Slimming face: exercises, training, exercises for the muscles of the face. Facial Slimming Massagers

Rules for performing exercises for the face. Step-by-step instruction for training slimming faces of men and women.

Any reactions of the body, whether it is regular age-related changes or banal lack of sleep, are immediately reflected on the face. Most people grow fat primarily in the cheeks. The oval of the face is blurry and does not want to go back when losing weight. For effective correction of the contour of the face, there are complexes of special exercises.

Step-by-step instruction: exercises for losing weight at home

Facial exercises are also called face-building, as they help to train the muscles of this part, as well as the whole body. There is the concept of facelift. These are the same exercises aimed at tightening the contour of the face and restoring the elasticity of his muscles.

Losing weight, a person acquires a slender figure, but, as a rule, a swollen, deformed oval of the face. The same changes occur with the line of aging cheeks and chin. If the body can be trained or hidden behind the folds of clothing, then the face to hide in the European world is not accepted.

To combat body fat, deformation of the contour and age-related changes, a Facebook building program has been created.

IMPORTANT: Face muscles are smaller than others, so any load on them will immediately have an effect. Exercises for the face will take only 10 minutes a day.

What are the benefits of regular facial training?

  • The skin of the face will again become fresh and healthy, its natural color will be restored
  • Eyebrows and eyelids rise
  • Dark circles and swelling under the eyes will be reduced.
  • The muscles of the cheeks will strengthen, the line of the chin will become more distinct and youthful
  • The second chin will contract significantly or completely disappear
  • The nose will look more neat

Facial Slimming Exercises for Men and Women

IMPORTANT: The structure of facial muscle tissue in men and women is different, therefore, for both sexes, there are their own sets of exercises.

  • The skull in men is more massive compared to the female, but the bones of the facial section are thinner. Facial features are sharper and more angular, the forehead is higher, the jaw and nose are larger, the bones of the cheekbones are sharper
  • The muscles on the face are also larger than the weak half, but the adipose tissue in this part is much less. All this determines the specifics of male-style building. The relief of both the body and face of the stronger sex is more distinct. Therefore, wrinkles, as well as other signs of aging or fullness, on the male face are more noticeable
  • For the first time, the famous bodybuilder Jack Lalann spoke about male Facebook building. He developed the first complex of facial training for men, on the basis of which today many training complexes have developed

Jack Lalanne Full Face Exercises

  • Open your mouth as wide as possible, then sharply close and pull out the lips with a tube
  • Without opening the lips, stretch them to the sides and return to the starting position. Perform this exercise intensively.
  • Closed lips move to the left. Slowly move your lips to the right, as if making a colossal effort. Hold this position and start moving your lips to the left

  • Use your fingertips to gently grip the outer corners of your eyes. Quickly close your eyes, while your fingers move slightly along with the skin. Then just as quickly open your eyes and as if in surprise, raise your eyebrows
  • Place your arms with outstretched index fingers on the sides of your body and slightly in front at eye level. Alternately look from one finger to another. The head in this exercise should be fixed.
  • Cover your brows with your index fingers. Raise and lower your eyebrows along with the fingers that follow your movements
  • Bend your head forward and lightly, but tangibly, beat yourself with your palms on the face. This exercise stimulates the metabolic processes in the subcutaneous layers and enhances the flow of blood to the face.
  • Lower your head. Massage the skin under the scalp with abrupt finger movements

IMPORTANT: Try also the techniques for men “New face aerobics” by Carol Madgio, “Facelift” by Maria Runge and her Russian-language adaptation from Galina Dubinina.

Video: Facebuilding for oval face. Beautician Alexey Skoptsov

Weekly Slimming Exercises

In order to lose weight face for a week, you need to do every day without exception, and also choose the most effective exercises. The most productive complex will be discussed. It is noteworthy that most of the manipulations are so simple to perform that they can be practiced at work, sitting at the TV or computer.

  • Hold the pen with your lips and begin to display symbols in the air. It can be an alphabet, numbers up to 20 or your full name. The more characters you draw, the more effective this exercise will be.
  • Pull your lips forward and, without unclenching them, speak the vowels o, a, y, and, u. Repeat this exercise continuously for 3-5 minutes
  • Grip your teeth firmly and pull your lower lip down.
  • Lower your elbow on the table, fist chin. Now, with all your strength, lift your fist up, and your face, on the contrary, lower it down. Follow until tired. After a short break, repeat the exercise
  • Tilt your head to the right and at the same time push your hand into the right temple, not allowing yourself to bring your head closer to your shoulder. Repeat in both directions
  • Throw your head back. Stick your jaw forward and return it to its original position. Repeat for 2-3 minutes.

Video exercises for weight loss face: Face: how to tighten and "lose weight" face

Facial Slimming Massagers

There are a lot of massagers for the face, and it is difficult to figure out which of them is aimed at eliminating which particular flaw. We list the most popular facial simulators.

  • Miostimulants tone, fight facial wrinkles, strengthen the skin on the face, eliminate the second chin

  • Galvanic cosmetic devices operate on the basis of currents of different polarity. This allows a deep impact on muscle tissue. The device regulates the moisture content of the skin and restores it

  • Microcurrent massager is perhaps the best device for combating both fine and medium depth wrinkles. It uses galvanic and pulsed currents, which provides a comprehensive solution to the problems of sagging skin. You will notice the effect after the first session

  • The vacuum massager is designed for anti-cellulite effects on the body. It also has a powerful weight loss effect on the face.

Face breathing exercises

IMPORTANT: Respiratory gymnastics is a way to restore oxygen saturation of the skin, from the lack of which the face acquires defects: it becomes flabby, wrinkled, swollen.

Breathing exercises are not very aesthetic, so they are rarely shown in public by masters of body flex and yoga.

To get started, learn how to properly perform the basic breathing exercises of bodyflex.

  • Exhale completely, so that you can feel how the lungs “fold”
  • Inhale quickly and noisily with your nose
  • Push the air through your mouth wide with force
  • Holding your breath, draw in your stomach and mentally count to 10
  • Relax and let the air out of your lungs slowly.

"Ugly grimace" - Exercise for a beautiful neck, eliminates the second chin. Standing slightly bend your knees and put your pelvis back, as if you were going to sit on a chair. Put your palms on your feet above your knees. Tilt your head back to feel the tension in your neck. Pull the lower lip forward and lift it up. Then do the basic breathing exercise and take up the starting position. Repeat 5-8 times.

"A lion" - tightens the oval of the face. Take a position similar to the first exercise. Perform a basic breathing exercise. Stretch out your lips as if pronouncing the letter o. Take out the tongue, pull it forward and down as far as possible. Open your eyes as wide as possible and look up.

IMPORTANT: Bodyflex masters ask you not to be afraid to be funny and perform exercises in front of the mirror in order to control the correct execution of each detail.

Exercises for weight loss: tips and reviews

Here are some more tips that, along with exercises for losing weight on your face, will help you find a clear oval, a chiseled chin, and beautiful, toned cheeks:

  • do not slouch, because of this the face swells and looks full
  • sleep on a thin pillow
  • do cardio exercises and lead an active lifestyle in general
  • eat right
  • carry out timely facial care by skin type
  • take a massage course

Watch the video: Facial exercises - The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust (November 2019).