What is happiness and where to find it? How to become happy: secrets, tips

Everyone wants to be happy and become one of these people more than real. In our article you will learn what happiness is, where to find it and how to become happy in just 10 minutes a day.

The question of happiness always interests people. And it's true, but how to become happy? This is a rather slippery question, because when answering it you can encounter a huge number of contradictions, among which it is difficult to find the right solution. And even more so, it is impossible to give an exact definition of happiness, because for everyone it is his own.

Therefore, this concept has become somewhat abstract. Everyone knows about him, but no one can understand what it means.

What does it mean to “become happy” - how to understand?

What does it mean to be happy?

In modern society, the concept of “being happy” has become a kind of label that resembles advertising, but which has already lost its meaning. It is used often and no one gives it any significance. Many people even have a difficult question - are you happy? This is due to the fact that many people themselves do not understand what it is.

Despite everything, to become happy is more than real. You just need to understand what to look for. Often people do it where there is clearly nothing to find. And what does happiness mean? Before answering a question about searches, you need to figure out what constitutes happiness in general.

Why can't you be happy?

For most, the search for happiness is a kind of wandering through a dark maze, where there is only one way out and many wrong ones that lead back. A person has to run here and there, to probe every move, in the hope that the right one will be found. And such wanderings can last a very long time.

As soon as you stop to relax a bit, again you have to rush into another hole. And again the hope is warming that this is the right way out. And again, days, weeks, respite and all over again. You will again find yourself in a maze, already tired and aged.

So many try to find their own corner of happiness and do not find, and then rush to new constant searches. Someone is trying to find him in dear people, someone in work, in relationships, hobbies and so on.

But in most cases, this all happens without any result, because happiness is not in this. Just possessing things will not bring any happiness. Yes, you will get temporary satisfaction, but then other needs will come up. The absence of all these benefits will make you unhappy because over time you become too dependent.

What is happiness?

What is happiness?

So, well, if happiness is not material, then what then? Happiness is relative. And therefore it can not be bought, no matter how hackneyed it sounded. At the same time, it is practically impossible to lose, because it does not disappear from life with other people or goods. That is, happiness cannot come and go. If it is, then it will always be with you. In general, happiness does not need to be sought in something. You just need to wake him up. To do this, you need to learn harmony with yourself. Then you will be happy.

If we talk about it as a state, then it can be called a “meta-state”, which stands above all others and allows you to determine the attitude towards everything. Happiness is not pleasure. It cannot be temporary. This is a measured and calm joy and harmony with oneself.

Happiness cannot be achieved through one's accomplishments and joys. After all, if there are too many of them, then it is not a fact that you will become happier. This is how you express your view of life and certain things, and also support your spirit and so on. Happiness is within us and cannot be achieved with expensive things or a change of place of life. You must first learn to harmonize with yourself. And with it, everything else will come.

Well, think for yourself, is it really possible to become happy if you just change your place of residence? After all, all the inner experiences you take away with you. They will be within you and will not go anywhere. Will you be happy with big money and expensive things, if you have a lot of fears and complexes? All this will bring you only temporary satisfaction.

How to find and find happiness?

Where to find happiness?

If you are not able to be happy with what you have and it always seems to you that everything is wrong, then this is very bad. You should start working on yourself. Of course, perhaps the lack of benefits gives you a lot of negativity and you might think that you will be happy if you have all this, but you are mistaken.

These are wrong moves that will lead to nothing, but only give temporary relief. But such is our essence that we still squeeze through these passages and do not see other obvious things, and the brain actively goes through all sorts of options that it knows. You may need to try new options.

Dissatisfaction, suffering, lack of any goals and aspirations. From this people are trying to frantically find a way out and are reviewing all sorts of decisions. Someone makes their way to fame, someone rests on religion, sex, alcohol, and so on. And it turns out that a person rushes to different options and eventually comes back. But it is not for nothing that they say that happiness is always there. To achieve it, it is enough to strive for harmony and integrity.

However, you should be careful, because all sorts of charlatans actively use this. Often, they get money from people who are looking for happiness. And for this, many are ready to give a lot of money.

