Chocolate cake step by step at home. Recipes for chocolate cake with cherry, nuts, pancake cake, raw food

Not a single wedding, anniversary, New Year and other holidays can do without a delicious and beautiful cake. There are a great many recipes for this gastronomic miracle. It is believed that home baking chocolate cakes is a very laborious and complex process. But there is nothing complicated in the recipes below. Even those who want to make such a delicious dessert for the first time will be able to cope with them.

Chocolate Cake Recipes Without Baking

Chocolate cake will be appropriate on any holiday table

But, in order to cook it is not necessary to have an oven. There are many recipes for such chocolate desserts that are prepared without the use of traditional pastries. Share one of them. To prepare such a cake, it is not necessary to have culinary skills. It is very simple and quick to prepare.

  1. Melt the butter (150 g). Grind cookies with a hammer (300 g). It should be very small pieces. You do not need to use a blender for this purpose
  2. Take a deep bowl and mix the butter and cookies in it. We fall asleep cocoa (3-4 tbsp.spoons) and bring to the moment when the mass becomes the same color. We lay it out in the form and heavily rammed. We send to the refrigerator
  3. Beat cream cheese (250 g) with powder. We drown chocolate (200 g) in a water bath. Let it cool slightly and pour into cream cheese. And whisk again.
  4. Separately, whip the cream (100 g) until airy. Gently pour them into liquid chocolate
  5. With the resulting mass, fill the cake prepared in advance and place it in the refrigerator for 5 hours. Before serving, decorate the dessert with cocoa, fruit or nuts.

The secret to making this cake is to make whipped cream correctly. This must be done very carefully and move the scapula from top to bottom.

Chocolate pancake cake recipe with photo

Another simple and quick dessert that can be prepared for guests suddenly arriving

To do this, you need traditional ingredients that are in the arsenal of every housewife.

  1. Mix flour (1.2 cups), baking soda (1 tsp), cocoa (4 tbsp.), Sugar and salt. Add vanilla (2 tsp), vegetable oil (4 tbsp. Tablespoons) and milk (1.5 tbsp.). Knead to a pancake dough
  2. We heat the pan, grease it with fat and pour a quarter cup of our batter into the center. When it begins to bubble, turn the pancake over and fry it
  3. We bake 7-10 pancakes and leave them to cool. Go to the cream
  4. Beat cream (1 cup) with sugar (4 tbsp. Tablespoons). We smear the top of the pancake with cream and put the next one on it. So we collect the cake
  5. Decorate the upper pancake with slices of fruit, the remnants of cream and pour over melted chocolate (90 g)

The secret of this dessert is in more magnificent pancakes than those that we usually use. Rather, they should look like American cupcakes.

Chocolate Cake Recipes with Nuts

Many confectioners consider the combination of nuts and chocolate the most successful.

They are probably right. Especially for baking. Chocolate-nut cake will be appropriate when visiting friends or during a big celebration.

  1. Grind walnuts (300 g) into small crumbs. Squirrels (4 eggs) are separated from the yolks and cooled
  2. Melt black chocolate (300 g) in a water bath. Beat butter (250 g) with powdered sugar (200 g). It is desirable to pre-soften it. Pour the yolks into the mixture (preferably one at a time), nuts, salt (a pinch) and melted chocolate
  3. We take proteins from the refrigerator. Beat them in a strong foam and add to the nut mass
  4. Lubricate the split mold and put the dough into it
  5. Bake for about 30 minutes in a preheated oven. Cool and decorate with whipped cream

Do not chop nuts in a blender. This kitchen appliance grinds them stronger than necessary. Take a hammer, cover the nuts with a towel and hit them several times. Their nuts should be suitable for us crumbs.

Chocolate honey cake - the most delicious recipe

Honey cake is loved by many

The natural honey used in this recipe gives this dessert a great taste and aroma. And chocolate will enhance the effect. Mistresses love this cake for the simplicity of its manufacture. This delicious treat will be the perfect solution for a beginner pastry chef.

