How to draw a deer with a pencil in stages for children and beginners? Deer: drawing for children

The first steps in the visual arts: learning to draw a deer with a pencil.

First skills drawing is an important event in the life of a novice artist.
Exactly these bright and catchy impressions give the basis for future drawings and the relationship to the drawing as a creative process.
Therefore, it’s better to start making the first sketches together with the child in his toddler.
The first drawings do not have to be complicated. Most suitable option - pencil sketches simple and good little animals.

How to draw a deer with a pencil in stages for children and beginners?

Any aspiring artist can draw the proposed deer, starting from 7 years old.

  • Start drawing with contour lines faces and torso circles
  • Next, we make out eye and tip nose round

  • Draw the leftan ear and right horn
  • Add: another hornright uhoh smiling rotito and long neck
  • We make out torsoe, in the form of an oval, with rounded edges


  • front legs
  • back - one part of it resembles an arc, and the second (right part) has a bend at the top, and then it is drawn directly.
  • We are planning another a pair of legs in the same way, only slightly smaller than those already drawn, because visually they are further from us.
  • We can drawprocesses from hooves folds on the body, knees.
  • Making the whole picture clear contour
  • Paint on tail
  • We remove with an eraser extra lines

Video: Deer Drawing

How to draw a deer head with a pencil in stages?

  • We begin the creative process with preparation pencils. You will need two pencils of medium hardness: H, b
  • Sketches the head deer
  • Slightly denoted horns
draw a deer head step 1
  •  Tweak a little horns
draw a deer head step 2
  • Feather contours and background - this will make the picture more expressive
draw a deer head step 3
  • Completely tinted hatching a deer without leaving spaces
draw a deer head step 4 draw a deer head step 5
  • With pencil B, starting with the dark part of the head, add the details
draw a deer head step 6
  • Highlight strokes wool
  • For a more natural look, try do not rub tinted
draw a deer head step 7
  • Make it smoothtransition tones on the ears
  • For this we use: pencil B - for dark areas, pencil H - for light
draw a deer head step 8
  • Sketches hatching on the horns
  • In the future, this simplifyt work on applying the following details
draw a deer head step 9
  • Hatch all alone horn pencil H
draw a deer head step 10
  • Darken second horn In a similar way
  • Browsem whole picture
  • Add final if necessary strokes

How to draw deer horns?

The great advantage of a reindeer is its massive, branched horns.
Emphasize the power and beauty of the beast without the image of the head is impossible.

  • Therefore, we start drawing from the contours muzzlewith a hard pencil.
  • Getting to the sketch of the horns, we draw attention to the fact that the right horn consists two-part. One of which is small, located in front and has a slight branching. Second - volumetric, rather branched, directed back to the back.
  • When drawing for the first time, drawing horns on your own can seem very difficult, so we look at the picture and copy alternately right, then left horn.
  • Add eyes, ears, mouth, nose.
we draw a deer horns
  • Bold in pencil tinted deer as suggested on the sample.
  • On the head depicting wool, make strokes short, in one direction.
draw a deer horns: stroke the wool
  • We achieve a smooth transition between the shadow and the bright spots on the horns, tinting with a soft pencil.
  • Then darken rest parts drawing details.
we draw a deer horns: we tint the image
  • To give a natural look darken him solid in pencil.
  • Feather everything is even.
  • Again darken pencil in the right places finally.
we draw a deer horns

Video: How to draw a horned deer?

Deer drawing for children

Draw fairy deer it will be interesting and entertaining together with the child.
Watching the creativity baby I want to draw some details most. Do not forbid him to do this.
After all, drawing with a pencil is very convenient - at any time using the eraser, you can easily remove the unpretentious elements made by the crumb, and draw again.

  • Any living creature, always begin to depict with torso
  • Place the oval for the body in center leaf
draw a deer for children
  • Having drawn the largest section of the figure, add to it other body parts
  • The head form in the form of a circle, a little higher from the body, leaving a space for the neck between them
draw a deer for children
  • We draw smooth lines neck
draw a deer for children
  • Add one a pair of legs
  • Do the right ones body shape
  • Delete extra the lines
  • Specify contours
draw a deer for children

  • We depict more a pair of legs
  • Highlight hooves
draw a deer for children
  • Our deer cartoon character
  • Draw funny and kind facial features
  • Duplicate everything on your sheet the details shown by example
draw a deer for children
  • Extra sketches we erase
  • Our hero is becoming more and more interesting
draw a deer for children
  • Ears the animal is neat, have the form the petals

    draw a deer for children: ears in the shape of petals

  • The main feature of this deer are huge horns.
  • Our deer is still too small, we draw his "wealth" neat and beautiful.
  • We draw: small tailbig and kind eyes. In the pupils we leave white glare, to give expressiveness to the eyes.
  • Here he is our handsome man!
we draw a fairy deer for children
  • Any creative process requires inspiration and desire.
  • Without these emotional states, even the most experienced artist will not work depict the most simple drawing.
  • Therefore, starting to draw for the first time, first of all, you need to have the appropriate attitude, and of course patience.
  • Over time, the creative flow will more and more captivate you with new and interesting ideas for drawings.

Watch the video: How to draw a DEER step by step easy (November 2019).