How to treat the first signs of a cold? How to cure a cold at home?

The common cold is called respiratory infections caused by various viruses and bacteria. Many are inclined to consider a cold as an insignificant disease that does not require medical attention and can be cured at home.

And some even tolerate this disease on their feet. Choosing work instead of treatment.

IMPORTANT: The World Health Organization has collected evidence that every adult suffers a cold at least three times a year. The schoolchild is about 4 times, and the preschooler is 6. The mortality rate from such a disease is from 1% to 40%, depending on the locality, the type of pathogen and the age of the patients.

Any disease of this kind, in the absence of proper care and treatment, can lead to complications. Which cannot be cured without a hospital.

How to treat a beginning cold?

Symptoms of this disease are:

  • Heat
  • Weakness, nausea, lethargy,
  • Decreased appetite
  • Facial redness
  • Nasal congestion
  • Headache
  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Chest pain

RECIPE: At the first symptoms of a cold, it is necessary to increase the drinking regimen. Warm water, medicinal infusions and decoctions flush pathogens from the mucous membranes. In addition, heavy drinking is also indicated in order to prevent dehydration due to increased sweating.

Bed rest for colds plays an important role. Thanks to him, the body can use more energy for treatment, and not for physical work or other processes. A cold carried on the feet often causes complications.

IMPORTANT: The first symptoms of a cold appear 1-3 days after the pathogen enters the body. At the same time, the first 3-7 days after the onset of cold symptoms are made from a sick virus spread. It can easily infect healthy people. With the normal course of the disease, the symptoms of a cold pass after a week.

Cold Medicines

The best cold medicine is prevention and strong immunity. In order to get sick with such diseases less often, it is necessary to lead an active lifestyle, take a contrast shower and quit bad habits.

But, getting sick less often does not mean getting sick at all. Therefore, at the first signs of a cold, you need to increase your diet with foods rich in vitamin c. Vegetables and fruits, especially citrus fruits, are a great way to prevent the harmful effects of viruses and bacteria in the body.

If a cold is detected, symptomatic drugs should be taken:

  • Coldrex
  • Teraflu
  • Fervex

Such products are diluted in warm water and drunk. Coldrex Hotrem take every 4-6 hours no more than four sachets per day. Sugar can be added to the diluted product. It is indicated for children from 12 years old.

Also in the early days of the disease, it is necessary to take interferons. These drugs include:

  • Arbidol
  • "Antigrippin"
  • "Kagocel"
  • Ingavirin
  • "Cycloferon"
  • Olainfarm
  • Ergoferon

How to treat a cold without fever?

If a cold occurs without a symptom such as fever, then do not worry. There is nothing special about this, and such a cold has a place to be. According to one version, a cold without a fever is a sign of strong immunity. But, this is not easier. And in this case, the body needs to help get rid of this problem.

RECIPE: Often this form of the common cold is treated with alternative methods. With the first symptoms you need to do hot foot bath. Dry mustard can be added to the water. The duration of such a procedure should be about 20 minutes.

RECIPE: There is an alternative to this method. It lies in rubbing with foot vodka or turpentine ointment. After such a procedure, it is necessary to wear warm socks.
Contraindications of this method of getting rid of a cold are pregnancy.

IMPORTANT: For any cold, tea with lemon and ginger is indicated. This tool can not only be treated, but also carry out the prevention of the disease. Lemon is one of the champions in the content of vitamin C, and the substances in ginger can increase the body's immunity.

When treating a cold without a fever, drugs are used to relieve the symptoms of this disease.
RECIPE: Marshmallow syrup and Pertussin dilute sputum and accelerate its elimination from the body. You need to drink this remedy one teaspoon three times a day.

To treat a cold with such a cold, a doctor may prescribe drops:

  • "Naphthyzin"
  • "Sanorin"
  • Galazolin

IMPORTANT: In the treatment of colds without fever, Paracetamol is not used.

How to treat a cold with fever?

An increase in temperature is a normal reaction of the body to the action of the virus. Thus, the immune system fights it.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to bring down temperatures above 38 degrees.

Over 38 degrees must be knocked down. Otherwise, fever can affect not only the virus, but also the internal organs and processes in the body.

You can bring down the temperature with folk remedies, plentiful drink and such drugs as:

  • "Aspirin"
  • "Panadol"
  • "Paracetamol"

Symptomatic drugs, which are described above, help to relieve temperature.

How to treat cough at home?

One symptom of a cold is a cough. It can be dry and wet. With a wet cough, it is necessary to accelerate the withdrawal of sputum from the body. For this, expectorants are prescribed.

RECIPE: A drug like Mukaltin is good at solving this problem. The composition of this tool includes the extract of the marshmallow. "Mukaltin" has an expectorant and thinning effect. It is taken one tablet 3-4 times a day.

RECIPE: Rosehip broth will also help in the fight against cough.

