Can a pregnant woman be baptized in the church herself and baptize someone else's child: church rules, signs. Reasons: why pregnant women should not baptize someone else's child?

Is it possible for a pregnant woman to be the godmother of a girl, boy: church rules, signs

A lot of different superstitions, omens and misconceptions are associated with pregnancy. It is generally accepted that most are baptized in infancy. But it also happens when a girl decides to take such an important step, being in an interesting position. Is it worth believing all prejudices or you can safely violate all the rules (or maybe only some) - let's figure it out in more detail.

Can a pregnant woman be baptized in the church herself?

Ever since pagan times, a pregnant woman could not be baptized herself or baptize another child (about a little later). The version was that a woman can steal the happiness and health of her baby. In general, around the female there are many requirements in the church plan. For example:

  • You cannot enter the church with your head uncovered. Be sure to tie a scarf (a hat, by the way, does not count according to the rules). This gesture means that a woman bows her head before God and shows her humility.
  • You can’t come to the church in trousers. In general, there is an opinion that female power is revealed only in a skirt or dress. Pants - this is the male part of the wardrobe, and a girl in such clothes close her emotional flow.
  • During critical days it is not allowed to enter the temple. In general, a woman is considered a source of sins, as well as moral downfalls.
  • There is even such a misconception that a pregnant woman should not attend church at all. We repeat that this comes from the pagan peoples and originates from ancient times. Then the situation was such that they simply tried to protect such girls from evil eyes. And to visit a church and defend a whole service increased the chances of getting an evil eye or spoilage.
    • Today, a pregnant woman is considered to be blessed by God. After all, it carries the beginning of a new life. Moreover, a woman gives this life a body, and God gives a soul.
  • But after childbirth (or miscarriage), you can come to church only after 40 days. As the saying goes, these days a woman is cleansed.

Apparently, many prohibitions fall on women's shoulders. And, of course, they must be adhered to. But passing a rite of baptism of a pregnant woman is not only not prohibited, but, on the contrary, is approved!

  • The church itself interprets that in this way God gives his blessing.
  • And not only for mom, but also the future baby
  • And children, as a rule, are born healthy, strong babies, and have a Guardian Angel, which protects them from various troubles and bad weather
Pregnant baptism

If we talk about the requirements:

  1. The first thing that should be is inner desire. The girl should desire this with all her heart and be ready.
  2. Even before going to church, you need to read prayers in the evening and become open to God. That is, it must come from within.
  3. After all, we often hear that God lives within each of us. Just a lot depends on our inner faith.
  4. For a pregnant woman, there are also a number of special prayers that must be read before baptism. This, of course, needs to be learned directly in the church in which you are going to be baptized. Most often, the necessary prayers are:
    • Our Father
    • Virgin Virgin
    • Symbol of faith
  5. This is rather not a requirement, but just a small reminder. Many pregnant women, especially in the early stages, suffer from toxicosis. After all, being in the temple can be long, stuffy and tiring. Be prepared for this, make a supply of necessary drugs (if you suddenly become ill).
  6. The ceremony itself is no different from ordinary baptism (in the sense, for non-pregnant women).
  7. An important condition is that a woman should sacredly worship God and observe all church canons, and also not live in sin.
    • By the way, such a popular civil marriage by the church is considered dirty and sinful. And also, the church calls it cohabitation in fornication. A newborn baby will have weaker protection.
  8. Ideally (according to church terms), marriage should not be concluded in the registry office, but in the temple. That is, you need a wedding. But today, a very small percentage of couples decide on such a crucial step. After all, everyone knows that the church does not recognize divorces: "marriages are made and break up in heaven."
  9. And I wanted to add a little about the appearance. This, incidentally, applies not only to a pregnant woman who acts as a godmother or godmother. But also any other woman who visits the temple!
    • Clothing should be as modest as possible. No bright colors, elaborate styles and extravagant outfits.
    • Many noticed that those women (sometimes even young girls) who regularly attend church wear floor-length skirts and dresses. Woman's legs should be closed. This does not mean that everyone needs to wear only the maximum length, for example, midi skirts are also allowed. The main thing is to avoid miniskirts.
    • Before God, everyone is equal! No material, financial or political status should exist. Therefore, appearance should not indicate this difference. That is, there is no need to put on a lot of jewelry to seem richer. Ideally, from the jewelry should be only a cross.
    • By the way, many wear it on an ordinary church rope to show their humility. And not because of the financial situation.
    • Never wear defiant or vulgar clothing. According to church canons, clothing should not cause desire or obscene thoughts in the opposite sex.
Pregnant baptism

How does baptism go?

