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Loser man: varieties of losers and distinguishing features - a guide for a girl

A man must be successful - it sounds right. But there is an exception to the rule, namely - loser men.

Nowadays, women can stand up for themselves, they are purposeful, they know what they want from life, they do not ask for help from men, they provide for themselves, they are confident in the future. In men, everything is exactly the opposite, they are endowed with feminine qualities, all their strength of character has sunk into oblivion. They have no goals in life, they are weak, they themselves need help and support. World loser menwho are still children.

Distinctive features of loser men

All negative character traits begin to develop in the male representatives in early childhood. And to a greater extent, women who are engaged in their upbringing are to blame. Personality formation also takes place outside the home. However, in kindergarten and in school, women also teach children.

And mothers, and educators, and teachers constantly say that you must be a true man in relation to girls. But at such a young age, children do not understand the meaning of this word, and no one explains it to them.

Traits of male losers:

  1. Real egoist
  • This is a narcissistic type who will not hit with a finger to ask your opinion and desire. Your requests do not apply to him.
  • Woman for thisloser men - attendants who wash, clean and cook. He spends all earned money only on himself and on his needs.
  • He will not compromise, he will not strain for the sake of someone. You should understand that you will solve all problems exclusively by yourself.
  • If a woman is weak, she will hope that soon everything will change, she will feel herself desired and needed, and not an empty place. But these are just desires; in practice, everything is different.
  • Loser men never change and will not go on about the woman if they themselves do not want to. Such a man is capable of exchanging only with that woman who will sincerely love and will be ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of her beloved.
  1. Ladies man and womanizer
  • Loser manand he has one goal - women. He leaves the house to hunt and have fun with women. Not a single woman passes unnoticed by him.
  • It will be difficult for the chosen one to be with him, such communications are not very long-term. This man is in constant search of something new, unknown. He needs diversity not only in life, but also in sex.
Ladies lover
  • Even if you manage to keep it near you for a while, you will not be able to relax for a second. Such individuals do not stop, and if they return to you, then for a short time and at the same time, they constantly say that this was the last time.
  • If you can’t tell yourself stop and start life from scratch, then please, everything is in your hands. But you have to turn a blind eye, to the frequent absence of her husband, to be always second.
  1. Slop or Loafer
  • A woman spins like a squirrel in a wheel to catch two jobs, pick up children from a kindergarten, go shopping, and then come and start cooking. While her husband will lie on the couch and watch TV, and dream that his work and money will fall from the sky. He is constantly in search of himself.
  • Loser man he doesn’t want and is not able to earn money, he can only make promises that soon everything will change, and they will live without denying anything to themselves. If he finds a job, he does not linger on it for a long time.
  • Everything is wrong with him, then the boss is bad, then too hard, he will not work under the guidance of anyone, etc. Next to such men are women breadwinners, they will both support and work for two. Are you ready to decide for all this for the sake of love?
  1. The timid, cowardly and notorious prince
  • Such loser men good lovers who are not stingy with compliments and declarations of love. They will appreciate their woman. But they are not suitable for family life, they do not know how to do basic things at home, to protect you in front of your relatives.
  • At work, they will not move up the career ladder, defend their point of view. They simply don’t need it, because they have a woman who will do everything for them. Can you take a leadership position in the family and keep the marriage afloat?
  1. Hunks
  • Despite the fact that your chosen one will make good money, you will have to learn how to save. He has a fad, earn more, but spend less. Such a rule will be in everything, and even in your relationship.
  • You will have to accept that you will be infringed, you will be afraid to spend an extra penny, because everything is fixed and held under special control. It is up to you to accept or not accept such a worldview. But it’s worth considering it even before marriage.
  1. Loser man with addiction
  • Quite often you can find men who are affected by alcohol, drugs or card games. Women next to such men give all their wonderful years of life to them, take them to hospitals, pay card debts and much more. You try your best, but ultimately in vain, because the loser man does not want this, he is so comfortable, and he does not want to leave this comfort zone.
  • Love makes women slaves, it’s hard for them to realize that nothing will change, and they will continue to pull their burden. They think that they will not find anyone better, and leaving such a man will remain lonely forever.
  • These are just blind feelings. A person is not able to change, but love and youth pass. The realization that you have lived a life in vain will come in 10 years, when it will be too late to change anything.

How to Calculate a Loser Man: A Guide for Girls

The failure of men to think, act and make independent decisions is called failure.

Signs of a loser man:

  • He is endowed with the ability to put pressure on pity. He finds excuses for all his punctures and defeats.
  • In the family, all responsibilities are divided by gender. A woman must perform all household chores, but a man is engaged in male ones, which he is not going to do.
  • Even for nothing, he seeks advice from his mother or wife.
  • He does not count money. His expenses always exceed revenues.
  • He does not throw away old things, but carefully stores them.
  • Loves to embellish reality. When sick, pretends to be more.
Calculate the loser

It is worthwhile to thoroughly approach the choice of a man, because quite a decisive and purposeful person is hiding behind a mask of quiet. Only those who are not able to become successful in life become male losers.

Everyone has desires, but not everyone is able to realize and achieve them. Character plays a minor role here, but the presence of success is the main indicator of a mature man who will do everything to achieve heights in life.

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