Holy water - prayers, conspiracies and ceremonies for healing, from diseases, evil eye, for love, commerce, work, money. Prayer for the adoption of prosphora and holy water

From our article you will learn what words can speak holy water so that it heals and protects.

For many of us, water is just a source of quenching our thirst. And, probably, only a few know that it is able to heal from diseases, protect from negative energy and soothe the soul. Of course, not all water possesses all these properties. In order for it to become life-giving above it is necessary to conduct a church ritual. In view of this, if you want to stock up with holy water, then do it at the Baptism of the Lord.

On this day, absolutely all the liquid on our earth becomes healing. In addition, the priests strengthen it with their prayers, removing from it all the bad things that she has accumulated over the past year. With holy water you can perform various ceremonies that will help you regain your health, attract good luck or get rid of bad habits. We will talk about how to do this correctly in our article.

Prayer for healing before the adoption of holy water: text

Healing prayer text

As you probably already understood, holy water can save a person from many diseases. But in order for it to be able to expel ailment from your body, you must properly prepare your body for its use. This must be done, of course, with the help of Christian prayer. Before you receive holy water, you must read a prayer over it three times.

With these actions you will cleanse your soul and further enhance the healing properties of water. It is best to read such a prayer before the images, setting a glass filled with life-giving liquid. After reading the prayer, cross yourself three times, dodge the images low, and slowly drink holy water. During this process, try not to be distracted by worldly problems and worries and only think that now liquid will enter your body that will expel the ailment from you.

What gives a full moon conspiracy to holy water?

Full moon plot

Everyone knows that the moon has a fairly strong energy. It has the strongest effect on water. And since the human body is almost 80% liquid, then in the full moon this celestial luminary simply begins to control our actions and thoughts. And that is why water, spoken in the full moon, has even greater healing and life-giving properties.

If you read a conspiracy over it, and then put it on the window so that the moonlight falls on it all the time, then the next day you will get a liquid so energetically strong that you can solve almost any problems with it. But still, know that the power of the chained water will begin to decrease as the moon wanes. Therefore, it is advisable to use the liquid spoken in the full moon literally in 2-3 days.

Prayer for washing with holy water from the evil eye

Holy Water Prayer

Unfortunately, a person is not at all protected from the envy of others. The most unpleasant thing is that the negativity coming from another person, we may not even notice, and we will quite calmly continue to communicate with him. And the closer our spiritual contact is, the greater the portion of negativity our body and soul will receive. If you began to feel some strange anxiety about a certain person, then it is likely that he has jinxed you. Holy water will help you get rid of this problem and protect yourself from repeated evil eye.

If you wash it before each exit from the house, then no negative can not even have the most minimal impact on you. Begin washing from the eyes, and then go to the cheeks, chin and forehead. Wash yourself crosswise, as if drawing a church cross on your face. Accompany this whole process with the prayer given a little above. If you wish, you can repeat the procedure also in the evening. So you can get rid of the evil eye as quickly as possible.

Holy Water Evil Conspiracy and Rite

The evil eye conspiracy

Water has one feature that allows you to use it for certain ceremonies. Due to the fact that it absorbs information like a sponge, it can be talked about for a certain action. If you want to get rid of the evil eye, then try the next ceremony. First, take a bath with herbs, and then change into clean clothes. Pour holy water into a glass and cross it three times. Then stand in front of the icons and read the prayer of our Father. After these steps, you can proceed to consuming water.

In the process of reading the plot, try to clearly pronounce the name of the one who needs help. When the water is spoken, give it to someone you asked for. He must take literally three small sips, and wash the rest with water. You need to wash your face as we taught you at the beginning of our article. Once the ceremony is over, return to the icons again and thank God for his help.

Prayer for the adoption of prosphora and holy water

Prayer for the adoption of prosphora

You can buy a prosphora in a church shop, and then after reading a prayer over it, give it to your relatives. According to generally accepted church rules, prosphora must be taken on an empty stomach. It is believed that in no case should it come into contact with ordinary food in such a way as to reduce all its beneficial qualities. It is washed down exclusively with holy water, so if you want you to have the opportunity to receive prosphora throughout the year, then try to stock it with the Baptism of the Lord.