Everyone wants happiness, or at least get rid of bad feelings. Just what exactly needs to be done - no one knows. Many try to offer ready-made options - work, believe, consume. And people accept this, dissolve in their illusions - soul salvation, work, eternal waste.

These are all phantoms and in them a person cannot find himself, even if it seems to him. It is like oblivion, drug intoxication, which dampens pain, but it always remains, and the body does not feel it.

Happiness is to be independent of desires!

What is happiness?

Undoubtedly, happiness is not entirely cloudless and, of course, it to some extent depends on the financial situation, place of residence and relations. The thing is that when a person is happy, he is independent of whether his wishes are fulfilled. He is very good without it. Yes, happy people may want an expensive car or a good job. But only they do not make the idea of ​​this fix and do not get hung up on it, although they continue to search. That is, if there are no benefits, then the person still remains happy.

By the way, happy people are much more successful than others. Everything is easy for them, even if they don’t want it so much. They have achieved inner harmony and get along with themselves. In addition, happy people are more active. They are always ready to go to their goal and do not see any obstacles. They are judicious, more free and flexible. They are not stupefied by desire.

And how to achieve such a state? The answer lies in a few rules that will take you literally 10 minutes a day.

How to become a happy person - what to do: tips

As you know, in order to become happy, you have to change your life. It all starts small, but you need to do it all daily. Let's find out how to become happy by spending only 10 minutes a day on it.

  • Place your house in order
How to become happy?

Of course, this is not about general cleaning. Start small. Make a calendar for yourself and write down a few things for each day, so that they take 10 minutes. It can be anything - cleaning the closet, wiping off dust, mopping floors and so on. And along with this, remove from the house all that is superfluous, which is unnecessary to you or evokes sadness.

If you think you have nothing to do, then just start writing a list of 10 to do and 10 unnecessary things. You will see that you definitely need to do something or throw it away.

  • Put things in order

Are you all spinning in a hurry? Have you thought that you can stop at least once and think about what you want? And here the conversation is not even about everyday goals. For example, think about what you want in 15 years. If you do not know, then sit down and write 10 such goals. You can even make a map if you wish.

  • Become a little happier

How long have you felt the rush of happiness? And what really pleases you? It is enough for someone to jump through the puddles, and for someone there is not enough Mercedes. So, over 10 days, write everything that you think will be able to give you happiness or unhappiness.

In the evenings, check the list, and in the morning ask yourself new goals. Thus, gradually follow all the items on your list. This will allow you to really feel better and much happier.

  • Love yourself
Love yourself

Psychologists so often argue that it is important to always love yourself and then there will be less problems that you are already tired. So take yourself 10 minutes a day. Stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself how much you love yourself. You don’t even have time to understand when suddenly your self-esteem has increased, the reflection has become pleasing, and men are looking at the trail.

  • Tidy yourself up

While you were thinking only about family and work, you most likely already forgot what it means to take care of yourself. Remember what it is to pamper yourself. Make a mask, manicure, pluck eyebrows. Make the same cleaning plan and follow it.

  • Put your health in order

It takes less than a minute to drink a glass of water with lemon juice, but so much benefit. So drink 10 days every morning with a glass of such water. Add 10 fruits, vegetables and greens to your diet. At the end of 10 days, you definitely noticed the result.

  • Get sportier

You do not need to constantly go and spend a lot of time on sports. It is enough to learn how to do several approaches of the bar, run in place, squat and push up. Believe me, all this can be done in 10 minutes and the benefits will be enormous.

  • Learn to value your time

Do you know what time management is? If not, then it's time to find out! Always plan your business in the morning, and check in the evening whether everything worked out for you and why. It also only lasts 10 minutes.

  • Read a book

If you read only 10 minutes each day, then study more than one book. Start with something simpler. Choose what you have long wanted to read, but there was no time. Gradually move on to more serious books on development and personal growth.

  • Tune in to success

Check the list every night and see what you have done and what not. And it doesn’t matter that you didn’t succeed, anyway, tell yourself that you are well done and moving in the right direction.

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