  1. Heat the milk (2 tbsp.). Then add sugar (1 tbsp.), Flour (2 tbsp. Tablespoons), eggs (2 pcs.) And vanilla sugar (1 sachet). Mix with a whisk, but do not let it boil
  2. Remove the pan from the stove and add cocoa (2 tbsp. Tablespoons). Mix until smooth. Put the cream to cool
  3. In a water bath, knead the dough. Using a whisk, mix sugar (1/2 tbsp.), Honey (3 tbsp. Tablespoons), butter (60 g) and eggs (3 pcs.). Cook for 5 minutes stirring all the time
  4. Remove the pan from the stove and add cocoa (3 tbsp. Tablespoons). Then portioned flour (2.5 cups) and mix. Until the mass becomes viscous. Put the dough on the table and knead
  5. The resulting dough is divided into nine parts. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and cover the baking sheet with baking paper. Sprinkle with flour
  6. Roll out thin crusts of size 20 cm from the dough. Lay them on a baking sheet and bake for 3-5 minutes
  7. Finely chop nuts (200 g). Add the butter to the cream and mix. Abundantly grease the cooled cakes with cream and sprinkle with nuts. We collect a cake of eight cakes. The top cake is not necessary to smear. You can use glaze to decorate it.
  8. In a saucepan, mix milk (2 tbsp. Tablespoons), cocoa (2 tbsp. Tablespoons), sugar (3 tbsp. Tablespoons), butter (30 g) and sour cream (1 tbsp. Spoon). Cook over low heat until thickened
  9. Pour hot icing on the top cake layer and smooth. Putting the cake in the fridge
  10. Put hot icing on top of the cake (it is more convenient to apply icing in the middle, and then spread it to the edges), remove the cake in the refrigerator for 5 minutes, so that the icing freezes
  11. Grind the remaining cake. We coat the sides of the "Honey" cream and sprinkle with crumbs. Leave the cake to soak for 3-4 hours. Then serve to the table

Honey cake is a very tasty cake, but the greatest taste can be achieved if it is made from young linden honey. However, any young honey is suitable. And the old honey, which managed to be sugared, can ruin this dessert.

Guinness Irish Chocolate Cake

There are a lot of recipes that use Guinness beer.

It must be said that representatives of the well-known brand of this foamy drink themselves had a hand in this, constantly publishing the best of them on product packages. But, cake and beer? Let's see what comes out.

  1. Cut the chocolate (170 g) into medium sized pieces. Cream (1.5 cups) is placed in a small saucepan and bring to a boil. Pieces of chocolate are added to the cream and mix the mass until a homogeneous consistency. Now you need to cover the saucepan with a film and put in the refrigerator. There must be a cream for at least 3 hours
  2. We take dried currants (2/3 cups) and pour it with dark Guinness beer (2/3 cups). After 15 minutes, the beer must be drained into a separate container, and leave the currant
  3. In beer, in which currants were before, add cocoa powder (1/3 cup) and bring the liquid to a boil. Then remove the container from the stove and dissolve the chocolate (60 g) in it. The resulting mass should be homogeneous. Then it needs to be cooled and mixed with kefir (¾ cup)
  4. Butter (120 g) must be ground with sugar (1.5 cups) and mixed with eggs (4 pcs.). It is advisable to add not all the eggs at once, but alternately and knead the mass
    5. Flour (2 cups), soda (½ teaspoon), salt (¼ teaspoon), baking powder (1.5 teaspoon) and vanillin (1.5 teaspoon) are mixed in a separate bowl. Add the mixture of eggs and oil to the flour carefully, constantly stirring. Then the line of chocolate-kefir mixture should come. When the mass is kneaded to a homogeneous consistency, you need to add currants and mix everything again. The dough should be thick and beautiful
  5. Turn on the oven and heat it to 180 degrees. The dough must be divided into two parts and bake two cakes. You can find out that cakes are ready using a wooden stick. This usually happens after 30-35 minutes.
  6. While the cakes were baked, you need to prepare a syrup-impregnation. For this, Guinness beer (1/3 cup), cocoa powder (3 tablespoons), vanillin (1 teaspoon) and brown sugar (1/3 cup) are mixed. You need to mix them in a saucepan, which stands on the stove. Bring to a boil should not. It is necessary to use impregnation in a cooled form
  7. After the cakes are baked and cooled, they need to be “perforated” with a wooden stick. You need to do this as often as possible.
  8. It is necessary to impregnate cakes with syrup until such a state until they become wet
  9. Between cakes, you can use not only cream, but also jelly. If you want, you can crumble walnuts and sprinkle with them cakes, previously coated with cream. And you can sprinkle nuts on the sides of the cake, and top currant is beautifully laid. It all depends on your imagination

There are many recipes, one of the ingredients of which is beer. If you decide to make a cake using the most popular foamy drink on Earth, be sure to buy dark quality beer. It will give the pastry a rich taste. And the alcohol in the cooking process evaporates.

