Why did the joints become inflamed and hurt? For what reason all joints can hurt at the same time: possible diseases. How to determine the causes of joint pain? Alternative medicine for joint pain: folk recipes

With inflamed joints, it is important to find out the cause of the disease on time and correctly, as well as conduct professional treatment. You will learn about this from the material.

The reasons for this are many. For example, symptoms, in which swelling of the hands is observed, in the morning the joints seem to be constrained, hurt, speaks of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Female arthritis is much more likely to suffer from arthritis than male, due to hormonal characteristics.

Joint inflammation occurs when they are affected by viral and bacterial infections. At the same time, both knees, hands or shoulders can swell, when felt, they are hot, and the muscles cease to function normally.

Why did inflammation appear and joints hurt?

The problem, as a rule, is rapidly progressing. After a joint fluoroscopy, and having performed a blood test, the doctor can diagnose the situation and prescribe treatment with anti-inflammatory drugs of a non-steroid type.

  • If the articulation is striking deforming osteoarthrosis (mainly cartilage of joints), the patient appears a special "duck" gait. Cartilages, with insufficient nutrition, become less elastic, more fragile. The age category of patients suffering from such an ailment is fifty years or older, more often women who are overweight and have a lot of physical activity. Sometimes the cause may be injury. Diagnosis of the disease is possible by studying x-rays.
  • Such patients need to reconsider their diet, and during periods of crisis, complete rest is necessary. Non-steroidal treatment and taking medications that normalize metabolism gives positive results.
  • Inflammation of all joints may occur due to infection of the urinary and reproductive systemsas well as nasopharynx, etc .; this disease is called reactive arthritis. He can be cured, the main thing is to identify immediately, the first three months are decisive. Otherwise, the patient faces RA.
What do you feel?
  • Do not self-medicate. There have been cases when heating an inflamed joint, instead of cooling it with ice, led to osteomyelitis - the transition of inflammation to the bone. Regular performance of special exercises for diseased joints returns their mobility.
  • Sitting on soft chairs and sofas is very comfortable, however, it can aggravate the condition of the joints. Therefore, it is desirable that the base of the bed be rigid, as well as the seats and backs of chairs.
  • Do not sit with your feet on top of each other - because of this blood flow is disturbed, lymph stagnates in the tissues.The diet should contain the necessary vitamins and minerals, the amount of fats with carbohydrates is advised to reduce (with the exception of fish oil).

For what reason can all joints hurt at the same time: possible diseases

It can sometimes be difficult to identify the cause of the joint pain that has appeared at the same time, and also to immediately choose the method of getting rid of the malaise. In the case of pathologies in the joints, accompanied by pain, you need to know that each joint can be affected equally due to the systemic reaction of the body.

It is capable of causing such conditions:

  • RA
  • rheumatic reaction
  • autoimmune ailments
  • osteoarthrosis
  • stable physical overload
  • infection of the body, infection with viruses and intoxication
  • joint irritation with arthritism and scaly lichen
  • circulatory system diseases
  • intestinal inflammation

Joint pains spreading throughout the body, have a reactive origin, as a symptom of a complication of another ailment. Exceptional cases can be considered some forms of RA and osteoarthrosisaffecting only the hyaline cartilage.

The nature of pain in rheumatism (rheumatic heart disease) and RA

Rheumatic heart disease - an ailment manifested in the form monoarthritis (inflammation of one joint), or polyarthritis (affects many joints). It causes pain and swelling of the joints, without affecting, however, all of them at once. At first, pain is felt in turn in all large joints (shoulders, elbows, knees, pelvis, hips, ankle).

Brushes with feet are almost not susceptible to disease. Severe pains appear after a sore throat, as well as with rheumatic monoarthritis (similar to pain with polyarthritis).

RA is usually inherent in patients over forty, but there are also cases of its manifestation in children and adolescents (juvenile RA).

Many cases of RA have previous symptoms of damage: pain in the hands, swelling of the joints of the feet, and these areas are characterized by stiff movements in the morning. Soreness of all joints at once is an indicator that an aggressive form of the disease begins, or that it has again worsened.