RECIPE: Warm milk with honey has long been deservedly popular in solving the described problem.

RECIPE: If the cough is manifested by attacks, then for its treatment you can prescribe regular gargling with a warm solution of sodium chloride. To do this, add half a teaspoon of salt to a glass of warm water and gargle 3-4 times a day.

Dry cough is treated with inhalation based on eucalyptus oil.

How to treat a runny nose at home?

The common cold is often accompanied by a runny nose. Severe runny nose can lead to nasal congestion. You have to use your mouth for breathing. This leads to dry throat and coughing fits. Well "opens" the nose rubbing the wings with tincture of motherwort.

Important: At the first manifestations of a runny nose, you should immediately begin washing your nose. This will help not only to facilitate breathing, but also to wash the pathogenic microflora.

For this purpose, use a solution of sea or table salt, various herbal infusions, potassium permanganate, furatsilin, etc. Nasal flushing preparations can be purchased at the pharmacy. For example, such as:

  • "Aqua Maris"
  • Dolphin
  • "Aqualor"

With a severe cold, preparations are necessary for instillation into the nose. It is best to use products that contain essential oils. It helps, in this regard, "Pinosol."
You can use means of traditional medicine: onion juice, Kalanchoe, etc.

IMPORTANT: You should not treat a runny nose with the help of such drugs as Naphthyzin, Nazivin, Xymelin and Xylen. They, in addition to the main purpose, can constrict blood vessels. Which negatively affects the treatment of colds. It is better to leave such potent remedies in case of emergency.

How to treat a cold on the lips?

Colds on the lips or herpes is a viral disease. It is impossible to recover from it. And if a person is too cold, gets wet or stands on a draft, the immune system does not always “manage” to cope with the manifestation of herpes. As a rule, a cold on the lips is accompanied by burning, itching and the formation of ugly red vesicles.

RECIPE: You can remove the symptoms of herpes with folk remedies. For example, grease affected areas with toothpaste.

RECIPE: Also an excellent remedy for colds on the lips is a grated apple and several cloves of garlic. The ingredients are mixed together to a paste and rubbed into the place where itching is felt.

RECIPEAloe or Kalanchoe can be applied to the affected area.

How to treat a cold under the nose, in the nose?

Herpes virus can occur not only on the lips, but also in the nose. For his treatment, again, you need to listen to traditional healers. Why "poison" the body with synthetic (chemical) drugs, if you can use natural remedies.

RECIPE: For the treatment of colds in the nose, celandine juice is good. Also, this problem can be eliminated with sea buckthorn oil. With these means you need to smear the affected area and rub into the skin.

How to treat an ear for a cold?

Ear pain can also indicate a cold. Experts attribute such pain to the inflammatory process (otitis media) and the consequences of untreated sore throat or sinusitis.

Very often, earache is the result of a cold “carried on the legs”.

RECIPE: If such a disease manifests itself, you should immediately contact the ENT. At home, you can relieve pain in the ear using dry heat. To do this, take a bag of cloth, put table salt in it, heat it and apply it to the ear.

You can also use drops such as:

  • Otipaks
  • "Garazon"
  • Sofradex

Folk remedies for colds

In folk medicine, many drugs are used to treat colds.

RECIPE: When symptoms of this disease are first detected, finely chop the onion, horseradish and garlic. Put this mixture in a jar and inhale its vapors periodically. These vegetables can not only ease breathing in the common cold, but also relieve other symptoms of the common cold.

RECIPE: To relieve a sore throat, which often accompanies colds, you can use a decoction of caraway seeds. To do this, crushed cumin powder is added to warm water and boiled until boiling. Then the fire is reduced and wait 15 minutes. After which the broth needs to be cooled, add a teaspoon of cognac to it and take it every 30 minutes. Three hours later, the throat will pass.

RECIPE: Medicinal plants such as thyme, St. John's wort, chamomile, mint, eucalyptus, sage, calendula and many others contain essential oils and phenolic compounds that cope well with viruses and bacteria that cause colds. Each of these plants or all together are infused with alcohol and consumed one teaspoon every three hours.

RECIPE: An excellent remedy that can be recommended for the first symptoms of a cold is tea with red wine. Hot tea (100 g), red wine (100 g) and raspberry jam (100 g) are poured into a 300-gram mug. This remedy needs to be drunk hot, and then go to bed.

Cold tips and reviews

Tip # 1. With a cold, you need to limit the body’s consumption of "excess" energy. Do not engage in hard physical labor, but it is better to use bed rest altogether.

Tip # 2. Drink more fluids.

Tip # 3. Ventilate the room often.


Olga I have long been treated only "Teraflu". The main thing is to recognize the disease in time and start treatment. Three or four sachets and after a day the common cold was unprecedented.

Masha. XXI century in the yard. Colds and other similar diseases should be treated with immunomodulators. Derinat is an excellent remedy for both adults and children. Thanks to him, I forgot about the common cold.

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