Chocolate Caramel Cake Recipe

Chocolate and caramel are a favorite combination of flavors.

And imagine these ingredients in one cake? In this recipe, chocolate is used to make biscuits. And caramel cream saturates them perfectly, filling this dessert with a wonderful unique taste.

  1. In a small container, mix cocoa (55 g) and vanilla essence (1 teaspoon). Add boiling water and bring to a thick paste-like mass. Leave to cool
  2. Preheat the oven to 170 degrees. Lubricate the bottom of the split baking dish with butter and cover it with baking paper
  3. Beat white (100 g) and black (100 g) sugar with butter (130 g) using a mixer. Beat for a long time. About 5 minutes. It should be a creamy mass. Combine it with cocoa paste. Alternately add eggs (3 pcs.) And continue to beat
  4. Mix flour (210 g), baking powder (2 teaspoons) and salt (pinch) in a separate cup. The resulting flour is added to the sugar-cream mixture. Pour milk (135 ml) and mix
  5. We place the dough in prepared forms and bake for about an hour. Remove from the oven. Let cool, cut off the uneven top and cut into cakes
  6. In a thick-bottomed pan, we heat sugar (150 g) and boil caramel from it. Separately, heat the cream (180 g), butter (30 g) and salt (1/2 teaspoon). Mix. Pour this mixture into caramel and bring to uniformity. If the caramel does not dissolve in the cream, you must again put the pan on the fire and mix. Remove from heat and pass through a sieve
  7. In a deep cup we place chocolate (200 g) and pour the obtained caramel (200 g) into it. Mix the ingredients with a whisk and leave for 1 minute. Let the chocolate ganache cool
  8. Beat the whites (3 pcs.) With sugar (120 g). Mix with a whisk and put in a water bath. Bring the mass temperature to 60 degrees
  9. Remove from the water bath and beat until strong peaks. Add slices of butter (250 g) and beat until thickened. Pour caramel (80 g) into the cream and mix with a spatula
  10. Apply cream evenly on the cake, then evenly distribute the caramel sauce and cover with a second biscuit cake. Repeat the sequence to the last cake. We apply chocolate ganache on it and sides and place the cake in the refrigerator for 15 minutes
  11. We take the cake out of the refrigerator, apply another layer of ganache and sprinkle with coarse sea salt (1/2 teaspoon) for decoration

The salt in this recipe enhances the taste of caramel. She gives even sweet dishes an elusive, complete taste, puts an end to this culinary product.

Shortbread Chocolate Cake Recipe

A simple sand cake cannot be called a particularly gourmet dish

But this one is only at first glance. After all, even from a simple dessert, you can make a delicious and beautiful cake that will not be embarrassing to show guests. And if the sand cake is also chocolate, then success is guaranteed.

  1. Using a fine grater, grind the oil (250 g). Add cocoa (60 g), salt, sugar (1/2 cup) and vanillin to it. Knead until smooth
  2. Pour baking powder (1 pack) into flour (2 cups) and mix. Then add oil to this mixture and grind it well. Divide the resulting dough into 6 parts and place in the refrigerator for 1 hour
  3. Roll out thin crusts from pieces of dough. We spread them on a baking sheet covered with baking paper. And put in the oven for 10 minutes
  4. Finished cakes need to be removed very carefully. They turn out to be fragile enough
  5. Beat sour cream (400 ml) with sugar (1/2 cup). Apply cream to cooled cakes. Coat the remaining side cream
  6. Mix sour cream (50 ml), cocoa (10 g), sugar (40 g) and a little vanillin and heat in a water bath. Cool and water the cake

Flour should be mixed with butter until the consistency of breadcrumbs. During this mixing, the fat from the oil envelops the particles of flour, during baking such "crumbs" become soft and crumbly.

Truffle Chocolate Cake

Truffle cake is a favorite treat of many sweet tooth

Those who are crazy about chocolate desserts and cakes will be pleasantly surprised by the divine taste of truffle cake. To prepare it, you need a minimal set of tools. Prepare two baking dishes. The diameter of one should be 2 cm larger than the second.