Problem areas

Do not ignore joint pain if it manifests itself not a day or two. It is better to examine the body in time, in time to identify the cause of discomfort and begin appropriate therapy.

At osteoarthrosis there are cases of damage immediately to the articulation group. Extreme discomfort at once in several joints manifests itself from dystrophy of the hyaline cartilage in large joints, which lead to their deformation and limited mobility.

Arthralgia as a result of physical overwork

The cause of pain in all joints at once may be the usual physical fatigue inherent in people of any age category, especially athletes and manual workers. As a rule, if you change the load regimen to a more gentle one, the pains go away on their own.

And can it become inflamed from infection and blood problems?

Any infectious disease, especially its onset, with the spread of microorganisms throughout the body, can cause pain in all joints, fever. These are: influenza, measles, rubella, intestinal infection. A similar reaction of the body can occur with: tuberculosis, syphilis, infection with chlamydia, brucellosis, HIV. The effect of toxic poisons that enter the bloodstream also provokes joint ailments.

Searching of decisions

A disease like blood cancerare now among the most difficult problems of medicine. Not only is it difficult to treat, it is also extremely difficult to diagnose on time. For example, acute and chronic leukemiahas atypical clinical varieties that cause bone-joint pain in patients, in the absence of anomalies in the analyzes. If the feeling of pain does not leave for a long time, it is better to conduct a second blood test and visit a specialist hematologist.

Often pain in all joints is caused by intestinal irritation inherent in Crohn’s disease, as well as atypical ulcerative colitis. Both ailments can lead to arthritis of any major joint.

Manifestations of arthralgia with gout (arthritism) and scaly lichen (psoriasis): their nature

Arthritism and Scaly versicolor - two completely different diseases. However, their symptoms are similar in places. Usually they don’t have a feeling of pain in all joints at once. A different picture with the atypical course of each ailment, for which manifestations are characteristic arthralgia. Patients suffering from this subspecies of these diseases, as well as potential patients (hereditary history), should remember that causeless pain in all joints at the same time indicates the development of ailments or its origin.

How to determine the causes of joint pain?

To find out the origins of pain in all joints, you should carefully study the history of diseases suffered by the patient, as well as his relatives, conduct an examination and evaluate his symptoms, determining the condition of the unhealthy joints. The initial examination is followed by general tests of blood and urine, rheumatic tests. The results obtained help to determine the diagnosis or the examination continues to obtain a more expanded picture of the disease.

For pains not only in the joints, but also in the bones, the patient has to constantly take analgesics in order to reduce discomfort. Such relief, of course, is temporary in nature, without a therapeutic effect, which is why patients are advised to take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

It’s important to find out the cause of the pain.

Diet is also crucial. For example, the treatment of osteochondrosis involves a six-time meal, in small portions.

Alternative medicine copes with joint inflammation: folk recipes

  1. In a 3 liter glass container, mix carrot juice (a pound of root vegetables), beetroot (a pound) black radish (1/2 liter) with a glass of aloe juice. Fill the container to the very top with honey, mix all the components. Cover the mixture and insist for seven days. Then strain, discard the precipitate. Take 40 ml medicine at bedtime. Treatment is a minimum of four weeks.
  2. Compresses are also useful for relieving pain in joints and bones. In a 0.5 liter jar, pour a glass of kefir, mix with crumbled rye bread. Add a pinch of soda and remove the mixture in heat for five to six hours. After the specified time, wring out the drug and make lotions out of it. During the day we apply it to the joints, and for the night we put compresses from it. After 3 days, the sensations become less uncomfortable, and after a week disappear altogether.
  3. For joint diseases due to malfunctioning of the endocrine system, it is recommended compress from infusion of roots and inflorescences of a sunflower, meadowsweet of the vulgaris, rhizomes of the marsh cinquefoil and melilot. Pour 4 tbsp. tablespoons of herbal mixture, pour a liter of cold water and mix.
Get rid of the folk

It is possible to find out the cause of the arising pain only by contacting a specialist. After conducting appropriate examinations and reading their results, the doctor will be able to make the correct diagnosis and select the therapy. There is no panacea for all diseases, each of them should be approached individually.

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