Compass orientation on the ground, in the forest, in the apartment: instructions. How to use the compass correctly? Where does the red and blue compass needle show? What are the cardinal points on the compass in English with translation?

Features of the use of the compass to determine the cardinal points on the ground, on the map, in the apartment. Instructions for installing and working correctly with the compass on Android and IPhone.

Our attention is drawn to the instruments and benefits of civilization. And only 2-3 centuries ago, people knew more about nature and were able to navigate the terrain, relying on observations and signs.

Now it’s hard to imagine a traveler or a geologist without a compass in his hands. This device helps where satellite signals are not caught and the Internet is not available.

However, the compass should be handled correctly and be able to interpret its measurements.

How to do this - let's talk in more detail.

Designation of the cardinal points in English on a compass with translation

the traveler holds a compass in his hand to determine the direction of his movement

Since there are different compasses, their scales have a different number of designated cardinal points.

However, a mandatory set is 4 basic:

  • N (North) - North
  • S (South) - South
  • E (East) - East
  • W (West) - West

Or on a scale the cardinal points are displayed with the letters of the Russian alphabet, namely the first of the words.

Where does the red and blue compass needle show?

red compass needle points north

We are used to the fact that on the globe above is the North Pole, which is indicated by the blue arrow of the compass, and below - the South. And red strive for him.

However, based on the laws of physics, it turns out the opposite. In fact, the blue arrow indicates the location of the South Pole, and the red arrow indicates the North. Because bodies with the same charges repel, rather than attract.

Consider also that the North Pole, which is familiar to us, drifts and changes its position not symmetrically to the South. Therefore, the red compass needle really slightly distorts the direction of this part of the world.

What is azimuth in a compass and how to determine it?

compass is set before determining the azimuth

The angle formed between the north direction and the object is called azimuth.

The angle is counted clockwise.

There are 2 ways to determine the azimuth:

  • approximate, or by eye
  • accurate - using a protractor

In the second case, the arrow pointing to the north is the “0” mark on the protractor.

How to use a compass in the forest, on the ground?

the compass lies on the grass before determining the cardinal directions and orientation on the ground

First, check the compass is working:

  • lay it on a flat horizontal surface and wait for the arrow to stop
  • fix its position
  • hold any metal object and release the lock
  • the arrow should respond by vibrations
  • sharply remove the item
  • if the arrow returned to its original value before releasing the latch, the compass is working

Before entering the forest, determine your direction of movement. Consider its opposite value when turning in the opposite direction.

  • Attach to a large facility on the ground. For example, a river, power lines, a wide clearing, roads and paths. Remember that any magnetic sources must be outside the compass, otherwise its readings will be incorrect.
  • Determine the azimuth of this object.
  • Consider it when moving in the direction you need.
  • Ideal if you have a notebook at hand. Keep a record of the number of steps after each turn.

How to use the compass in the apartment?

one of the compass models - for the distribution of the space of a house / apartment

Follow the steps:

  • study your compass, features of its work, check it for serviceability
  • select a reference point, for example, a door or a window
  • determine its location in the middle of the room
  • hold the compass horizontally, for example, on a book
  • lean it against the wall so that a right angle forms between them
  • the height of the compass in this case is at the level of your waist
  • double-check your measurements three times and select the average value
  • note that household appliances, furniture, metal objects in the apartment create the background for the correct operation of the compass
  • permissible deviations for verification measurements are 10-15%

Sometimes, in order to reduce the influence of power transmission and home appliances, the compass measures the cardinal points at a distance from the house / apartment.

How to determine your location by compass and map?

on the map are a compass and a pencil
  • If both of these items are in your hands, first open the card and examine it carefully.
  • Find the objects marked on it in the area around you.
  • Expand the map so that they coincide in position relative to you.

There are several ways to determine your location on a map:

  • to nearby facilities
  • distant
  • direction of movement along the road, trail, clearing

When you have completed this step, put the card on the ground.

  • Place a compass on top.
  • Remove it from the latch.
  • Face north, the blue arrow of the instrument will point to it.
  • Next, check the map and the point that you have chosen as a landmark or your current location.
  • Fix the direction of your movement.

How to plot a route on a map using a compass?

compass and ruler lie on a map to determine the location

How to download and use the compass on iPhone?

IPhone lies on the railing with an open compass program near a conventional compass

Often, the compass is already installed on the iPhone among special applications. If it wasn’t there, look in the AppStore and write “compass” in the search bar.

Select the application that you like from the list that appears. Or focus on the number of downloads, that is, the popularity level of the utility.

After installing the compass application on your iPhone, to check its operation, proceed as follows:

  • calibrate it. Launch the app and rotate in the air with one hand, as if drawing an infinity sign. This feature is available for iOS7. In other cases, the setting is different.
  • A compass scale and an arrow appearing on the magnetic north pole will appear on the screen.
  • If geographic pole information is important to you, go to Settings - Compass and check Apply true north.
  • The white arrow outside the compass dial shows you the direction of your gaze at the current time. Choose your position so that both arrows look north.
  • Touch the screen once.
  • Now, when moving, you will see a red moving zone. It shows your deviation from the fixed route. To remove it, tap the screen again.
  • Combine compass data with maps. Run them. In the compass app you will find numbers with the coordinates of your current location at the bottom of the screen. Double-tap them to get extended help about your location.

How to download and use the compass on Android correctly?

several Android smartphones with a compass installed and working

To download the compass app, go to the Play Market.

  • In the search bar, enter “compass” and select the application you are looking for to install. Or any that has a higher percentage of popularity and downloads.
  • After downloading the application, open it and calibrate the compass. You will see a prompt on the phone how to do this.
  • Further study the menu and features of the application and use it as needed. Consider all the nuances that were discussed in the previous sections.

So, we examined the features of the correct operation with the compass as a separate device, as well as a smartphone application. We learned to navigate the terrain and determine the cardinal directions in the forest, apartment.

Although our age of technology makes it possible to use GPS navigators almost everywhere, the Internet coverage has a limited range of activities.

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