Responsive person: definition. What kind of person can be called responsive? What does it mean to be a responsive person?

From this article you will find out who such a responsive person is.

Who is a responsive person? Is it possible to become a responsive person if you have not been before? How to determine that a person is responsive? Find out in this article.

Who is a responsive person?

Responsiveness can be defined and so

Who is a responsive person? Let us turn to Ozhegov’s dictionary, which says that responsive a person is always ready to help in difficult times with sympathy, and real help. A responsive person will not wait when he is asked for help, and he will come to help if he sees that she is needed.

In short, then a responsive person has such qualities:

  • Can sympathize with another person
  • Values ​​and respects others
  • Helps others if they feel they need her
  • It shows kindness and generosity to other people, and does not require anything in return
  • Shows respect to all people
  • Able to admit their mistakes
  • The ability to ask forgiveness for your actions
  • The ability to recognize others as they are
  • He acts nobly not only with people, but also with the animals around us.

Responsive person - is this born or is it the result of education?

Only a properly educated person can be responsive

Opinions of scientists about responsiveness differ:

  1. Some scientists believe that if a child is instilled with kindness, compassion, honesty, responsiveness and shows these qualities by his own example, then such a person, when he grows up, will even unconsciously show these qualities.
  2. Other scientists, in particular American ones, prove on the basis of research that this is an innate quality. The thing, they say, is the ability to work out in the body hormones vasopressin and oxytocin. As a result of research, it was proved that people with an increased amount of these hormones are more compassionate and responsive to others than people with a lower value of hormones.

Responsive person - useful quality

A responsive person is in a good mood and lives longer than an indifferent

American scientists have found that a responsive person is even different in health from a snapper.

Responsive people have the following health indicators.:

  • Are sick less often than people who are dissatisfied with everything.
  • They live longer, on average, for 8-9 years.
  • Less likely to suffer from diseases of the heart and blood vessels.
  • By doing good deeds, the person produces the hormone of happiness - endorphin, which also has analgesic and sedative properties.
  • Good deeds improve mood and increase vitality.

How to become a responsive person?

Scientists claim that Responsive person is never too late to becomeyou only need follow simple advice:

  • Open your eyes and soul to everything that happens around, and help if help is needed.
  • Forget about your egoism, and often put yourself in the place of the needy.
  • Strive to be kinder - every day at least one good deed.
  • Become happier yourself, and share this happiness with others.

Video: Indifference or responsiveness (social experiment)

So, we learned who such a responsive person is, and also learned the secrets of how to become one.

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