How does a diet help shape a athletic figure and improve your health? Nutrition before and after training, drinking fluids - life hacks for those involved in sports

To achieve an ideal figure, it is important not only to play sports, but also to eat right. About nutrition and training will be discussed in the article.

If you regularly engage in any kind of sport - go to the gym or exercise at home, then you need to monitor not only the frequency and intensity of classes, but also your diet. After all, it is these two components, selected with the mind, that form good health and a toned figure with pumped muscles.

How does a diet help shape a athletic figure and improve your health?

If you think that systematic debilitating training is enough to create an ideal figure, then you are deeply mistaken. You can not get out of the gym for several hours daily without achieving the desired result.

Why is this happening? It turns out that human health, and, accordingly, physical attractiveness, only thirty percent depends on sports, and seventy - on the diet and diet.

Everyone knows that to lose weight, you need to burn calories, but for some reason many forget that you need to consume much less, for which you should carefully monitor the quality and quantity of food (fats, carbohydrates and proteins contained in it) .

Balance is important

If you are determined to figure out what exactly and how much you need while playing sports in order to achieve maximum results, carefully read this material. Most likely, this information will be enough for you to be able to develop a competent nutrition system for yourself, without expensive consultations with specialists.

Eating before exercise

Naturally, you can’t eat tightly right before a workout - it can easily become bad for you. Best not less than 30 minutes. before class, drink a cup of green tea or coffee, enjoy fruit, nuts or dried fruits. If you are planning heavy physical exertion, then you should eat porridge - rice or oatmeal, which are rich in complex carbohydrates.

Food up

In no case is it recommended to eat foods containing fats and overdo it with protein foods at least an hour before class.

Remember the magic formula: Before class, you need to eat proteins (suppliers of amino acids) and carbohydrates (fuel for muscles and the brain) and categorically avoid fats!

Quenching thirst during exercise

Naturally, during sports, no one eats, but to drink, and quite a lot is a must! After all, even the slightest dehydration reduces the effectiveness of the activity and can negatively affect your health.

At the slightest suspicion of dehydration (thirst, dry lips or mouth, dizziness or headache, unexplained irritation or fatigue), immediately take a break and drink water until the condition stabilizes.

Do not forget about the liquid

To avoid moisture deficiency in the body, drink a glass of water before starting a workout, and then drink water or fresh diluted with water, approximately every 20 minutes. (depending on your sweating).

Eating after exercise

With regard to the most rational nutrition after sports, the opinions of experts are radically different. Someone advises to eat immediately after heavy physical exertion, others insist on a break - at least for two hours.

In any case, each organism is unique, so listen carefully to yourself and try to understand what exactly you need.

Of course, it’s easier for the body to digest and absorb liquid food, a protein shake is good (ideally, for every kilogram you need 0.22 g of whey protein). Also for post-workout nutrition are well suited: seafood, boiled beef or poultry, boiled potatoes, greens, steam patties, buckwheat porridge, scrambled eggs (only from proteins), low-fat cottage cheese or cheese, fresh vegetables.

Food after

Tip: in order to recover as quickly as possible after strength training, do not use caffeine and tannin in any form immediately after them. This refers not only to coffee, but also tea, chocolate and the like.

Lifehacks for those involved in sports

  • You can not completely refuse food, even if you really want to lose weight.
  • Drink more water, fresh, green tea, milk (made from seeds and nuts).
  • You need to eat often - at least four times during the day.
  • Refuse from "heavy" snacks, replacing them with fruits and vegetables, salads.
  • Do not use drugs that supposedly help you lose weight faster - all of them are fraught with serious malfunctions in the body.
  • Be wary of mono-diets built on the use of a limited type of product. Remember: your body needs a variety of substances and elements!
  • Do not give up evening meals: if you easily have dinner two hours before bedtime, this will in no way damage the figure.
  • Do not give up sweets, especially if you really want to. Try dark chocolate, as well as fruits with a reduced amount of sugars and starch - apples, citrus fruits, apricot.

If you follow all the above tips, then after a few months fatigue and extra pounds will go away, the general condition of the body will normalize, and life will sparkle with new colors!

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