DIY decorative candles for New Year, Christmas, wedding from mandarin oranges, coffee beans. How to make and decorate gel, coffee and openwork candles?

In this article we will share with you the variety of shapes and colors of decorative candles, as well as tell you how to make such a beauty with your own hands.

Do you know that, according to statistics, in recent years a large number of people use candles for decoration? This can be partially explained by the constant stress that one has to face in the modern hectic. So let's fight this stress, including making candles with our own hands!

DIY candles from tangerines and oranges: shapes, decorations

Oranges and tangerines are a persistent association with winter holidays. Let's see how they can be entered in the manufacture of candles:

  • Cut large tangerines and oranges into two parts. Get out of them flesh

IMPORTANT: Try not to touch the peel.

  • Now neatly cutting ordinary candles, remove the wick
  • In a water bath melt the wax. Can add dye to it or colored wax crayons.
  • Meanwhile the wick is located in containers of citrus peel. Fasten it in the way that suits you best - with clothespins or in some other way.
  • Pour melted waxwait for it to cool
Candles from oranges or tangerines Orange and tangerine candles fit perfectly into the Christmas decor You can cut such beautiful unique candlesticks out of citrus peel

Can make interesting orange and tangerine candle in an ice candlestick. You will need:

These items are needed to create an ice candle with oranges

IMPORTANT: It is imperative that the glass containers are different in size.

Put the smaller container in the larger one preliminarily filling with more water. Tape these containers with tape.

Place the smaller candle container in the larger

Fill outthe space between containers with decorative elements. Including slices of oranges, tangerines.

This is how you can fill the candle container with slices of citrus

Now need cool crafts. You can put them on the balcony, for example, but it’s best to place them in the refrigerator - it’s more convenient to monitor their condition.

IMPORTANT: Water should not freeze - the ice will turn cloudy. And it is recommended to use gloves - glassware can sometimes burst.

Containers with blanks for future candles should be placed in the cold

After everything is frozen return the containers to heat, remove the adhesive tape. Do not be afraid to hold the product under a stream of warm water for a while - so capacities will be more convenient extract from ice.

But how can you make sure that the candlesticks do not melt quickly? It is recommended to use not ordinary wax candles, but decorative with LEDs.

These are nice ice candles, including those with an orange decor.

DIY openwork candles with coffee beans: forms

In order to make an openwork coffee candle, it costs only pour the grains into the already melted wax. Or place them in a mold and pour wax on top.

By the way, if you want the candle to attract coffee aroma, grind some grains. Add them to the molten wax before pouring into the mold.

Coffee candles Openwork coffee candle An openwork candle with ground coffee will envelop your home with an amazing aroma.

Do-it-yourself beautiful gel candles: forms, ideas

Gel candles are striking in their extraordinary beauty and mass of decor options.

IMPORTANT: The capacity for the candle must be transparent, otherwise the decorations will be poorly visible.

So transparent should be containers for candles

Gel wax can be bought ready-made. This is very convenient, because the packaging even contains instructions on how much it should be added to the candle blank.

However, it is possible and this material make yourselffor which you will need:

  • Gelatin - 5 g.
  • Tannin - 2 g.
  • Glycerol - 35 ml.
  • Water - 20 ml.

Glycerin with tannin heated in a water bath and mixed. Later added gelatin and water. The mixture boils until until the water evaporates.

IMPORTANT: Do not worry if the mixture becomes turbid - with time it will disappear.

Further the gel is poured into a refractory glass mold and decorated. Please note that those decorations that are placed at the bottom will remain there after pouring with gel. If you want to make the figures freeze, add them as you fill them, but quickly - the gel quickly hardens.

Adding jewelry while pouring candle gel

Recommended before starting candle decoration. warm up a little form - this bubble prevention.

These stunningly beautiful gel candles are the result

As for the decor, then it can be anything that your heart desires: beads, beads, pebbles, shells, small toys, sequins, pieces of dried fruit or flowers, twigs, coffee beans, buttons. This way whole pictures are created!

In gel candles you can create whole pictures Bright beautiful flowers in a gel candle. Gel candles burn very beautifully Aquarium gel candle Gel candle with Christmas decorations Awesome gel candle with flowers One large flower gel candle A selection of gel candles with a nautical theme Gel candles with oranges Christmas-inspired gel candles

DIY Christmas tree candle

For her will need:

  • Wax or the remains of candles. Their color, by the way, does not matter
  • Pencil waxy green
  • Wick or a thread twisted many times

IMPORTANT: The thread fits cotton, thick. For example, a floss.

  • Glass jars - 2 pcs.
  • Panin which water will be heated
  • Decor for Christmas tree
  • Cardboard
  • Thick sheet from those used for magazine covers
  • Adhesive tape, glue, tweezers, scissors, dressmaker pins
Even such candle cinders may come up.

