The technique of drawing crumpled paper in kindergarten, school: master class. How to draw crumpled paper flowers, lilac, landscape, spring, dandelion?

Lessons from unconventional drawing techniques: crumpled paper, polyethylene.

Drawing in unconventional ways is a simple and entertaining drawing technique. This is a great opportunity to teach your child how to use well-known objects as artistic materials.
Ease of execution, allow small pens to fantasize freely, instilling confidence in the child in their abilities.

Technique of drawing with crumpled paper and a plastic bag in kindergarten, school: master class

Drawing techniqueplastic bag

1 option

  • We breed paint in a small saucer
  • We crush a piece of polyethylene well
  • Dipped in paint
  • We make an imprint on the sheet
  • Next, brush with the necessary details

Option 2

An unusual, spectacular background is created using a plastic film and watercolor:

  • Very thickly paint a sheet of paper with watercolors. If you mix different colors of the same tone, you get a more structured background
Thickly apply watercolor
  • We put polyethylene in the paint diluted with water, we make folds with our hands
Squeeze the film
  • Leave the film on the sheet for 10 minutes. Do not remove immediately - the watercolor will flow and the effect will be lost
  • You can use this method not only for the background. Original look: greenery of an exotic flower, crystals, veins near the leaves of plants
Unusual background with polyethylene

Drawing techniquecrumpled paper

As in any creative work, in this method there are no established requirements and restrictions.
Next, consider the basic step-by-step steps. Over time, an understanding of the essence of the method will come, then rebuild it in any direction.
For example, the diverse thickness of the paper material allows you to make sharp or smooth, thin or thick strokes. In your work you can use watercolor, gouache, mascara, acrylic. And someone may want to make a natural dye from squeezed juice of fruits and berries. After all, the quality of the paint has a strong influence on the finished drawing.

Choose your favorite method

Getting started:

  1. We start with the preparation of paint. Choose the necessary tones for the future picture
  2. Pour a small amount of water into each individual saucer
  3. Add a little watercolor to the brush. The color level is adjustable using density, but gouache is left liquid
  4. Tear any paper to shreds
  5. We roll them into lumps of convenient volume
  6. We select an individual piece of paper for each palette, prepare a little extra, just in case
  7. Dip the lumps in a saucer with diluted paint
  8. We wait a little while the excess water leaves
  9. We apply stamps on a blank sheet of paper, forming the intended pattern.
  10. With the help of sliding movements we make strokes and stripes
  11. By soaking lumps on paper, we create textures
  12. Simple and easy

How to draw crumpled paper flowers?

  • First, crumple the paper. This is a very entertaining process for children, in addition to developing fine motor skills of the hands.
Preparatory stage
  • Then draw the flower branches
  • Spread the branches thicker
  • Add thin branches and leaves
We form a flower trunk
  • Dip paper lumps in the color of the selected flower
  • Form the petals, leaving traces on the paper
  • Flower is ready
An unconventional way of painting flowers

How to draw lilac crumpled paper?

For work, we prepare:

  1. Paper - A4 format
  2. Gouache - purple, white, yellow, blue, black, green
  3. Brush - flat for sketching the background
  4. Fine brush for drawing details
  5. Palette
  6. Water
  7. Crumpled soft paper

We begin the creative process:

  • First draw the yellow background with horizontal stripes
  • Add blue lines, blur the borders of the connection
  • Draw a vase
Outline vases on the main background
  • Put the flower branches in a vase
Twigs in a pot
  • Take crumpled paper and dip in purple paint diluted on the palette
  • We form lilac flowers with spots in the figure.
  • Then we highlight them with white
  • Using a thin brush, make specks of white gouache in some places
  • We look through the whole picture, if necessary, add a little more white color
The bouquet is almost ready
  • Revive the bush with green leaves
  • Draw white bends on the green, as shown in the figure.
  • A simple but beautiful bouquet is ready
Lilac with crumpled paper

Video: Crumpled paper drawing: lilac

How to draw crumpled paper with a dandelion?

Nothing is simpler than drawing an air flower in this way - no.

  • Making a background with a wide brush: sky - blue, grass - green
  • Brush bright green dandelion twigs
  • Crumple paper scraps
  • Dip in yellow or white paint
  • Apply to the twigs
  • We get cute flowers
Spring primrose
  • In the same way, we make delicate yellow flowers on green, background grass
Easy way to draw dandelions

How to draw crumpled paper landscape?

It is very easy to draw a winter forest with crumpled paper.

  • We begin to draw the sky with dark tones, gradually moving to a lighter, almost white
  • We turn to the image of snow. The principle of the approach is directly opposite: the top is light, the bottom is dark
Landscape background
  • Pieces of paper are thoroughly crushed.
  • Dip in white watercolor
  • We form the clouds, holding the paper against the sky
  • The higher the clouds, the closer they are to us in the figure.
  • Small clouds make small pieces of paper, large - voluminous
  • Draw a dark horizon line with a brush
  • With a narrow brush we apply the fir-tree strokes throughout the picture.
  • We don’t draw the details, under the snow they still will not be visible
  • Draw the closest shapes larger; as we move away, reduce
  • Wrap Christmas trees in the snow with crumpled paper and white paint
  • We do everything carefully, without rushing
  • Adjust paper size for large and small trees
Depicting snow spruce
  • We get such a beautiful winter forest
Snow christmas trees

How to draw crumpled paper spring?


  • Multi-colored paints
  • Saucers with water
  • Tassels
  • Paper

Go to work:

  • Divide the sheet into three broad horizontal stripes of blue, yellow and green, using a wide brush.

  • We make prints of different densities to make the sky diverse. We get openwork clouds.
  • The main color of spring is green. We depict the spring landscape in its prime. The grass is rapidly turning green. We stamp it with lumps of paper soaked in green. We draw the shape of the tree with the same color.
  • Add a warm breeze, tipping the print to the side of the wind.

  • Spring clothes nature in colorful clothes. We portray the first spring flowers: yellow dandelions, red poppies, blue bells.

  • Imagine. Add any signs of spring mood to your picture: bright sun, cheerful stream, birdhouses, rainbow. All in your hands!
Spring mood in the drawings with crumpled paper.

Crumpled paper drawings for sketching

Shaggy cat Bright asters Beautiful roses Frosty cold Snow blizzard Beautiful bouquet Fairy tale characters

Non-traditional materials and techniques in the development of drawing skills contribute to the development of children:

  • Fine motor hand
  • Tactile perception
  • Orientation in space on a sheet of paper
  • Glazomer
  • Visual perception
  • Attention and perseverance
  • Thinking
  • Observant
  • Aesthetic perception

They help to build skills of control and self-control.

This is not only an interesting and entertaining activity, but also very useful.

Video: Crumpled paper drawing

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