It is necessary to start a prayer with a request for the enlightenment of the mind, and only after that you can ask for the restoration of moral and physical strength. At the end of the prayer, be sure to ask the Almighty to deliver you from the sinful temptations and guide the righteous one.

Holy water from three churches: for what?

Water from three churches has a very strong energy

Holy water from three churches is a strong enough amulet capable of relieving the most serious illnesses, as well as restoring spiritual balance to a person. In ancient times, it was also called the three-ring. As a rule, they stocked it up on great Christian holidays, on the Epiphany or on Easter. It is necessary to take it in those different churches at the end of the festive service, and already at home pour everything into one container.

But in order for the water to turn out to be truly three-ringed, you will have to find three very closely spaced temples. It is believed that water gains healing qualities if the church tinkle of one temple is heard in the other two. Therefore, if you need holy water from three churches, then go to a holy place, where many temples can be placed in a small area. In this case, you can get healing three-ringed water without any problems.

Conspiracy to trade and sell for holy water

Plot for trade and sale

Immediately I want to say that the church does not approve of a person’s desire for enrichment. Therefore, if you still decide to hold this ceremony, then be sure to go to the temple and make a small donation there, or simply go out and help the needy. After that, you can return home and read the conspiracy over holy water. But keep in mind that water absorbs the necessary energy, it must be collected in a new glass.

If you pour it into an old cup covered with cracks, you are unlikely to send the correct energy message. After the conspiracy has been read, wash your face and hands with this water and let them dry naturally. If immediately after washing you wipe your skin with a towel, then you will simply wipe off the energy of money.

Conspiracy holy water to love

Love plot

Love conspiracies are best read on the growing moon. If you do everything right, then as the circle of the moon grows, the feelings of your beloved will increase towards you. In addition to this, you must have the right attitude. This means that you must be fully focused on your feelings and with all your heart wish to reunite with your loved one. To enhance the effect of water properties, you can tie a glass with a red ribbon or put it on the photo of your chosen one.

If you do not have his photo, then try to imagine his face all the time. Read the plot three times, and then cross yourself and leave the glass for several hours in front of the images. You will need to drink the charmed water yourself and quietly give the object of adoration. Try pouring it into tea or compote, but in no case make him drink it by force. He must drink the charmed water in a good mood, otherwise the ritual will not give you a positive result.

Holy Water Conspiracy

Conspiracy from disease

As already mentioned at the beginning of our article, properly spellbound water can rid many diseases. People who have tried such a method on themselves argue that the regular adoption of such a healing remedy saved them even from chronic ailments.

In view of this, if you also want to expel the ailments from your body with the help of holy water, then just read the correct conspiracy over it, and then take it inside or just wash it with sore spots. And of course, do not forget to pray to God every day and ask him for healing.

Holy water female disease treatment application

Conspiracy against female diseases

Holy water can help get rid of almost all women's diseases. The best part is that it can be taken with a more traditional treatment, without fear that it will harm the body even more. But in order for such treatment to be effective, some rules must be observed. Before starting treatment, you must definitely go to the temple and repent of all your sins. Also, you should not forget to pray to God every morning and evening and thank him for another day lived.

As soon as you feel that your soul has become calmer, start taking holy water. Drink it every morning on an empty stomach, before eating prosphora. Once in the stomach, these two products will literally immediately begin to fill your body with grace. You need to drink holy water until the disease completely disappears.

Holy Water Conspiracy

Conspiracy to work

It is better to consume water for such a ritual during the period when the moon grows. This time period is considered the best for attracting the right energy. You need to start consuming water on Saturday, because it is this day that helps people choose the right direction in life.

If for some reason you did not succeed in doing this on Saturday, then do the ritual on Wednesday. This day contributes to rapid career growth and salary increase. It is best to start conspiring to read the plot with the first rays of the sun and this should be done as sincerely as possible.

Holy Water Conspiracy

Conspiracy from fright

Absolutely everything can scare little children, especially unbaptized ones. A loud sound, a servant or a dog barking can cause strong fright in babies. The most unpleasant thing is that parents learn about this problem only when the baby goes to bed. Such kids refuse to fall asleep, tossing and turning all the time. In view of this, if you do not want this problem to take you by surprise, then stock up with holy water and, if necessary, speak it with a special prayer.

