Jam for the winter. Delicious recipes for thick jam from apricots, strawberries, apples, currants, cherries, plums, cherry plums, gooseberries, cherries, raspberries, pears

Thick jam, as in childhood, which is put in pies and spread on bread, can be prepared according to one of the recipes in the article.

Jam is a canned product from fruits and berries, obtained by boiling them with or without sugar.

The advantage of sweet canned food is that you can cook them from almost everything, from strawberries to autumn varieties of apples. But you need to know a few secrets so that the jam is thick, tasty and stored for a long time.

How to make jam thick?

No one will say about where and when they first started making jam. The name of the goodies is of Polish origin - powidla. It differs radically from other methods of preserving fruits and berries:

  • jam from ripe and even ripened berries and fruits
  • usually, before boiling, the raw materials for preservation are brought to a puree state
  • eat jam recipes with and without sugar
  • after boiling, the sweet mass becomes homogeneous and necessarily thick

IMPORTANT: Many housewives believe that the jam should be thick enough so that it not only does not drip from the spoon, but is also cut with a knife

The jam should be so thick that it can be cut with a knife.

But how to achieve such a thick consistency?

  1. It is necessary to boil the fruits and berries well. Their initial volume by the end of cooking is halved
  2. If in jam from berries it is recommended to add a certain amount of apples. These fruits are rich in pectin, a natural gelling agent.
  3. You can use a thickener for jam, which is sold in any supermarket today.
  4. If the jam is cooked without apples and a thickener, you need to boil it in stages. After the fruit mass boils for 20 minutes, wait until it has completely cooled, then boil again, and so on from three to 5 times
To make jam thick, you can use a special thickener.

How to cook jam?

Jam cooking time depends on:

  • kind of fruits or berries
  • volume of raw materials
Jam is cooked for 1-2 hours, sometimes longer.

I must say that the process itself is quite time-consuming, for many housewives the headlines of treats take away all day.

  1. To begin with, you need to prepare a container for cooking jam - a stainless steel pan, as well as cans and lids. If sugar is used during cooking, they can simply be washed thoroughly. For jam without sugar cans and lids are sterilized
  2. Fruits or berries are washed, cleaned of the skin and core (if necessary), and the damaged parts are removed
  3. Apples, apricots, pears, other large fruits are cut into slices
  4. Jam raw materials are always placed without sugar in a wide, non-enamelled dish and cooked for 15-20 minutes to soften. You can also soften fruits and berries in an oven or microwave
  5. Cooked berries and fruits are mashed - crushed, wiped through a sieve, passed through a meat grinder, beat with a blender
  6. If the jam is boiled with sugar, it's time to add it. Sugar must be at least 60% of the volume of fruit raw materials, otherwise the jam will not be stored
  7. Jam is boiled with sugar or not until it becomes half as much
  8. During boiling, the mass of berries, fruits and sugar is constantly stirred, as it burns very strongly to the bottom and walls
  9. To avoid burning, many housewives prefer to simmer jam in the oven, they cover the pan with it

IMPORTANT: As a rule, go to boil jam until the desired consistency leave from 1 to 2 hours

In the process of cooking jam, the volume of fruit and berry raw materials should be halved.

The recipe for a delicious thick apricot jam for the winter

Apricot jam can be cloying, as ripe apricots are too sweet. Lemon will help to make its taste more pleasant.

Need to:

  • apricots - 2 kg
  • sugar - 1, 5 kg
  • lemon - 1 pc.
  • jam thickener - 1.5 bags
Apricot jam.
  1. Apricots are better to cook in a cauldron
  2. Fruits are thoroughly washed and freed from the seeds, remove rotted parts,
  3. To homogenize the apricot mass, cut in half the fruits are placed in a cauldron and pour 150 ml of water. After about a quarter of an hour, juice will go out of them, apricots will become very soft
  4. Achieve a homogeneous consistency of the mass in any convenient way
  5. Optionally, combine apricot puree with a thickener
  6. Tinder in apricot puree washed lemon with zest
  7. Bring the mass of apricot to a boil, gradually add sugar
  8. Cook apricot jam for about 1 hour, after which it is laid out hot in cans and rolled up

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The recipe for a delicious thick apple jam for the winter

Jam is a way to "take into circulation" ripe apples that have fallen to the ground and are slightly damaged. Baking with it as a filling is simply incomparable!

Need to:

  • apples - per 1 kg
  • sugar - 600 g
  • cinnamon - 1 tsp
Apple jam.
  1. Prepare apples - wash, peel, cut ponytails, pits, black or rusty patches, cut into quarters
  2. To soften apples, they can be kept in the oven for 15 minutes on a sheet covered with parchment
  3. Soft apples are homogenized and combined with cinnamon
  4. In apples, as mentioned above, there is a lot of pectin, so you do not need to thicken them additionally
  5. Applesauce is put on fire so that it boils in its own juice.
  6. Slowly add sugar to the jam, constantly stirring it.
  7. Cook jam for 40 minutes
  8. They put jam in jars, roll up
Jam apples are cut in quarters. Soft apples homogenize. Apple jam is boiled with sugar. Ready jam from apples can be eaten like candy.

