Standard Shipping: what is the delivery method to Aliexpress? How to track a parcel from China with Aliexpress by the track number sent by Standard Shipping to Russia?

Aliexpress Standard Shipping - what are the advantages of this method of delivery of goods.

Existing service delivery methods Aliexpress replenished with one more - delivery Standard Shipping. Most sellers of the world-famous trading platform have this method of delivery.

  • When ordering cheap lots, the buyer will have to pay shipping Standard shippingif he has a desire to use this method. However, this service is not one of the most expensive on the site. Aliexpress.

What is the delivery method, how to find out where the package is currently located and what are the benefits of delivery Standard shipping compared to other ways? This will be our article.

Standard Shipping: what is the delivery method to Aliexpress?

Aliexpress It is a huge marketplace where various products of numerous Chinese sellers are sold. The buyer makes a deal through the administration Aliexpresspress and using the tools provided to him by the trading platform, with a specific seller.

  • Free delivery of ordered goods is carried out directly by the seller. In this case, he needs to perform the following steps: to issue an invoice at the usual post office, indicate the delivery address and other information.
  • After the parcel is processed and sent, the seller himself monitors the success of the receipt by the buyer, and if there are problems with delivery, he needs to personally solve them.
  • The choice of carrier also rests with the seller. Therefore, most sellers prefer more economical options, without thinking about the reliability and speed of delivery.
  • The buyer can specify the preferred method of delivery with the seller, but in reality, everything can be different.
The buyer may specify the preferred delivery method with the seller
  • For example, the buyer orders the goods and writes to the seller that the parcel should be sent by the service China Post. But the seller has a lot of parcels that day and he is going to send them through the service WeDo. Only a very responsible Chinese seller will make an exception for one single package and go across the city to another delivery service. In other cases, there may be problems with the delivery of goods.
  • Trading floor Aliexpresspress It does not have levers for choosing a carrier by sellers, and the resource does not control the correctness of registration and whether the parcel was successfully delivered. Trading floor Aliexpresspress joins arbitration only in the event of aggravated disputes.

What is the difference between the new delivery method Aliexpress Standard Shipping from the usual free? The fact that part of the issues related to the organization of the dispatch of goods, takes over the virtual store itself. In this case, the obligation of the seller Aliexpress It is only the formation and delivery of the order to the logistics hub of Aliexpress. He does not need to choose a post office or a logistics company. He will not control delivery either.

Service Aliexpress Standard Shipping guarantees the direct participation of the Aliexpress trading platform in the movement of the parcel.

Aliexpress Standard Shipping service guarantees the direct participation of the Aliexpress platform in the movement of the parcel

Delivery service Standard Shipping on Aliexpress: time, delivery time to Russia

  • Buyer can specify shipping method. Aliexpress Standard Shipping at the checkout stage by opening the standard menu of the delivery method. With this method of delivery, the marketplace coordinates its actions for the delivery of the parcel with transport companies. The online store acts as an intermediary.
  • Sending the order is carried out by Singapore Post or Estonia. But there is one caveat: the chosen Aliexpress The transport company does not deliver parcels to an unnamed Chinese seller, but to a global giant. Thus, delivery automatically goes to a higher level.
How to choose a shipping method
  • When sending the goods in the usual way, the seller is not interested in sending the package to the buyer as soon as possible. But if the buyer orders the service AliExpress Standard Shipping, then the goods arrive at their destination in a short time with all delivery deadlines. After all, the sending process is controlled directly by the logistics of the trading platform. Aliexpress.
If the buyer orders the AliExpress Standard Shipping service, then the goods arrive at their destination in a short time with all delivery deadlines
  • Standard delivery times Aliexpress Standard Shipping make up 15-45 days. Usually at the final destination, which is a post office or a transport company, the ordered goods are delivered 25-30 days after they were sent from the warehouse Aliexpress. In some cases, the delivery of goods is even faster.
  • Specifying a service at the time of ordering goods Aliexpress Premium Shipping, the buyer can expect that the package will arrive as soon as possible. Usually it is 5 to 10 days. The parcel is delivered by a courier company.
The standard delivery times for Aliexpress Standard Shipping are 15-45 days.

Positive aspects of the delivery of goods on the service AliExpress Standard Shipping:

  • in case of loss of the postal item and the opening of the dispute, the dispute immediately goes into the category of aggravated
  • mediators take part in an open dispute regarding a parcel that has been lost in transit Aliexpress
  • the buyer does not need to send numerous letters to the seller and learn about the movement of the parcel
    settlement of a dispute regarding a parcel that did not arrive on a delivery service Aliexpress Standard Shipping takes the usual course
Positive aspects of the delivery of goods on the service AliExpress Standard Shipping

How to track a parcel from China with Aliexpress by the track number sent by Standard Shipping to Russia?

The buyer can track the package in the standard way:

  • You must go to the site Aliexpress.
  • Go to "My orders«.
  • Discover track number mailing (for this you need to open the section Tracking the shipment of your order) by clicking the word "More details»Near the desired order. The track number consists of numbers and capital letters in Latin letters.
  • Open a site with which parcels are tracked by track number and insert a track number in the search bar.

For example:

  • Where is the parcel
  • Track24
  • AliTrack

Track parcel number with Aliexpresspress no different from regular international tracks. Each carrier has its own track number format, therefore there is no single meaning.

Delivery time and cost

Track number cannot be seen immediately after shipment from the warehouse Aliexpresspress. It will appear only after 5-7 days after sending.

How to track the package

To track a parcel by track number, you can open sites that are created to track parcels. If the buyer does not use such resources, then you can track the sending of the postal item on the site specified in the link in the comments to the order.

How to find out the track number

Specifying delivery during checkout AliExpress Shipping track number can be tracked on the site itself Aliexpressby opening order details. You can also see which track number is listed in the order list by clicking on the "check tracking".

Where to find the link to the package tracking site

Aliexpress Standard Shipping: where does the package come from?

  • Parcel delivered by service AliExpress Standard Shipping, much faster arrives at the address specified by the buyer. In order for the parcel to reach the buyer faster and more reliably, the logistics service determines which company will deliver the parcel from the warehouse Aliexpresspress. Sending is carried out by courier. The parcel will be delivered to one of the postal services or to the courier company.
  • Ordered on Aliexpresspress The goods pass the way from the seller to the warehouse of Aliexpress. Further, the courier company delivers to the postal service.

Shipping Benefits of AliExpress Shipping

  • significantly reduces the time of sending and delivery of the parcel
  • no delays
  • representatives are sending parcels Aliexpresspress, not the seller
  • It is possible to track the parcel directly on Aliexpress website
  • seller fraud excluded
  • shipment way - the most optimal and shortened
  • when controversial issues arise, mediators are connected without delay
  • the dispute is resolved with the direct participation of mediators

Aliexpress Standard Shipping: Shipping Reviews

Natalia, 45 years old: “I ordered a ring for my husband. Since the size did not fit, I had to send the parcel back and order a ring of a different size. At the time of checkout, she indicated the shipping method of AliExpress Standard Shipping. I was pleasantly surprised that the parcel arrived in perfect condition, not wrinkled. Also, the gift inside was from the seller. I tracked the package by track number directly on the site Aliexpress.«

Eugene, 36 years old: “When placing an order for Aliexpress decided to use Aliexpress Standard Shipping. I counted on the fact that the parcel will arrive within the declared 25-35 days. But the ordered goods were delivered in record time - in 15 days. The package was well packed, therefore there was no damage. By program "Where is the parcel"Tracked the path of the mail.

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