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Lunar calendar of dreams for February 2020: favorable and unfavorable days, tips

Find out: when, on what days dreams come true on the lunar calendar in 2020, in February. See the table of the best favorable and unfavorable days of dreams and dreams.

February 2020 lunar calendar of dreams: the best days

Each dream has its own task. Some help relieve stress, some are designed to cheer you up. Others try to give you a warning. To figure out what they want to convey to you, often look in the lunar calendar of dreams.

The meaning of dreams today, find out about dreams today - come true or not according to the lunar calendar of dreams for February 2020: table, dream book:

 February 2020, datesLunar dayThe meaning of dreams
1st of February 9th lunar day On this day, nightmares often dream. But in them appear incoherent and incomprehensible horrors that are difficult to explain. Nightmares on this day are a reflection of your real problems. Take a closer look at them, think over the meaning, look for connections with reality. Do not be afraid, and reason with a cold head. Then even nightmares can be a hint for solving problems that have long tormented you in reality.
February 210th lunar day This dream will show you how the next month will go: what your path will be and how much you will be able to get closer to fulfilling your dreams / fulfilling your destiny.
February 3rd11th lunar day Try to remember and write down the dreams that will come to you that day as best as possible. They, like a mirror, will show you what is happening to you in life now. Only they will do it with the help of metaphors that only you can solve. There is a belief that if on this day a good dream comes to you, it will come true in 7 days or even earlier. Dreams may not be at all. It also does not mean anything bad.
February 412th lunar day Dreams on these lunar days continue to send you messages about who you are now. They do it this way: in a dream you see a picture of what you truly cherish. Decipher the images through mood and association. For example, in a dream you flew over endless fields, among the clouds, and felt a slight joy. If the dream has a pleasant atmosphere, then the value that is important for you in your life is in abundance. If you associate clouds with freedom, then you value it and enjoy the fact that you have it right now. But if in a difficult and disturbing dream you are sitting behind bars, looking at the sky through the bars, then you need to reconsider your life and give yourself what you want.
February 5th13th lunar day The content of this dream is closely related to how you walk along the path of life: whether you see the goals clearly, whether you get confused in the forks, or go straight to the dream. Seeing the road that day, moving somewhere: flying or running, is not uncommon. Most importantly, pay attention to your feelings in a dream. If you feel yourself driven into a dead end, confused or scared, something urgently needs to be changed in life. And it’s better to start with a goal that you really like.
February 614th lunar day Dreams on this day will show you the hidden part of your character, which can greatly improve your life. You don’t know about her yet. On the same day, you can get a hint about where and how to develop your secret forces, which are still dozing.
February 715th lunar day A dream tonight will show which energy is greater within you: positive or negative.
February 8th16th lunar day On these lunar days, dreams rarely have any important meaning, but they help to cope with stress, transforming it into many bright and incoherent images. Do not look for deep meaning in them.
February 9thFull moon Today in a dream you will see the personification of your feelings, relationships and relationships with men. The moon will give you a surge of female energy, and in a dream you will see how and how successfully you realize it. If the dreams are disturbing, it is better to pay attention to your relationship and think of a way to free your inner woman.
February 10th18th lunar day In a dream, you will meet the exact opposite of yourself: who you want, or vice versa, do not want to be. Think carefully about the image that appears in your dream. Perhaps it is in him that your hidden desires will manifest.
11 February19th lunar day This night you have to meet something that has absorbed the problems that remain with you for many years. If a dream scares or alarms you, immediately after waking up, meditate, take a shower or read affirmations. Then the nightmare cannot become a reality.
12th of February20th lunar day A good day to turn a dream into your assistant and use it to get closer to your dream or fulfillment of your cherished desire. Before you go to bed, mentally ask what you want to see in a dream: to visit a friend, find out a way out of a difficult situation, or just look at the image of a dream that has already been fulfilled.
February 1321st lunar day A dream will show you what is happening with your energy: does it find a way out in creativity, do you manage to prove yourself in creative and business fields.
The 14th of February21st lunar day In a dream, you will receive a hint about how best to use your abilities.
February, 1522nd lunar day A dream that day is a bit like fortune telling. If, before diving into it, you ask yourself about something important, lunar energy will increase the likelihood that an answer to the asked question will come to you.
February 16th23rd lunar day The moon will confuse you, sending conflicting and strange dreams. If on this day you see a dream that predicts something bad, do not be afraid, it will not come true. If you can switch to positive thoughts, you can even increase your level of luck.
February 1724th lunar day What you take away in a dream will reflect the general level of your strength. If you have worked hard and are on the verge of exhaustion, in a dream you will see images that are associated with fatigue, drought and anxiety. In this case, give yourself 2-3 or even 7 days of rest as quickly as possible.
18th of Febuary25th lunar day Dreams will show you the distant future. The key to understanding them will be your personal experience and the way you look at the world. Even if you take away the nightmare, it will be a warning rather than the final result of subsequent years.
February 19th26th lunar day Dreams have the property of revealing your hidden inclinations.
February 20th27th lunar day Dreams show you what you think about others. Any rumors, speculations and assumptions can take shape and will appear before you in a dream.
February 2128th lunar day A dream can have several meanings: scraps of memories from a past life or warnings and tips about your future.
February 2229th lunar day The moon makes dreams surreal, disturbing, and difficult to interpret. Before going to bed, put a talisman under the pillow that really helps you or go around the whole apartment with a lit candle to clean the house of clots of dark energy.
February 23New moon A very important and significant day for anyone who values ​​their happiness. Do your best to remember and write down in detail what you see in a dream. Because it will reflect the results of your life over the past few months. And the mood that the dream will have is most likely the mood in which you arrive most often. If the dream turns out to be alarming and terrible, this is an occasion to think about changes.
24 February1st and 2nd lunar day Before going to bed, make a wish that you want to fulfill within a month. Accurately formulate the request and clearly describe the desired result by the wording: "What? How? When?". What should come true, what effect or sensation will mean that the desire has come true, and on what day it should happen. Then in a dream you will see an image of a person, thing or event that will help you fulfill your desire.
25 February3rd lunar day This dream will show you how the next month will go: what your path will be and how much you will be able to get closer to fulfilling your dreams / fulfilling your destiny.
February 26th4th lunar day If the dream is filled with flowers, sounds and other sensations, there is a high probability that it will come true. Worrying dreams and nightmares on this day will tell about the hidden fears that you suppress.
February 275th lunar day Watch what mood the dream will have. If you are dreaming of something alarming, pay attention to your well-being and health. Perhaps this is how your subconscious tries to warn you that you should pay more attention to your body.
28th of February6th lunar day If the dream is good, keep it a secret. So you let it come true, without frightening away someone else's energy. Record every detail of sleep. Learn to notice what mood you were in during a dream. If you want to analyze sleep on the same day, tune in to the energy of the moon and nature: take a shower, turn off the phone, watch how the water flows or the candle burns.
February 29th7th lunar day Dreams show a distant future. Therefore, if you see success in a dream, it will come to you in the next few years. You can meet your future self or get advice from your spiritual patron. No matter how obvious the messages are, it is better to postpone their interpretation for another day. And best of all write them down on a sheet and put them where you will find them in a year or six months. With new experiences, messages from sleep can take on a new, true meaning.

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