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Homemade Strawberry Jam Recipe

Strawberry jam is not so easy to cook. Even if you follow the technology of boiling - cooling, boiling berries with sugar all day, the workpiece may turn out to be too liquid or too cloying. There is a trick - mix strawberries with apples!

Need to:

  • strawberries - per 1 kg
  • apples - 600 g
  • sugar - 1 kg
Strawberry Jam.
  • Ripe strawberries are picked, soft, but not rotten and not old. Better to jam in the middle of the strawberry season
  • Berries are cleaned of tails and leaves, allowed to sugar and lightly boiled
  • Apples are prepared as indicated in the apple jam recipe.
  • Strawberries are rubbed through a sieve so that no seeds fall into the jam
  • The apples are brought to a uniform state in any convenient way.
  • Combine fruit and berry puree, boil them, gradually adding sugar and constantly stirring
  • Cooking time for strawberry - apple jam - approximately 45 minutes

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How to cook currant jam?

Of course, in order for the berry to retain the maximum amount of vitamins, it is better to freeze it or simply grind it with sugar (prepare the so-called "vitamins").

But for the filling for home baking, you can close a couple of jars of currant jam. There is almost as much pectin in currants as there are in apples, so you can easily boil it to the consistency of marmalade.

Need to:

  • black currant - 1 kg
  • sugar - 800 g
Currant thick jam.
  1. Wash currants, sorted, cleaned from small twigs and leaves
  2. You can put it on a colander and soften a couple for about 5-7 minutes
  3. Soft berries are rubbed through a sieve and mixed with 0.3 part sugar
  4. They put jam to boil, during cooking, add the remaining sugar in two approaches
  5. Currant jam is cooked for an hour and a quarter

How to make cherry jam. Sweet cherry jam: winter recipe

To improve the taste of jam from cherries or cherries, citric acid or fresh lemon juice is added to it.

Need to:

  • cherry or sweet cherry - per 1 kg
  • sugar - 600 g (if cherry), 400 g (if cherry)
  • lemon juice - 1 tbsp. spoon
Cherry jam.
  1. Ripe cherries or cherries get rid of bones
  2. Soften the berries in a steam bath, and then pass through a meat grinder
  3. With the third part of sugar and 100 ml of water, they begin to cook, stir constantly
  4. Half an hour later add another third of sugar
  5. After a quarter of an hour, add the remaining sugar and lemon juice
  6. Boil to the desired density

The recipe for a delicious thick plum jam for the winter

Any jam, including plum, shoots very much. To avoid washing the stove, many cook it in the oven under the lid.

Need to:

  • plums - per 1 kg
  • sugar - 600 g
  • jam thickener - 0.5 sachets
Thick jam from plums.
  1. Cream is washed, seeds are removed from them
  2. Plums are welded for 10 minutes, after which they are homogenized.
  3. Plum puree is mixed with sugar and a thickener and placed in the oven (under the lid)
  4. The plum jam languishing in the oven is periodically checked for readiness
  5. This jam is preparing up to an hour and a half

The recipe for a delicious thick raspberry jam for the winter. Recipe for jam without sugar

Raspberry is a very sweet berry, therefore it is better to cook jam from it without sugar at all.

You can’t put sugar in raspberry jam.
  1. Take the required amount of berries, wash several times
  2. Raspberries are softened by steam and rubbed through a sieve to get rid of seeds
  3. Raspberry mass is boiled until the consistency of jam
  4. Jam is poured into sterile jars and roll up with sterile lids

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Jam from cherry plum: a recipe for the winter. Recipe for delicious jam in a slow cooker

Jam from cherry plum in a slow cooker is easy to cook. The only negative is that its volume will be small.

Need to:

  • cherry plum - per 1 kg
  • sugar - 1 kg 200 g
Cherry plum jam can be cooked in a slow cooker.
  1. The plum, cleared of stones, is placed in boiling water for 5 minutes, so that the peeling off it
  2. Cherry plum pulp is whipped with a blender and combined with sugar
  3. Put the future cherry plum jam in the multicooker bowl, select the "Baking" mode and set the timer on the timer - 45 minutes
  4. By the sound signal, the readiness of the jam is checked, if necessary, weld it for some more time
  5. Close up hot cherry plum jam in jars

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Gooseberry jam: winter recipe

Gooseberry jam is a good consistency, as the berries contain a sufficient amount of pectin. The greenish color and the sweet and sour taste of the goodies are very popular with children.

Need to:

  • gooseberry - 1 kg
  • sugar - 500 g
Gooseberry jam is very pleasant to taste.
  1. Before you start cooking jam, you can only wash the gooseberries. It is not necessary to carefully remove small leaves and tails - they, together with the seeds, will remain on the sieve after wiping
  2. Berries are boiled until they are softened.
  3. Gooseberries are rubbed through a sieve and mixed with sugar
  4. Cook jam until it thickens, then pour into jars and close

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