The dove flew in the window: sign. Why did a white, brown, black dove fly into an apartment, a house, on a balcony, a window sill, knock on a window, hit a window and fly away?

Signs about pigeons.

Even in the Old Testament times, when angry gods sent a curse to the earth in the form of a global flood, the lucky survivors in the ark released pigeons into the wild.

In gratitude for this, the loyal birds returned to the ark at the end of the violence, in order to report this good news. Perhaps, from that time, and maybe even earlier, the dove is considered a symbol of new news.
But which ones? Let's try to figure it out.

Dove flew out the window

Dove flew out the windowThe sign is not unique.
But the fact that she carries some kind of news is certain. We are not in a hurry to draw hasty conclusions.
Consider the bird in more detail:

  • Restless movement of the messenger around the room, combined with blows to objects or walls - wait for trouble. Someone around will die
  • Friendly bird, quietly moving around the house - wait for a wedding or an addition to the family
  • A dove gently swirling around the room - the soul of a deceased loved one sends news and wants to tell some kind of news. Think of him and internally hear this message

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Dove flew onto the balcony: omen

Dove flew onto the balcony: omen

Not necessarily any appearance of the bird is interpreted by any news.

  • If the bird has visited the balcony, do not expect any news.
  • This may be just an everyday reason: a dove is hungry, cold or looking for a place for its nest.

A dove flew into an apartment, flew in or went into a house: omen

The dove flew into the apartment: omen If all the windows are closed, and the dove was in the apartment - big trouble. The unexpected death of very close people.

Sign - the pigeon hit the window and flew away

  • If in the morning the birds beat against the window - good news. Most likely the next marriage
  • In the second, it’s bad. Expect trouble. Possible death of loved ones

In this case, it is important how the pigeon behaves:

  • Friendly bird behavior is always good news
  • To the bad - it should not only hit, but also fight hard

Why does the pigeon sit on the windowsill, look and knock on the window: omen

Dove knocking on the window: omen
  • Persistent tapping with beak and wings, in the absence of food - a big disaster in the house: fire, flood, theft
  • In addition, the presence of a sick person at this time in the house speaks of his imminent demise.
  • But then again, if the bird with a twig or blade of grass in its beak, the interpretation is reversed

Dove sat on the window: sign

  • If the "bird of happiness" flew in or sat on the window without breaking the glass - good news from distant relatives
  • Broken glass - bad news from far

Find a dove feather: omen

  • A successful find that will bring peace and prosperity
  • It is good to use as a charm at home or put a handbag

Sign - feather of a dove flew out the window

Special sign - sent in difficult moments of life.

  • Appears when someone tries to harm you with the help of conspiracies and intrigues
  • Granted by guardian angels for protection
  • This gift should be taken very seriously.

Pigeons settled and made a nest on the balcony:

Pigeons settled and made a nest on the balcony: omen. If a pigeon made a nest on the balcony, very good sign for all the inhabitants of this apartment.

  • Welfare growth, family replenishment, protection from all troubles and misfortunes

Knock down, crush a pigeon by car: omen

A very bad omen.

  • Serious Accident Warning
  • It is advisable to bless the car and not drive it for a while
  • Quite categorical decryption-sell

A dove touched its head with a wing:

A dove touched its head with a wing:Positive sign.

  • The beginning of positive change
  • Wealth
  • Significant personal success

Dove crashed into a man: omen

Dove crashed into a man: omenGreat news promises this event.

  • Sign of fate
  • Do not miss your chance
  • For not to take, good luck in everything

The dove sat on his hand: omen

Pigeon sat on hand: omen Sudden financial improvement. Good luck in all your endeavors.

The white dove flew onto the balcony, flew into the yard: omen

White dove flew onto the balcony
  • Disagreements and quarrels in the family will decline
  • Peace, harmony and understanding will reign in all aspects of family life
  • Best sign fate - after all, a white dove is such a rarity

Two pigeons sat on the windowsill and coo:

Two pigeons sat on the windowsill and coo:Common omentalking about the imminent wedding in this house for the young.

  • Married couples guarantee peace and tranquility, financial well-being
  • They are a sign of protection of the owners from various troubles, poverty, damage, evil eye and other troubles

Pigeons bathe in a puddle: omen

  • In the summer, it means soon, drought will come, and for a long time it will not rain
  • In spring - summer heat, drought
  • In the beginning of autumn - Indian summer will be warm and long
  • If you touch the puddles lightly and leave, the next seven days, rain and cold are expected.

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A dove nakakat on his head, on his shoulder: omen

Pigeon nakalivaet on the shoulder: omenThe happiest sign. Great luck and luck literally in everything.

  • Ideal occasion for new plans
  • That material desire, which was thought at the time of what is happening, will certainly come true in the most profitable way

Dead dove on the balcony: omen

Bad sign. Even the most reliable plans will fail, and important matters will drag on for a long time.

To see a dead, dead dove omen

  • Do not write on your account a pigeon lying on the road, along which hundreds more people will pass.
  • If a bird bumped into something with you and lies dead or found in a house, on the balcony - troubles will spill hail from all sides
  • A very difficult life period is coming. But these are purely domestic problems or not very serious diseases
  • Strong disaster and loss is not expected

Brown, black dove: sign

Brown, black pigeon: omen. Such a color of the bird in any negative interpretation only enhances its value. In other cases, the bird seen does not bear a certain additional sign.

Pigeon on the roof of the house: omen

  • If there is a girl on marriageable age for the wedding
  • Otherwise - a harbinger of death the tenant of this house

Dove with a twig in its beak: omen

Dove with a twig in its beak: omen
  • Expect good news
  • Positive plans will come true soon
  • Even with any negative interpretation described above, such a messenger carries only positive aspect

Wounded dove: omen

  • If the bird found is black - to a serious illness family heads
  • White - neutralizes negative prediction and simply has no interpretation

So what to do if bad changes promise?
It is advisable for a believer to visit a church and put candles:

  • for health - living
  • for the repose - the deceased relatives and friends

Non-believers can be asked to stand by the grandmothers at the church instead of you in the same way to pray for those whom you write to them on a piece of paper. It is advisable to give them a donation.

Important: the dove is a sacred bird. You can’t harm, let alone kill him.

If he suddenly flew into the window and, according to his signs, bears bad news, carefully catch him with a towel or blanket, and let him out of the window three times:

“Take what you bring with you, take the bad news with you.” I don’t need such news - don’t fly to this house anymore. ”

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