Why is iPhone quickly discharging? What to do if the battery runs out quickly? How to check battery capacity and suitability on iPhone?

The reasons for the quick discharge of the iPhone and methods of elimination.

Now almost no one can imagine his life without iPhones and mobile phones with a liquid crystal screen. All this is due to the improvement of the Internet and the availability of coverage. But due to the use of a large number of applications, the battery in the phone and iPhone can drain quite quickly. In this article, we will explain why the phone does not hold a battery charge for long.

Why did the iPhone quickly discharge?

In most cases, the reason for the rather rapid decrease in charge is not the weakness of the battery or its depletion. And the wrong organization of the phone. The most interesting thing is that there are a lot of applications that “eat up” a huge amount of battery power, thereby reducing its duration.

The reasons:

  1. Among such applications there are many unnecessary. To get started, we advise you to open all the programs available on the phone and see which ones you use extremely rarely, or don’t use them at all, and simply delete them. Next, we recommend that you clear your cache and cookies.
  2. It will also help save battery and extend the phone’s battery life on a single charge. Another option is to use maximum brightness. In most cases, the phone itself adapts how it works, varying the brightness of the screen. That is, it can be darker or lighter. But in order to save power, especially if you are traveling by train, you do not have a power bank, or in such conditions where it is not possible to recharge the phone, any second of the device’s operation can be decisive. We advise you to set the brightness to a minimum. Thus, it will help reduce battery consumption.
  3. A variety of updates, as well as geolocation, also negatively affect the phone’s battery life. Please note that now almost all applications require geolocation, although only a few actually need it. In particular, a GPS navigator and weather information. That is, an application that shows the weather in your city. No more applications need geolocation. Accordingly, it spends an extra phone battery.
  4. In some cities, 3G coverage does not work very well. There are certain areas in which the coverage is just perfect, but there are places in which it is practically absent. Therefore, in such areas, we advise you to remove the work of 3G so that the system is not constantly updated and does not look for 3G sources. It also helps to save battery.
  5. It doesn't matter what model you have, whether it’s a refurbished iPhone or a brand new one that you recently purchased. Please note that downloading applications, games, mail and updating it instantly affects the current charge. Constantly turned on Wi-Fi adversely affects the charge. Even the work of Spotlight, an iOS search engine that has to index all the content on your device, also affects charging. When the wireless data modules and processors of the device are in constant operation, it makes no sense to expect a decrease in battery consumption.
  6. Another enemy for the battery is the use of loud sound. Therefore, if you can use headphones, do it. Such manipulation will significantly save battery power. In addition, if the sound is not needed very loud, you can make it quieter. Which will also help to slightly extend the charge of the phone.

It often happens that the phone goes down pretty quickly when watching a video on YouTube or while surfing the Internet. This is due to the fact that the phone spends a lot of energy on how to work. But you can save battery power by closing unnecessary applications. Try not to open several sites in a row, but to constantly stop their work before opening a new site.


What to do if the battery runs out quickly, how to extend the battery life of the iPhone?


  • Do not rush to give the equipment for repair. Close all unnecessary applications
  • When there is no Wi-Fi, turn it off. Otherwise, the system is constantly in search of new access points
  • Turn off GPG, leaving only the Weather and Navigator applications
  • Reduce standby time to a minimum
  • Uninstall apps, games, and apps you don’t use

To extend the battery life of your mobile device, you should try to keep the charge level between 80% and 40%. It is not recommended to keep the device charged up to 100%, this significantly reduces its life.

On charge

IPhone quickly discharges: battery wear detection

Checking the integrity of the battery can be quite simple, but this method is not possible for everyone, but only for those who have a removable battery. Now this happens quite infrequently, especially with modern and budget models such as Xiaomi, Huawei or Meizu. The fact is that not all of these models have removable batteries.

If you are lucky and the battery is pulled out, we recommend checking it for integrity. Just remove it from the slot and try spinning it in place. If it rotates around its axis, it means that it has swollen a little and damage is observed. If it is absolutely flat, and does not rotate, then the battery is whole.


You do not have to resort to such old and affordable methods, but rather use more advanced methods for determining the integrity of the battery. There are certain options for an application that allows you to find out the actual battery capacity.

Applications for checking battery capacity:

  • Battery life
  • iBackupbot
  • AIda64
  • Coconut Battery (MacOS)
Determine the cause of the breakdown

Do not load several YouTube pages or simultaneously simultaneously VK, YouTube, several more sites. When they work in this mode, a huge amount of battery power is spent. It is much easier to log in and out of sites, but do not clear the cache and cookies so that you do not have to enter passwords again and constantly log into your account, updating it.

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