  1. Dissolve dark chocolate (400 g) in a water bath. Beat eggs (6 pcs.) With cane sugar (0.5 cups) until the mass becomes homogeneous and airy. Pour chilled chocolate into it
  2. Continue to whip and pour in citrus liquor (1/3 cup) or rum, then cream (250 ml) and bring to uniformity. Lubricate the small form with oil and wrap it with foil. Pour in the chocolate mass. We put one form into another and fill the space between them with boiling water
  3. We put the design in the oven and bake at a temperature of 170 degrees for 30 minutes. Then cover the cake with foil and bake for another 30 minutes
  4. We remove the forms from the oven, cool to room temperature and place in the refrigerator for 8 hours. Before serving, pour cocoa, and pour the chopped piece into raspberry syrup

The secret of this cake is chocolate. The more cocoa mala in it, the better. This dessert is served chilled. It turns out very sweet and very tasty.

Souffle Chocolate Cake Recipe

A souffle cake is a great end to a festive lunch or dinner.

In addition to their palatability, such desserts usually have a beautiful and bright appearance. Using a souffle cake, you can decorate any table.

  1. Separate the whites from the yolks. Beat the whites (2 pcs.) With sugar (75 g) until soft peaks. Beat the yolks (2 pcs.) With sugar (75 g) until they turn white. Combine both masses, add flour (2 tbsp. Tablespoons) and baking powder (1/2 t / spoon)
  2. Add cocoa (6 tbsp. Tablespoons) and continue to knead. We prepare the baking dish, pour the mass into it and send it to the preheated oven for half an hour.
  3. Soak gelatin (12 g) in cream. Slightly heat the mass on the stove until the gelatin is completely dissolved
  4. Add to pure cream (500 ml), mascarpone (500 g) and icing sugar (1/2 cup). Mix and pour in the dissolved gelatin. Bring to homogeneity and divide the resulting mass into three parts
  5. We spread the first part on a cooled biscuit and leave it in the refrigerator for 45 minutes. We separate bitter (1.5 bars) and white chocolate (1.5 bars) in a water bath separately. Add a little butter (50 g) for the desired consistency
  6. Add the chocolate masses to the remaining parts of the cream with mascarpone. We spread the mass with white chocolate on a frozen white layer. We send to the refrigerator
  7. We take the cake out of the refrigerator and apply the chocolate mass on the frozen previous layer. Leave in the fridge overnight
  8. In the morning we remove the dessert from the mold and decorate it the way you like

Squirrels for a souffle cake need to be whipped with a mixer. If the proteins have stopped draining from the mixer corollas, you can proceed to the next step.

How to cook a real raw food cake, recipe?

Can a sweet dessert be healthy?

Maybe if it's a raw food cake. The ingredients of this cake are not subjected to heat treatment, which means they contain a large amount of vitamins and other useful compounds. This recipe for a cake will appeal not only to adherents of raw food diet, but also to all lovers of delicious food.

  1. Soak pitted dates (2 cups) in warm water. Grind nuts (2 cups) and mix them with cocoa (1 cup). Add coconut oil (can be replaced with any vegetable) (0.6 cups), coconut flakes (2 cups) and sesame seeds (2 tbsp. Tablespoons). Mix in a blender
  2. Add the soaked dates, mix until smooth and form a ball from the resulting mass
  3. Sprinkle a large plate with coconut. We place a bowl of dates, nuts and coconut oil in the center of the plate. Hands form a cake 2 cm high
  4. Sprinkle it with cocoa, decorate with berries (the more the better), fruits (400 g) and mint (1 bunch). Leave for two hours in the refrigerator

The basis of almost all raw food cakes is a nut-fruit mixture. Experiment and remember that such cakes are not only very tasty and healthy, but they are also prepared very simply.

How to make a delicious chocolate cake: tips and reviews

How to make a chocolate cake - tips

Katya. I like to cook cakes and chocolate in particular. Before, I suffered for a long time before cutting the baked base into cakes with a knife. But, somewhere I saw how they do it with the help of a usual fishing line. Now if you need to divide the hot base into large-sized cakes, I always use fishing line.

Irina. And I'll tell you how to make a delicious and fragrant glaze. In order for it to turn out without lumps, you must first mix sugar with cocoa and only then add water. If the basis of the glaze is chocolate, then when lighting it, you need to add a few tablespoons of sour cream or milk. So the icing will be more elastic and harden on the cake faster.

Watch the video: Banana chocolate cake raw vegan バナナチョコレートケーキ (November 2019).