On which days of the week you can and on which you cannot wash your hair: signs

No matter how far progress has gone, we often turn to ancient signs. Let's look at the signs about shampooing.

Even our ancestors were very attentive to their hair. People believed that it was through them that an invisible connection was made with higher powers. It was believed that having captured the hair of another person, you can completely subordinate it to your will. Fall in love with yourself or vice versa - destroy.

We have compiled for you a list of the most popular beliefs related to shampooing. Perhaps they will help someone to make their hair more healthy and magnificent. After all, as you know, in every fairy tale there is some truth.

Shampooing by day of the week: when is it better?

How much truth is there, and how many superstitions today everyone determines for himself. But the people's memory has preserved and has conveyed to our days a lot of various signs and beliefs associated with hair, some of which we unconsciously try to observe now.

  • Monday. It is strictly forbidden to wash your hair, because any business (and not just this procedure) will not bring anything good, will attract a variety of failures for the whole week. By the way, many of our contemporaries confirm this postulate on their own experience and really try not to wash their hair on the first working day. Perhaps this is due to the fact that Monday is generally considered a difficult day for a person, when after the weekend you have to get involved in the working rhythm.
  • Tuesday. A good "working" day, which is easier at work than on Monday, and it is not forbidden to wash your hair. Moreover, from ancient times there is an opinion that it is good to start various things on this day - why should caring for hair be an exception?
Good day to wash
  • Wednesday. The best day for bathing procedures, as well as in general for human life. According to psychologists, this is the peak of performance, when we can do everything. On Wednesdays, it’s very good to “overload”, gain energy and strength to end the working week, which is best done with a “clear” (in other words, clear) head.
  • Thursday. On this day it is very useful to get rid of dirt - both spiritual and bodily. Just think of Pure Thursday during Easter Week! There is only one “but”: you should wash yourself very early, before the sun rises, then you will not only accept water procedures, but also be able to improve your health.
Washing is helpful
  • Friday. It is believed that with a head washed on Friday, and the hair will sprinkle. A day unfavorable for taking care of oneself, since it is considered difficult, sad - after all, it was on Friday that the Savior suffered a martyrdom on the cross. Anyway, the end of the work week, as a rule, is accompanied by a breakdown, the rest of which should not be spent on washing your hair.
  • Saturday. A great day to wash: the hardships of the working week, the problems and difficulties that followed your tail to the weekend and prevented a good rest, will be washed away with dirt. It’s also good to tidy up the house to surround yourself with cleanliness and freshness.
Perfect on saturday
  • Sunday. A special day designed for relaxation, family, socializing and spiritual development. On Sundays, not only working, but swimming is a sin.

Our superstitious contemporaries not only continue to follow the advice of their ancestors about hair care, but also add their observations to them.

So, it is believed that you should not wash your hair before any important events - in life or in business, so as not to frighten off luck. And schoolchildren and students do not fundamentally bathe before exams and tests, so as not to "wash away" knowledge.

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