How to find out if you have bank loans?

We learn our credit history, check for open loans at the bank.

Lending is a real financial assistant, but only when a person understands the full responsibility of the contract, and also knows how to manage his budget. One of the most important aspects of cooperation with banks is to check for loans and possible debts. Today we will tell you how to find out if you have bank loans?

How do you know if you have bank loans and what is your credit history?

In this section we will tell you how to find out if you have loans in banks, as well as what a credit history is and why you need to track it at least once a year.

So, to begin with, in countries where commercial banks operate, there are always independent organizations responsible for collecting, analyzing and issuing, at the request of financial transactions, individuals and organizations. In our case, this organization is called the National Bureau of Credit Histories. There are also commercial organizations, but they do not carry all the functions on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The database of this bureau contains the history of all loans, as well as data on loan amounts, repayment periods, the presence of overdue debts and restructuring. The bureau also stores information on the debt of a person appointed in the courts, and in addition to this the debt of mobile operators.

This database is closed and information is issued exclusively at the request of two directions:

  • An individual has the right to know detailed information personally about himself, information is not issued to third parties;
  • If there is an application for a loan request, banks can receive an extract from the current client. Based on this information, banks calculate risks and make the final decision in issuing loans.

The question arises, so why should an ordinary citizen find out about his credit history, because he himself knows well where he got the loan and when. This opinion is erroneous. Firstly, through the NBCH, you can double-check whether the contract is closed, and if you have made all payments, and after 30 days the contract still appears “valid”, you need to contact the bank and request information on closing the loan, as well as prompt transfer of information to the NBCH .

Why is it important? Unscrupulous banks do not close loans to individuals, but after a while indicate that there was an underpayment that grew into debt and subsequently grew into fabulous fines. By displaying this information in the NBCH, they significantly spoil the reputation of an individual, forcing them to pay the unjustified invoice.

What does a credit history look like?

But even if you miscalculated and fell into such a situation because of your inexperience, you should not “pay off” incorrectly issued invoices. Take the contract, all the redemption receipts (originals and copies) and file a petition with the court. If you really paid the whole amount, the court win is secured. Then you send a copy of the court decision to the NBCH, and they will cancel the information indicated by this bank, and in the future these data will not affect your rating.

Secondly, if fraudsters have opened a loan in your name, it is in the NBCH that you can find out about this, until the moment when enormous fines and decisions from the courts come to you.

How to find out if you have bank loans online?

In the age of technology and the all-consuming Internet, you can get information about your credit rating online. For those who wondered how to find out if you have bank loans online, you need to go to website of the National Bureau of Credit Histories.

Now go to the credit check section. It is located at the link. We select the section of individuals. Or just go through link.

It is here that the most relevant information is posted on how to find out if you have bank loans. In this case, we will find out online, and for this you need to go in and verify on the website of the State Services. This can be done by link.The easiest way is to log in and verify using an electronic signature.

When entering the page, you need to check the status on the State Service Portal, and if it is confirmed, without leaving your account, open another the link (National Bureau of Credit Histories) and log in with the same information as on the GU. Intuitively simple filling, a few seconds of your time, and you get free detailed information and credit history.

In case you went to the GU website and your profile is not verified, we recommend that you pass the check and fill in according to the prepared instructions for link.

It is important to remember that NBKI gives permission for two free credit history requests per year (365 days), subsequent requests will need to be paid 450 rubles for each request.

It is also possible to send a request using an enhanced qualified electronic signature. If you have one, then you can fill out an application in the form indicated by link. And send the request together with the signature attached separately to the NBKI e-mail [email protected]

Request for a credit history with NBCH

How do you know if you have remote bank loans?

If you wondered how to find out if you have loans in banks and at the same time get an answer in paper form (with a wet seal) - the Internet is also useful. To do this, download the form by the link.

Fill in manually and put ink on the signature. We go to the notary public and confirm the authenticity of the document and its own signature.

If you request a story for the first or second time in a calendar year - everything is completely free, for the third and subsequent pay online at the link.

At the post office, purchase an envelope, pack all the data and send it to the mailing address: 121069, Moscow, Skatertny lane, d.20, building 1. This is the official address of the National Credit Bureau. After receiving the letter (you will find out the exact date if you send a registered letter) a response will be sent within three business days. It is important to remember that in addition to the Russian Post, you can send a request by any courier address delivery, and the answer will be sent exclusively by the Russian Post.

How is the analysis for obtaining credit history

If you want to simplify the situation, send a telegram. To do this, you will need to contact the Russian Post, to the office with the provision of cable services. Currently, not all branches support this service. Then, send a telegram to the above address, which must contain information on a credit history request with detailed data: a full name, place of birth and registration, date of birth, all passport details, as well as a contact phone number, you can several.

It is important to understand that the telegrapher personally checks all the data and confirms it with his signature. Regarding payment: the same rule works as in sending by letter (i.e. online).

How to find out if you have bank loans in the office?

Of course, there are situations when the question arises of how to find out if you have bank loans on the day you contact. If long-term expectations of remote servicing seem long, then it makes sense to spend a little time and visit the office of NBKI or its partners.

If you are in the capital, you can contact the NBKI directly, at the head office at Novovladykinskiy proezd, house 8 and building 4, first entrance, 2nd floor, building 209. The main landmark is the BC “Beautiful House”.

It is important to remember that the working hours of reception are from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 13.00 and from 14.00 to 17.00. In addition, you can contact one of the partner offices:

  • AT Moscow;
  • In the territory of the Russian Federation.

As you can see, there are a ton of options and every citizen of the country can choose what is convenient for him. In conclusion, we recommend that you watch a video on how to find out if you have bank loans.

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