Sterilization of a manicure tool: methods, steps. How and how to sterilize manicure tools: a review of disinfection fluids. Overview of sterilizers on Aliexpress

Stages of disinfection and sterilization of a manicure tool.

Proper preparation, sterilization, as well as disinfection of manicure tools completely eliminates the risk of infection with dangerous diseases during the manicure. In this article, we will tell you how to disinfect and sterilize manicure equipment.

Manicure tool processing steps

Many consider the preliminary disinfection of a manicure tool in certain fluids that kill fungal, viral, and bacterial microflora to be sufficient. This is actually not the case. Conventional baths with disinfectant solution, in which the tools are soaked, are not enough to ensure the safety of customers, as well as the master himself. It is necessary to clearly understand that a clean tool is the key to the health of not only customers, but also the master himself. Because 80% of many diseases are transmitted through the hands.


At the very initial stage of customer service, a disinfectant solution is processed, that is, spraying alcohol-containing or other disinfectant liquids onto the client's hands. This is necessary in order to remove the microorganisms that are in the hands of everyone, no matter how clean they are. In no case is this treatment replaced by hand washing with soap. Because it will not give anything, because such microorganisms as staphylococci and streptococci constantly live on the skin. They will not go anywhere after washing.

Processing Steps:

  • Disinfection of cutting devices with solutions
  • Pre-sterilization cleaning and washing in water with soap
  • Heat treatment in autoclaves, ball sterilizers, dry heaters
  • Storage in kraft bags or UV boxes

How and how to sterilize manicure tools: a review of disinfection fluids

The second very important step is the processing of the tool itself. It is carried out in several stages: the first stage is disinfection. It allows you to remove viruses, fungi, as well as bacteria from a metal tool. Disinfection is carried out with disinfectant liquids, they are either sold in prepared form or are sold in the form of concentrates that must be diluted with water, poured into a special container, and soaked in manicure tools. This treatment is carried out immediately after you have manicured the person, the next client.


Do not put off, leave or work tools at the end of the day. This is unacceptable, because the remnants of the cuticle, skin, blood, which are then rather difficult to remove during the washing process, stick to the tweezers, tweezers or scissors, which contributes to blunting the tool and making sharpening more frequent.

Therefore, immediately after a hardware or classic manicure, the entire batch of tools that were used for this is soaked in solution. It can be used as a standard disinfecting treatment or express treatment. For this, completely different liquids are used, and each master chooses the option that is most suitable. The fastest option is disinfection with Bacillol, AHD 2000 Express, Aerodezin.


  • One of these substances is collected into the sprayer and processing is carried out: spraying the cutting surface of scissors, nippers and other tools.
  • After this, the fleece is moistened with the same solution and the blades of the nippers, as well as scissors, are rubbed in order to remove the remaining skin, the possible presence of blood. For such disinfection, 30 or 60 seconds of finding the liquid on the cutting canvases of manicure tools is enough.
  • That is, disinfection is carried out almost instantly. The only drawback of such substances is their high price.
Soaking in solutions

Tool pre-sterilization

The second stage is the mechanical cleaning of the tool and it is carried out under a stream of water, during which the entire surface is cleaned using a brush and soap. That is, at this stage, pieces of skin, as well as blood, are washed off the equipment. These two steps can be combined if there is an ultrasonic bath.

In this case, a special solution (Alaminol) is poured into the ultrasonic bath, the instruments are soaked for a third of an hour, and under the influence of ultrasound, mechanical cleaning takes place, which will help to remove impurities in the form of pieces of skin, blood, as well as disinfection. In the conditions of the salon it is used as two stages in a row, that is, disinfection, and then cleaning, if there is no ultrasonic bath. Or they combine two stages using an ultrasonic bath.

We place in the ultrasound

Sterilization of a manicure tool: methods

After the instruments are disinfected and mechanically cleaned, it is necessary to proceed directly to sterilization.

Tool Processing Equipment:

  1. Sukhozhary. These are special ovens in which the temperature rises to 160 degrees. In such conditions, cutters, scissors, tweezers are kept for 1 hour. Before you put everything in a cabinet, you need to dry them with paper towels, remove the remaining water. In no case should wet instruments be placed in the cabinet because rust will appear on them and they will quickly become dull. After the metal parts are dried, they must be placed in a kraft bag and loaded into a cabinet. After the sterilization is done, you need to remove the kraft bags and put them in a special airtight box or storage with ultraviolet rays. At this point, sterilization ends. Tools are not removed until a new client arrives. In his presence, Kraft packages are torn or boxing is opened.


  2. If there is no dry heat, then sterilization can be done using special devices called glasperlenny sterilizers, or ball sterilizers. This is a simple equipment, which is a small bowl consisting of an inner metal flask. Quartz balls are poured into it, which under the influence of electricity are heated to a temperature of 250 degrees. It is possible to sterilize instruments in such equipment. For this, the cutting parts of the equipment are immersed in the sterilizer and left for a third of an hour. Due to the fact that the balls are heated to such a high temperature, sterilization is carried out quite quickly. The main disadvantage of such sterilizers is that they only process cutting surfaces. The handles of the manicure tool remain intact. In addition, the cutting surface, due to the fact that it is in contact with quartz balls, dulls very quickly. Therefore, a more frequent sharpening of a manicure tool is necessary. Of course, in this case a dry heat wins, in which sterilization is carried out for 60 minutes.

    Ball sterilizer

  3. Autoclave. This is a steam sterilizer that is available exclusively in salons due to its high cost.


Storage of sterile manicure tools

But unfortunately, home masters may not have such equipment, due to the fact that the price of such devices is quite high. After all stages of sterilization and disinfection are completed, it is necessary to ensure the correct storage of sterilized instruments.

Storage Features:

  • Most often, they are stored in kraft packages, which do not penetrate into the air or directly in ultraviolet boxes.
  • Please note that ultrasonic baths and UV box are not devices for sterilization and disinfection.
  • Staying instruments in such boxes or boxes does not provide complete disinfection.
  • Therefore, only one of their use for sterilization and processing of manicure tools is unacceptable.
Storage box

What to do if you disinfect tools exclusively for yourself, and do manicure only to your friends? In this case, it is still recommended to purchase disinfectants without fail, such as Bacillol, or other solutions that are prepared by dissolving in water. Be sure to purchase a ball sterilizer. Its price on Aliexpress is very affordable even for beginners.

If nevertheless you do not have the opportunity to purchase it, sterilization in the oven, in kraft packages, for 20 minutes, at a temperature of 180 degrees is allowed. Please note that the indicator on the craft package should change. This indicates that the instrument is indeed sterilized. This method is suitable exclusively for home use, only for yourself and your relatives.

Manicure tools

Overview of sterilizers on Aliexpress

Overview of tools for sterilization on Aliexpress:

  1. UV box catalog for tool storage
  2. The catalog of ultrasonic baths
  3. Ball Sterilizers Catalog
  4. Autoclaves
  5. Sukhozhary

If you accept clients at home, this method is unacceptable, and you must follow the three stages of sterilization, disinfection and pre-sterilization treatment of equipment.

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