Such water can be given to the baby to drink throughout the day or, if the baby is very small, wash it with it. Yes, and do not immediately start talking a lot of water. After all, although you perform a ritual over church water, the effect of the conspiracy will begin to decrease after some time and you will have to prepare a new portion of the healing fluid. And since holy water cannot just be poured out onto the street, it will be better if you consume an amount that you can use during the day.

Conspiracy on holy water from enemies

Conspiracy from the Enemies

This is how life is arranged, but each person has his own personal enemy. Sometimes hostility arises literally from scratch and begins to poison people’s life quite strongly. If former friends or relatives cannot reconcile, we must look for a way to protect ourselves from this negativity. As in all previous methods, the holy water will help you do this.

As soon as you read the necessary words over her, she will immediately begin to put a barrier between you and the person who wishes you harm. And so that her protective properties are always with you, drink a couple of sips of this liquid before leaving the house. You can also use it to put protection on your home and car. To do this, you just need to read the prayer of our Father, and then crosswise apply water to the doors and windows of your property.

Conspiracy on holy water from drunkenness and alcoholism

The conspiracy from drunkenness

Drinking is considered a rather big sin, so if your loved one has such an addiction, then try to get rid of it as quickly as possible. To do this, take baptismal water and read a prayer over it. Do all this in a peaceful environment without the presence of a person suffering from alcoholism. Pour water into a jar with a sealed lid, stand in front of the images, bend as low as possible above it and begin to whisper the words of the conspiracy.

When you say a prayer, your lips should be slightly in contact with water. Read the plot three times, cross yourself, and close the jar with a lid. Open it only when you add water to a sick person. In the event that the charmed liquid runs out and the husband or brother do not recover, speak the next portion and continue to pour it into food or drink.

Holy Water Slimming Conspiracy

Slimming plot

As you probably already understood, water can be used to get rid of various problems and ailments. But perhaps best of all, it helps to fight excess weight. If you speak it correctly and drink it regularly, then the weight will gradually begin to decrease, and this process will occur with additional benefits for the body.

Spellbound water, getting inside a person, comes into close contact with all body fluids, thereby healing the whole body. In addition, holy water passes the laid program to our subconscious and the body gradually begins to lose extra pounds.

Holy water conspiracies for pain

Conspiracy of pain

Headache is a rather unpleasant phenomenon, which most often appears unexpectedly. Usually we fight this problem with pills and do not even think about what harm they do to our body. In view of this, if you want to get rid of headaches in a more useful way, then use holy water for this purpose, preferably baptismal water.

All you need to do in this case is simply to speak up with a conspiracy that is located a little higher. After you read the prayer, you only need to drink the liquid and lightly moisten the whiskey with it. If your faith in this folk remedy is very strong, then within an hour the headache will go away.

Holy water conspiracy for money

Conspiracy for money

The moon is a symbol of money in nature, so it is best to speak up to attract finance in the full moon. Such water will need to be sprayed all over your home and especially the place where the money is stored.This procedure must be repeated until a young moon appears in the sky.

From this moment you need to stop spraying and patiently wait for the result. If your financial situation has not improved, then for the full moon you will need to repeat the procedure again.

When do crosses draw on the face with holy water?

Sprinkling with holy water

Most often, crosses are drawn on the face with water on major church holidays. It is believed that festive water has the most powerful energy, so if it is on this day that crosswise put it on the face, then a person will receive quite powerful protection.

Thanks to these invisible crosses, you can not be afraid of the evil eye, envy and just human malice. Also, a cross on your face will help your soul avoid temptations that periodically appear in the life of every person.

Prayer for the sprinkling of the house with holy water

Prayer for the sprinkling of a house

If you wish with holy water, you can rid your home of negative energy. To conduct this ritual you will need baptismal water, a church candle and strong prayer. To begin with, you will need to clean the housing with the living flame of a candle. When this step is over, go on to read the prayers above the water. Read it at least 3 times, and then proceed to the process of sprinkling a house or apartment.

Try to sprinkle all rooms as carefully as possible, paying particular attention to corners and pantries. Since all negative energy accumulates in these places, holy water must be applied here in two stages. First you will need to draw small crosses from the bottom to the top, and then seal them one large.

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