Wedding dresses as a guest: how to order at Lamoda? How and what to choose a wedding dress for a girl, mother of the bride and groom, witness, full, pregnant, baby, on the second day in Lamoda?

Lamoda allows you to choose the perfect dress in which you can go to the wedding. The store has a huge selection of models of dresses of classic and modern styles of dresses.

Beautiful wedding dresses for girls as a guest in Lamoda

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Each guest present at the wedding tries to carefully prepare for the solemn event. Of particular importance is the appearance of the guests: their hairstyles, outfits and accessories.

Really choose beautiful wedding dress as a guest it is difficult: there is no choice, expensive prices or the wrong sizes In such situations, comes to the aid of customers Lamoda online store.

Lamoda is the most popular resource, offering a huge assortment of elegant and high-quality clothing around the clock in mode online. Here, any buyer can find a dress for a festive occasion in any style, made only from quality material and at a nice price.

Lace dress

You can choose for a festive celebration at Lamoda guipure or lace dress different lengths, in any color, with sleeves or straps.

Red dress

One of the best options is classic cocktail dress from dense satin fabric. In the Lamoda store you can find a dress of any color and length at a nice price.

Nice dress

Such a dress is an essential element of every woman’s wardrobe. Lamoda offers a huge selection of diverse models of black dresses at affordable prices.

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Wedding dresses for mother of the bride and groom

Parents of newlyweds very often are in the spotlight during a wedding celebration. That is why women should make sure that in any situation (contests, video shooting, photo shoots) they look simply irresistible.

Outfit option

Lamoda has a huge selection classic elongated dresses with long or short sleeves. Such a dress can be put on by the mother of the bride or groom for the wedding. Many models have stylish cut elements: cutouts, asymmetric skirts, belts, lace. You can complement the dress with spectacular jewelry.

Spectacular dress

Look spectacular to the mother of the groom or the bride will help the dress purchased at Lamoda. The store offers a wide selection beautiful dresses with an unusual cut or bright design elements.

Restrained dress

“Lamoda” will help you choose a beautiful dress for mom of the groom or bride in a restrained style. The store has a wide range of models of classic cut dresses with long or short sleeves, puffy or formal skirts.

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Cocktail dress for a wedding in Lamoda

Cocktail Dress is a classic optionoutfits guest. It always looks solemn, and a correctly selected model will help emphasize the dignity of a woman and hide her shortcomings.

Only at the Lamoda store exists wide selection of cocktail dresses for every taste and color. Here you can choose a brand outfit for yourself at an affordable price and not doubt your unique and spectacular appearance.

Cocktail dresses on "Lamoda":

Lace cocktail dress

Lamoda offers a wide selection fashionable "nude" lace dresses for any special occasion. This dress is suitable for going to the wedding as a guest.

Cocktail Dress

In Lamoda, there are a lot of original models of dresses, for example dress with lace top. This dress is perfect for a special occasion.

Sexy dress

To surprise all guests and look spectacular will help cocktail raspberry dress classic cut in Lamoda. Some dresses have interesting elements: cutouts, lace, bows and much more.

Green cocktail dress

In Lamoda, there is a huge selection of elegant dresses of fashionable heyday. For example, here you can choose the classic green cocktail dress to attend a wedding event.

Classic black dress

There is a huge selection in Lamoda classic black cocktail dresses any size and design.

Black lace dress

Only Lamoda offers each customer a choice of both classic models of dresses and the most modern and daring models of dresses from well-known world brands at an affordable price.

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Wedding dress for bridesmaids

Bridesmaids often under scrutiny during the wedding celebration. That is why it is necessary choose the perfect dress for the wedding. In Lamoda, every girl can find a suitable outfit for herself. The store relies not only on fashion trendsbut and on the features of the figure and tastes of the fair sex.

In the "Lamoda" can be chosen as one elegant and at the same time convenient dress for the witness, and somewhat the same for all the bridesmaids (a very fashionable trend). A large selection of models and a wide dimensional grid of clothes will help to make the right choice.

Dress for friends

Discreet Witness Dress for a wedding of a simple cut and in different colors are presented on the store website.

Bright dress

The store provides a choice bright patterns of dresses with prints and patterns for the witness. In Lamoda you can find the most interesting options for dress cuts.

Spectacular outfit

Look spectacular and inimitable will help sexual outfit bought at Lamoda. The store provides models of dresses for every taste.

Delicate dress

In "Lamoda" there is a wide selection of models of delicate cuts and color shades of dresses for bridesmaids at discounts.

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Short dress

Wedding dresses for overweight women

Finding the perfect large dress is easy inonline store "Lamoda". Only here on the pages of the catalog is an assortment of chic formal dresses of any cuts, sizes and colors at an affordable price.

Evening dresses in "Lamoda":

Evening dress

There is a choice in Lamoda cropped evening dresses with lace pattern and without. Attention buyers any color and styles of outfits.

Long evening black dress

Long black dress goes to almost any figure. It is slim and creates a sophisticated silhouette. You can buy such a dress in Lamoda.

Chic evening dress in beige colors

You can surprise everyone present at the wedding with chic dress with a full skirt or a long train. Lamoda has a huge selection of dresses of any color, with bare shoulders or straps.

Long evening blue dress

The dress, which reaches its floor with its long one, is a classic version of an evening dress. It goes to absolutely all women, in such a dress it is recommended to attend any special occasions.

Long evening red dress

A red long shiny dress will help you stand out among guests at a wedding celebration.