Getting started:

  • Add up all the cinders in one jar and put her in previously boiled in a saucepan water.
  • Add the grated color crayon, stirring occasionally.
Green wax for a Christmas tree candle is heated in a water bath
  • While the material for the Christmas tree is preparing, you need make a cookie cutter. To do this, twist the journal sheet with a cone and fasten it with tape. Pass the wick through the cone and secure.
  • Point down place the cone in the jar. You can lay a foil on the bottom of the last one - a little paraffin can spill out, which will ruin the jar.
  • Pour molten green cone-shaped wax and leave it there until it solidifies.

IMPORTANT: Do this carefully, because at the bottom of the jar may be larger pieces of wax.

Here in such a mold, the wax for the Christmas tree candle should cool
  • Cooled down get the wax and trim if necessary.
Here's a wax cone for a candle
  • Before decorating the Christmas tree set it on a circle of cardboard. It is recommended to slightly melt the bottom of the candle - so it can stick to cardboard.
Set the future candle on cardboard
  • Getting to the fun part - decorating! Beads and cones can be attached with glue. And you can plant cones on pins, hold the latter over the fire and attach to the candle. Take the beads with tweezers and also hold them over the fire - so they will definitely attach to the wax.
Here is a Christmas tree candle

DIY candle with bumps

In order to make this wonderful winter craft, prepare:

  • Bumps
  • Candles Either buy small ready-made ones, or create them yourself according to the classical scheme described earlier. They should be small and round.
  • Spray paints under gold and silver
  • Nippers, scissors
  • Lace
  • Glue gun

IMPORTANT: Not every cone is suitable - you need extremely stable ones. Remember that they will serve as coasters for candles.

Nippers neatly remove the top of the bump - you should get a flat area.

These should be the cones for candles

Cover the bumps paint.

Cones for candles are spray-painted

Measure how much lace is needed to wrap the candle without an overlap. Glue the lace stripes to the candle with a gun.

Glue the lace to the candle

The same glue gun stick the candle to the bump.

The candle is glued to the bump

The final touch - spray paint on candle lace.

IMPORTANT: Try to avoid getting paint on the candle itself.

These are cute candle-cones.

However, candle cones design can be any:

Christmas candle cones There are not many cones for a candle A set of pine cones will definitely decorate the interior

Beautiful New Year and Christmas compositions of candles: decoration, decoupage

Candles for the winter holidays can be decorated as you wish. Present to your attention Several variants:

Cozy candles in knitted cases Bright positive candles with cones, Christmas tree, deer Green holiday candles with deers Small cone candles for New Year or Christmas dinner Candle for the Christmas interior in the form of a Christmas ball Cozy candles made from cinnamon sticks and twigs And here the emphasis is on fabulous New Year's candlesticks from glasses Festive candle with Santa Claus Decor candles with beads, sequins and coffee beans Even a skein of twine can decorate candles beautifully, and put a cone and something from a tree nearby Ordinary colored candles can be beautifully entered into the composition of fir branches, cones, ribbons

DIY wedding candles: decoration

A candle is an excellent wedding accessory because it symbolizes the warmth of hearts. But to decorate this warmth of the heart will clearly not be out of place. With a successful decoration, such candles can be given to guests, decorate tables and a hall, use in a ceremony.

IMPORTANT: The trend that should be followed is delicate jewelry. And, of course, focus on the main tones of the event.

What candles to choose for decoration? It is generally smooth and white. The diameter can be either large or small.

Whatever you choose for decoration, be sure to stock up with scissors, double-sided tape, thread with needles, a glue gun. Convert the candles ribbons, beads, beads, pendants, beautiful fabric and even fresh flowers! Also very popular figures from polymer clay.

We bring to your attention several options for decorating wedding candles:

Wedding candle with white flowers and gold rings. Wedding candles with fresh flowers - gently and freshly Male and female versions of candles - with a butterfly and a flower Delicate milky golden bows almost in tone with candles Bows, beads and flowers on candles in white and gold tones. Beautiful wedding candle bead bracelets Candles with satin ribbons, ruffle bows and rhinestones Simple but elegant bows for wedding candles Graceful gold patterns and simple white bows for candles However, red flowers on a wedding candle also look great forever in delicate white and purple colors White beads and airy ribbon skirts on candles also look great However, wedding candles can also be in such beautiful candlesticks. You can make such candles in cute caps Carved wedding pink and white candles Carved candles with polymer clay figures for newlyweds

Candles are a seemingly insignificant part of the decor. But they are able to perfectly calm, raise their spirits, create a solemn and at the same time cozy atmosphere. And having mastered the art of creating candles, you can also acquire a fascinating hobby.

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