Children's card Children's card Children's card

Video: Workshop for a children's card

Scrapbooking: valentine cards with scrapbooking technique

Valentine's Day is a holiday in which you want to present a special present to your loved one. Do-it-yourself postcard is the best option.

  • Colors of Valentine's Day: red and deep pink. Even for men, it is recommended that cards in these colors be made on this day.
  • Remember the symbol of the holiday - the heart. You can make a card in the shape of a heart, or use the appropriate decor
  • Write a sincere, even frank wish, which will be remembered by your soulmate

Examples of valentines cards:

Valentine Valentine

How to make an interesting scrapbooking card by March 8

  • March 8 - holiday and spring, International Women's Day. Therefore, the card should be bright and delicate at the same time.
  • The most optimal colors for postcards for March 8: red, pink, lime and white
  • Make the most of floral décor and floral motifs
  • You can make a card of the original form, for example, in the form of a basket with flowers

Examples of postcards for March 8:

Greeting card for March 8 Greeting card for March 8

How to make a simple card using scrapbooking technique. Tips and reviews.

  • Try not to copy other people's cards. You can take an idea, but add something of your own
  • Start making cards with a thorough preparation. Accuracy in work is the key to a quality product
  • Before gluing decorative elements, lay them on the surface of the card. Evaluate if they look harmonious
  • Do not make a postcard sticky. Many details will only worsen the big picture.
  • For the first postcards do not use expensive materials. You will need practice to master scrapbooking.
  • Combine techniques and learn new things. To make original and unique cards, learn new techniques for working with paper. For example. quilling and origami

Postcards for March 8, DIY scrapbooking

In a few videos below, you can step by step see how to make a card by March 8 for loved ones and dear ones.

Video: Delicate postcard on March 8 with your own hands. Scrapbooking