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Dress for a friend for a wedding in Lamoda

You need to come to a friend for a wedding in dress purchased at Lamoda. The store provides a catalog modern dress models at an affordable price. Here you can find modest classic styles and modern "Bold" designer outfit decisions.

Stylish dress

In a stylish dress, you will stand out among the general mass of guests. The catalog of stylish modern models of dresses on the pages of the store website.

Spectacular dress

Young girls can come to a wedding in tight red dress with decorated top. Such a dress can be bought at Lamoda.

Smart dress

Earthy dress A loose cut with glossy top is a good outfit for young and active girls.

Designer dress

A short silver dress that can be bought in Lamoda at a nice price will help to become a bright and memorable guest at the wedding celebration.

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Maternity Wedding Dresses

Lamoda - one of the few stores offering a catalog evening and elegant dresses for women in position. On the pages of the store, even a future mother with a large belly can find chic wedding dress and look charming.

Two-color option

Two-tone elegant dress for women in position - this is an original way to dress up for the occasion.

Lace outfit

Even a woman who is late in pregnancy can choose in Lamoda lace evening dress and feel comfortable throughout the holiday.

Black outfit option

Dress Basques for pregnant women is a beautiful and at the same time stylish outfit for women in position.

Beige Lace Evening Dress Evening dress with bow

In the Lamoda catalog there are a lot of dresses with various decorative elements. For pregnant women, you can choose a dress with a beautiful bow on your stomach.

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Long evening dress

Dress for the bride on the second day of the wedding

The most capricious bride will be able to choose her "dream dress«. "Lamoda" It has many modern models of dresses of classic and modern styles:

  • Long white dress (with fluffy skirts and skirts skunk).
  • Cream Shades Dresses (pastel colors, the color of "spark of champagne).
  • Puffy dresses (both short and long options)
  • Off Shoulder Dresses (on thin straps, with corsets).
  • Short dresses(tight and loose)
  • Guipure dresses (completely from guipure fabric or with partial inserts).
  • Dresses with lace (with thin and guipure lace)
  • Spaghetti Strap Dresses (wide and thin)
  • Designer dresses (world famous brands and "young" manufacturers).
A large selection of dresses for the bride for a wedding in the Lamoda store

Wedding dress for the bride without a celebration

Modern newlyweds do not always magnificently celebrate their wedding ceremony. Often a wedding ends with only a modest painting and dinner with loved ones in a restaurant. But even such an event "requires" stylish bride outfit for the occasion. Buy a wedding dress without a bride The Lamoda store will help.

The store offers a wide selection:

On Lamoda, a huge selection of dresses

Summer wedding dresses for girls

Summer dress should be simple and easymade of thin fabric. It’s very difficult to choose both simple and elegant dress for a wedding celebration for the summer. Lamoda is exactly the store that has collected a variety of styles and styles of elegant dresses.

There is a wide selection:

Large assortment of summer dresses at Lamoda

Cheap Wedding Evening Dresses - Sale in Lamoda

Those wishing to save money and buy a beautiful elegant dress will also help the Lamoda Assortment. In addition to regular discounts on all goods, the store provides the opportunity to buy elegant dresses in seasonal sales.

To the attention of buyers:

Famous brand dresses

Floor-length dresses for a wedding

A long dress is ideal for going to the wedding as a guest. Lamoda collected on the pages of her catalog classically and modern styles of dresses in the floor. To the attention of buyers the most diverse color and fabric solutions of outfits.

Dress is long

Wedding dress as a guest in the fall

Such an outfit must necessarily be warm and beautiful in order to successfully hormone with a wedding celebration. The Lamoda store has a wide selection of models of modern elegant dresses for the cool season.

A large selection of autumn dresses in Lamoda for a wedding

Short wedding dress in Lamoda

A short dress is popular with young girls. In such a dress, you can go to weddings and any special occasion. Lamoda has a large selection of short dresses with arms of different lengths, with straps and collars. Here you can find smart dress for going to the wedding as a guest.

Short dress for going to a wedding in Lamoda

Lush wedding dresses in Lamoda

A magnificent dress is ideal for going to a wedding. He can be worn by a witness or bridesmaid, the main rule is that you can not wear a white dress. Wide range of models lush dresses offers the Lamoda store.

A magnificent dress for a wedding as a guest in Lamoda

Dress transformer for a wedding in Lamoda

Dress transformer - This is the perfect dress for a special occasion. It allows you to surprise guests with a change of image and distinguish its owner from the entire mass of guests. Buy Dress transformer Famous brands can be found on the pages of the Lamoda store.

Kids Wedding Dresses for Girls in Lamoda

Like adult guests, little "princesses" need elegant dresses. Choose a lush or long dress for the girl will allow the Lamoda store. Only here there is a wide range of models for every taste for children of any age.

Large selection of children's dresses for a special occasion in Lamoda

Red wedding dress, blue, purple, lilac, pink, in Lamoda

Lamoda store adapts to the tastes of modern women and provides an opportunity to purchase perfect dress for going to a wedding celebration. Only here you can find a variety of classic and modern styles of dresses of different colors: blue, purple, blue, pink, red and many other shades.

Evening red dress

Turquoise wedding dress for a friend, peach, yellow, green

Young girls should definitely look for a formal outfit on the pages of the Lamod resource in order to choose the perfect dress. Here, every customer will discover wide selection of models made of different fabrics in trendy bright colors:

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