How to suture, alter a shirt for men and women one size smaller? How to sew a man’s and woman’s shirt at the waist, sides, shoulders, armholes at the shirt, how to sew and shorten the sleeves of the shirt with cuffs, shorten the length with your own hands: scheme

Recommendations for sewing men's and women's shirts at home.

Quite often we buy things without trying on them, and only when we bring them home we understand that we have done stupidity. Most often, such a purchase is not suitable in size and simply goes to the closet. In fact, doing so is not necessary at all.

If you show a little patience, then you can easily fit the wrong thing in size. In our article we will try to tell you how to sew a shirt at the waist at home, shorten its length and adjust the armhole at home.

How to suture, alter a shirt for men and women one size smaller?

We change the shirt for men and women one size smaller

As practice shows, even a novice needlewoman can easily cope with this task. All that you will need to do in this case is to correctly outline the excess material, which in the end will have to be cut off. Therefore, in advance, make sure that you have at hand 15-20 pins and sharp scissors.


  • At the initial stage, you will need to turn the shirt inside out and put it on the one who subsequently will wear it. The thing should be maximally well spread on the body and be sure to fasten it with all the buttons.
  • Next, pick up the pins and begin to carefully lay the fabric along the entire seam. If you need to close the sleeve, then reduce it in a similar way. During this procedure, make sure that the new overcast stitch is as even as possible. If you grab more material in one place and less in another, then in the end the shirt will deform when worn.
  • After the new silhouette line is delayed, you will need to remove the shirt from the person, sew new seams, and then carefully cut off all the excess. So that the fabric does not crumble during socks, be sure to sew over its edge with a sewing machine.
  • At the final stage, you will need to steam all the seams with an iron and you can wear a shirt.

How to sew a men's and women's shirt at the waist?

We sew a men's and women's shirt at the waist

There are two ways to sew a shirt at the waist. If you bought a product of European manufacturers with a seam in the center of the back bar, then you have to suture the sides. This can be done in the same way as we taught you a little higher, just in this case the seam will be made to the line of the sleeve, and he himself will remain untouched.

Yes, and in this case, the new seam does not have to be perfectly straight. In case you want to create the most fitted silhouette, then you can make it slightly arched.


  • Turn the product and put it on a person, or a special mannequin
  • Starting from the bottom of the seam, start stabbing the fabric so that at the waist you get a faint rounding
  • Stitch the fabric in this way about 10-15 cm above the waistline
  • Make sure that at the top you get a smooth transition from a new seam to an old
  • Sew it all over with a typewriter, cut off all the excess and overcast the fabric

If the aforementioned seam is not in the middle of your product, you can try to sew the shirt in the waist with the help of darts. In this case, you just need to put a shirt on a person, and then form on its back 2 small grooves just above the waist. After this is done, make sure that the product lies perfectly and you can calmly stitch them.

How to suture a men's and women's shirt on the sides?

We sew the men's and women's shirt on the sides

If you don’t have the opportunity to put a shirt on the one who will wear it, then try to sew it on the sides in a slightly different way. True, remember that in this case, you will need to know the exact parameters of the body of a man or woman.

In view of this, be sure to measure them in advance with a sewing centimeter. You will need to measure the circumference of the chest and waist. If the shirt is long, then it will be necessary to take into account the size of the circumference of the hip line. After you get all the data, proceed to the main work.


  • Lay the product on a flat surface and outline new dimensions
  • Using chalk or a bar of soap, draw lines along which new side seams will be sewn.
  • Chip the fabric in these places with pins
  • Sew seams and then use excess scissors to remove excess fabric.
  • Sew over the fabric and you can start ironing your shirt

How to suture a male and female shirt in the shoulders with steaming and without steaming?

We sew a man’s and a woman’s shirt in the shoulders

The way to make a shirt without steaming:

  • Put a shirt on a person and using a sewing meter measure the distance from the collar to the extreme line of the shoulder
  • Draw a line in this place and you can take off your shirt
  • Lay it out on the table and use the chalk to draw the future seam (to the edge of the armpit line)
  • Gently fold the product exactly in half, and then cut the fabric along a drawn line
  • If you did everything correctly, then in the end you will have separately sleeves and the main part of the shirt on the table
  • At the next stage, you will have to chop all the pieces together.
  • Keep in mind that the holes for the sleeves you now have more than they were, so try to chop everything so that you do not have large holes
  • If necessary, you can make one pinch from the inside of the sleeve
  • After connecting all the parts together, sew them and the product will be ready to wear

The way to take off the shirt in the shoulders with steaming:

  • Using the meter, determine how long the shoulder should be.
  • Set the result aside on the fabric and draw a line parallel to the seam of the sleeve
  • Recheck if lines are symmetrically deferred
  • Next, carefully spread the side seams and open the sleeves
  • Lay the product on a table and cut off excess fabric
  • In the next step, first chip the side seams, and then connect the sleeves and the resulting openings
  • Double-stitch and smooth

How to sew a armhole of a sleeve for a man's and female shirt?

If you need to close the armholes, you will first need to tear off the sleeves from the main product. After this is done, put on your shirt and see how many centimeters you will have to reduce the opening. Next, take a needle and thread and step back from the edge of the seam of the sleeve to the desired distance, lightly sew the fabric in one place.

Recheck whether the correct size of the armhole has turned out and you can carry out suturing along the seam. After the opening is reduced, you can proceed to sewing on the sleeve. You can see more detailed tips for sewing armholes in the video, posted a little higher.

How to suture the sleeves of men and women’s shirts?

We sew a shirt sleeve

If you need to suture the sleeves literally by 3-5 mm, then you can simply turn them inside out, expand them so that the inner seam does not deform the fabric, and then carefully measure the desired distance and draw a line along which the new seam will go. Yes, and remember, if you need to remove 3 mm, then you need to save only 1.5 mm from the old seam. Since the fabric will be cut off on both sides, you will end up with the desired 3 mm.

After the line is drawn, you will only have to pin it with pins and stitch a new seam. If you have to remove a lot, then you will need to reduce not only the sleeve itself, but also the armhole in which it is attached. In order to suture the opening, you will have to slightly tear the side seam under the sleeve, cut off all the excess, and then carefully sew it all back.

How to shorten the sleeves of men's and women's shirts with cuffs?

Shorten the sleeve with the cuff

If you need to shorten the sleeves of a shirt with cuffs, then proceed as follows:

  • Initially measure the length of the arm from the shoulder to the line of the hand
  • If you like the sleeve to go a little on the brush, then add 5 mm to the data
  • Next, take the sewing meter and measure the sleeves
  • Designate on it a line on which cuffs will later be transferred
  • Take the small scissors and carefully open the cuffs
  • Using scissors, cut the fabric along the previously drawn line
  • Next, attach the cuffs to the sleeve and see how much it needs to be sutured
  • Run the closure over the existing seam, and then sew to the sleeve cuffs

How to shorten men's and women's shirt in length?

Shorten men's and women's shirts

Shortening the shirt in length is considered the easiest process. If you wish, in this case, you can do without a sewing machine. Since there is no load on such a seam, you can simply take the thinnest needle and hem it with neat little stitches.


  • Put on your shirt and figure out how much fabric you need to remove.
  • Mark this place with chalk or soap.
  • Remove the shirt and lay it on the table
  • Measure with a meter how many centimeters of material you need to cut
  • Subtract 1-1.5 cm from the received data and set aside one solid line along the entire bottom of the shirt
  • Cut off excess fabric and then use a safety pin to stitch a new seam
  • Sew it and iron

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