How to distinguish a union from a union word: signs, features

Union and union word seem to be similar, but different from each other. Let's talk about these differences.

When we communicate, a couple of words are not enough for us to express our thoughts in a high-quality way, and therefore we use complex sentences. To create connections, unions or union words are used to help you figure out how one part of the sentence is related to another. In addition, they can indicate the place, time, connection, conditions and so on. Just the transfer of all these meanings and the combination of the main parts is assigned to the service parts of speech - unions and allied words. But what is it and how to distinguish them? Let's figure it out.

What is a union?


The Union is a service part of speech and it can always be found in sentences:

  • It allows you to combine different expressions that answer a single question.
    Creates from a few simple sentences one
  • Forms complex sentences by combining simple ones. They must be dependent on each other, and union means their unity.
  • Unions are of various types. So, composing are used for homogeneous words and combine several simple sentences. They denote sequential actions, facts, and so on. In addition to connection, they are opposing and separating. In complex sentences, any of the parts can be used separately.
  • Moreover, each of the considered parts of speech can be used as a means of communication, but at the same time, in complex sentences, all parts depend on each other and they cannot be used separately. Through alliances, the nature of the relationship can be determined.
  • Such unions can express, place and time, reasons, goals, conditions and so on.
  • It is also important to note that unions are not members of a proposal; they only bind all its parts. They cannot be replaced by significant words. If the union consists of one word, then it is simple, and if there are several, then compound.

What are allied words?

Allied words

Under allied words, as a rule, hide adverbs or relative pronouns. They also allow you to create different types of relationships in sentences. Unlike unions, they can be members of a sentence because they are independent of other words. In addition, they are replaceable and significant words are used for this.

What is the difference between a union and a union word: signs

Unions and allied words are similar only because both can connect parts of complex sentences. In addition, the same words can be both parts of speech. It’s easy to distinguish between them:

The difference between unions and allied words

Unions are never members of a proposal, and a union word may have its attributes. To determine, just ask a question. If this can be done, then this is clearly not a union.

  • When reading intonation unions are not painted in any way, that is, attention is not focused on them.
  • Union cannot be used with particles, while union words allow it to be done.
  • You can recognize a union or a union word in front of you by removing them from the sentence. If the meaning is lost, then you have removed the union.
  • The union can be replaced by another, but similar in meaning.

Learning to distinguish between these two parts of speech is important in order to convey the expressiveness of the statement. After all, the pronunciation must be correct in intonation. Logical stress allows you to highlight speech units, which are the semantic center.

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