  • We repeat that there are no differences except the font. A woman is not dipped in her, but is simply allowed to be washed with holy water.
  • Well, the godparents do not carry her in her arms, a woman herself can walk. But this business concerns already adult children.
  • In terms of choosing godparents, the rules are the same:
    • there must be a godmother for a girl, a man for a boy
    • but you can take a couple. The main thing is that they are not married, or did not enter into it in the future. But the matter concerns directly married spouses. It is believed that spiritually they are one
    • You can take relatives - grandmother, aunt or sister. Do you want to, take your best friend
    • it is important that a person believes in God, that he himself is baptized and that he knows at least simple prayers
  • The main requirement is to confess and receive communion the day before.
  • Fasting is another condition. But children and pregnant women do not have to follow strict diets.

In general, the process of baptism is a good and positive ceremony, which, both from a psychological and spiritual point of view, will give a woman in an interesting position (and, in principle, to any person) confidence and piety. And not only the future mother receives God's support and blessings, but also her child. Already in the womb, he becomes spiritually strong.

Is it necessary to confess before baptism?

Some may not even have such a thought or doubt about how an unbaptized person can confess. It’s worth to clarify right away that the church simply will not allow an adult to this rite without such an action. This baby is considered spiritually pure, which has no sin or evil thoughts. How does the confession happen and whether it is necessary to prepare for it in advance.

Confession is the great mystery of reconciliation with God when all your sins are recognized. And you need not only to recognize them, but also to repent with all your heart. Such a ceremony takes place in the presence of the priest, who will pray for the remission of your sins. Confession happens:

  • personal repentance, when only one person speaks with the priest
  • general purification of the soul when several people gather, and the procedure itself is generalized
Pregnant in church
  1. The first thing to do is to confess your sins. To make it easier, you need to ask a brochure in the church to help you find and recognize them. But it can only be a tip; blindly rewriting the list is not necessary. Otherwise, confession will take a formal character.
  2. Deadly sins. Yes, it is precisely those seven terrible sins that we all know about since childhood. Recall:
    • pride or, in other words, contempt. Recall that we are all equal before God and for him there are no statuses.
    • envy. I think it does not require an explanation - it is a desire for evil and bad weather for others.
    • gluttony. According to the canons of the Bible, we need food in order to live. But not the other way around.
    • fornication. According to church concepts, this is not only promiscuous relationships with sexual partners, but even sex before marriage or, in the so-called, civil marriage. And not only, even lascivious glances or thoughts addressed to another person (in the sense of not a spouse) also belong to this category.
    • anger is compared to poison in the soul. An angry person looks like a possessed person.
    • greed or selfishness also applies to these sins.
    • laziness or, in other words, despondency.

Of course, one must also confess for such sins as murder, theft and deceit. By the way, abortion is also considered a great sin, since it was completely the murder of a man who had not yet been born.

  • Not believing in God, creating idols or, even worse, turning to fortune-tellers and conspiracies are sins that are directed against the Lord.
  • There are also sins that are directed against your neighbor. That is, neglect of people and their needs, discussion or slander against someone else. Not only deception, but deduction, for example, of wages or even refusal of them. And even such a harmless action as free travel, for example, in a trolleybus, requires repentance to the Lord.

Of course, this is all too generalized and only serve as a tip. The first time it will be useful to write down sins on paper, so that later it will be easier. And, be sure to indicate personal sins!

  1. Many are still interested in how to express their thoughts correctly. After all, church language is a little peculiar. There is no need to invent something in this matter, but to express your thought as it is. That is, in a simple and accessible language.
  2. A small tip - there are many sins, and if you start digging further, the list can become endless. Therefore, talk about the worst and greatest sins.
  3. And the last instruction - start changing your life before you confess. If there are any obvious sins that you commit, start to give them up before the secret rite. And what is the point of confession if your lifestyle does not change after that. But he cannot turn over too abruptly. Therefore, start working on yourself today.
  4. Treat everyone with kindness and live in peace. The Lord said: "Farewell, and you will be forgiven!". Therefore, before confession, be sure to forgive all your offenders.

