Tracking flights, flights online: links to the tracking service. How to track an airplane flight online by flight number in real time on website in Russian: instructions

Track aircraft information with the Flightradar24 app in real time.

A unique way to track aircraft flight online is the flightradar24 app.
We will talk about how to control any aircraft in the air, taking into account real time, in this article.

How to find out where the plane is flying now: link to the tracking service

  • Innovative application -flyradar24 fully Russified
  • Initial data received from airliners is instantly processed and displayed via moving icons on the world map online
  • Due to the presented flightradar data, it is possible to:
  1. Find the location of the aircraft by its number
  2. Get data for the airport or airline of interest
  • The principle of tracking is as follows:
  1. Click on the yellow icon of the moving liner, passing link
  2. In the help that appears on the left side, we look for the necessary information:
  3. Name of the airline operating the flight
  4. Type of liner of interest, photo, serial number and age
  5. Place and time of departure
  6. Place and time of arrival
  7. Speed ​​and altitude

How to track an airplane flight online by flight number in real time on website in Russian: instructions

To control the flight of an air liner, knowing its flight number:

  • Click on the radar mark in the upper right area of ​​the map visualization
1 step
  • In the opened search engine ("Search") we enter the necessary data with the route number

It remains to control the movement of the appeared pictogram (red color) of the liner, reflecting the information:

  1. about the route
  2. altitude, speed and remaining flight time
All information becomes available.
  • Almost all modern flying vehicles have ADS-B transponders, with the help of which all available information about them is transmitted.
  • is an actively developing and promising structure containing more than several thousand platforms on the ground in different parts of the world.
  • All collected information is accumulated, processed and displayed on an online map.
  • A wide range of hosted special receiving devices makes it possible to visualize information, including about liners that do not have ADS-B.
  • These features make FlyTradar24 an unrivaled application, with the ability to track the progress and location of moving airliners in the sky in virtual mode, in the present.

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