After confession, you must definitely partake of the sacrament. This is done in order to protect your soul and body from evil spirits and the same sins, you need to try the flesh of Jesus (bread) and drink his blood (wine).

Pregnant baptism

Some recommendations:

  • Women can not paint their lips! And in general, it is advisable to come to church without makeup
  • You can’t touch the bowl with your hands
  • And you can’t be baptized near the Chalice
  • Communion is possible only once a day.
  • You can’t kiss the icons or talk until you have a warm cup after communion and eat the antidor. As a rule, they are located on another table, a little to the side.

By the way, we are all to some extent sinful, so we need to confess and receive communion regularly or at least with some periodicity.

Is it possible for a pregnant woman to baptize someone else's child in the church: church rules, signs

We have already figured out that pregnant women are not only able to, but also need to undergo the baptismal ceremony. And all negative opinions are just pagan superstitions. But can she baptize someone else’s child?

  • Of course. According to church rules there is no ban! Moreover, any father will even find a positive moment in this - the baby in the womb also receives a positive spiritual charge.
  • By the way, the children hear everything perfectly even in their mother’s tummy, so he also hears all prayers and songs during the service. And this, undoubtedly, will be good for both the baby and the mother.
  • The most important thing is that a pregnant woman believes in God and can give spiritual instruction to her godson.

If we talk about signs:

  • We have already indicated above that a similar statement was in the days of paganism - a pregnant woman can take away happiness and health from a baptized baby.
  • But the Christian Church does not support anything like this. Moreover, on the contrary, it approves.
  • If a woman is baptized, of the Christian faith, mentally healthy and not a minister of the church, then she can safely become godmother.
  • The only doubt is time. The church itself interprets this by saying that the mother has her own baby, and it will be difficult for her to devote enough time to her godson.
  • This is not a sign, but simply a little instruction - the pregnant woman will have a hard time withstanding the service. Especially in the later stages.
Pregnant baptizes a child

What is the role of the godmother in the life of a child:

  1. A woman should teach the godson to read prayers. Yes, and he should not forget to read them either - after all, this is one of the main duties.
  2. In general, godparents should be engaged in Orthodox education.
  3. To teach all Orthodox teachings and canons is also their responsibility.
  4. To instill love for the church and for the neighbor, to teach to be kind, humble and condescending.
  5. And also, godparents must show the godson what love is and show how important this quality is.
  6. And, of course, the godparents are those people who must protect the child from temptations and temptations.

Reasons: why shouldn't pregnant women baptize someone else's child and is it better to refuse?

The myth that pregnant women cannot baptize a child has been dispelled. There is another superstition - you can not give up the role of the godfather. Yes, a little stepped aside, but this is an important aspect. The Church believes that giving up this role is not considered a sin. If doubts arise, then it is better to immediately stipulate them or completely refuse.

A pregnant woman on the church side has no prohibitions on the baptism of herself or someone else's child! But there are times when it’s better to refuse.

  • When to baptize a girl. Yes, we have already said that the godmother is the most important thing for a girl. And the entire rite of baptism lay more on women's shoulders. Therefore, it is simply physically difficult for a pregnant woman to hold the baby all the time in her arms.
  • If there are medical warnings. Of course, this is again due to the fact that all the time you need to stand on your feet, and the ritual itself takes about an hour.
  • If christening is in the summer, then it is also better to refuse. There are no air conditioners in the churches, I think everyone is in the know. Therefore, it can be very stuffy inside. And again - the pregnant woman simply can not survive for long.
  • This is probably the most important thing - when there is doubt that a woman will not pay due attention to the godson and cannot instill a love for the church and her neighbors. And, in general, to teach how to live in love, peace and harmony with oneself and others.
  • Or the woman herself does not adhere to all church canons and rarely visits the temple.

Apparently, there are no strict prohibitions. The church, on the contrary, approves of the baptism of the pregnant woman herself, and the baptism of someone else's child, being in an interesting position. Moreover, where and on the basis of which such superstitions arose - is not known! The Christian faith does not prohibit anything like this, but believes that this is even for the good!

Important! A pregnant woman can be recorded as a godmother according to documents, but she is not obliged to withstand the entire service.True, in this case, from the font of the baby, a grandmother should get it!