How to draw a beautiful Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden with a pencil in stages for children and beginners? How easy is it to draw Santa Claus in the cells?

In this article, we will show how to correctly draw Santa Claus and Snow Maiden in stages.

The New Year is rapidly approaching, and in order not to face the dirt, it is better to prepare a gift in advance. One of the simplest gifts is still considered a postcard. A postcard is simple enough to make, it is beautiful in its original design.

In fact, a postcard is a huge scope for creativity. You can draw, decorate it with anything and whatever. The main constraints here are your imagination and real possibilities.

Postcard - a pleasant surprise

Especially a postcard is good when you do not know what to give to a person. To receive a beautiful home-made postcard as a gift will be pleasant anyway. You can also use a postcard instead of an envelope when you give certificates or money.

In the New Year's card, it is customary to use the most recognizable symbols of the New Year: Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, Christmas tree, gifts, snow, chimes.

In this article we will tell you how to draw beautiful Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden for a New Year card step by step.

How to draw Santa Claus with a pencil in stages for beginners and children?

So, now we will give a drawing scheme of two Santa Clauses, which even a small child can repeat.

You will need:

  • eraser
  • simple pencil
  • colored pencils, felt-tip pens or paints
  • patience and perseverance
We will try to draw such Santa Clauses!

First draw that Santa Claus on the right. Its easier to draw.

Step 1. We begin to draw Santa Claus from the head. We draw a face that initially looks like a diving mask or a cloud (or rather, the part of it that the hat and beard does not hide). Then draw the nose, eyes. We immediately supplement the top with a cap.

Step 2 The hat is ready, proceed to the eyebrows and mouth. Eyebrows are partially covered by a hat, so do not draw them too low. We draw the mouth strictly under the nose, retreating a very small distance.

Santa Claus face and hat

Step 3 We draw a beard, slightly deviating it to the side so that the drawing comes out more realistic. Mentally draw a direct invisible line from the nose perpendicular downward. Where the beard ends, the line becomes visible. From it, on both sides at the bottom, draw an even horizontal line.

Step 4 Extend the trapezoid from the sides of the beard to the bottom horizontal line. Now draw the fur: step back from the vertical line in the center about one centimeter in both directions, draw two parallel lines, as in the picture. From the bottom in a semicircle also draw a fur, as shown in the figure.

Beard and fur coat of Santa Claus

Step 5 As shown in the figure, draw the hands and collar of Santa Claus. Keep in mind that your hands will be on top of your body, so prepare an eraser to erase excess lines.

Step 6 Now we draw a bag with gifts and mittens. To draw a bag, draw an irregular circle with a sharp curl at the top. Draw your hands as shown in the picture.

We draw a bag with gifts!

Step 7 It remains to draw the details. Make the beard more realistic by adding extra vertical lines that look like non-sharp teeth. At the bag in the place where the hand of Santa Claus, we make several folds.

Santa Claus is almost ready!

Step 8 Now color the grandfather and decorate his fur coat with stars.

The drawing is ready!

Now we draw Santa Claus in a red coat, the one on the left. It’s a little harder to draw.

Step 1. We draw a "mask for sleep", that is, the face of Santa Claus. Until we draw our eyes and hat.

Step 2 We begin to draw a face: we outline the nose, it should be slightly flattened like potatoes. From the nose we draw a mustache, in the upper part we position the eyes. directly above the eyes - eyebrows.

Step 3 We draw a hat. First we make a volumetric semicircle in the upper part of the head, then we paint on the upper part of the cap.

Santa Claus face

Step 4 We begin to draw the body of Santa Claus. It should turn out quite voluminous. Repeat the lines shown in the picture. We don’t draw our hands yet, we just leave circles in their place.

Step 5 Now draw a good beard and sack. The beard should be quite realistic, so we make it a “sharp” contour, drawing some hairs. Do not overdo it at this point. After the beard, we begin to draw the bag that Santa Claus holds on his shoulder. At the same time, do not forget about the folds on this very bag. We make the hand that holds the bag more oblong, add the thumb.

Draw a beard and a bag

Step 6 To the left of the head we finish the part of the bag. Draw the left hand and sleeve. We draw a staff consisting of a long stick and a snowflake at the top. Note that the staff expands to the bottom, so do not make it the same in all places.

Step 7. Now you need to give the bottom of the coat a normal look. We draw the fur, drawing it inside the contour of the fur coat. We make the lines slightly smooth so that there are no sharp transitions.

Draw a fur coat

Step 8 Santa Claus is almost ready. We get rid of the invisible lines with the eraser and make the outline of the fairy-tale character more clear.

Step 9 We take colored pencils, felt-tip pens or paints and we are already working on the color in color. Leave the fur on the fur coat, on the cap of his grandfather and his beard unpainted.

Santa Claus is ready!

And here are some more options for drawing Santa Claus, which will look great on a New Year's card!

According to this scheme, you can quickly draw Santa Claus Two different Santa Claus Beautiful and simple drawing of Santa Claus

And now we will show some postcards with Santa Claus, which, perhaps, will serve as a source of inspiration for you.

New Year greeting card with Santa Claus and sleigh Santa Claus in the homeland - postcard do-it-yourself greeting card with Santa Claus

How to draw a Snow Maiden with a pencil in stages for beginners and children?

The Snow Maiden is an important character in Russian fairy tales, the granddaughter of Santa Claus. He is young, tender and beautiful. Always accompanies his formidable grandfather, helps animals in the forest and distributes gifts.

Draw a Snow Maiden is not very difficult. In this part of the article we will give examples of drawing the Snow Maiden in stages in two versions: children's and more realistic.


Step 1. We draw a head. To do this, draw the head - a ball, draw the eyes, nose and mouth. This is the very beginning.

Step 2 Now we make the Snow Maiden more realistic. Add a hat, not forgetting that all lines should be smooth. We draw the chin so that it stands out from the background of the cheeks.

Step 3 At this stage, we draw eyebrows, ears and jewelry. Of the jewelry, the Snow Maiden will have earrings in the form of snowflakes, as well as a brooch on a hat. Do not forget to draw eyebrows.

Step 4 We begin to draw a fur coat. First, draw a collar from the ears down. Each side of the collar consists of two perpendicular lines. Directly in the center, we draw a straight vertical line from the chin to the end, and a horizontal line perpendicular to it below. This will be the basis for a future fur coat.

Step 5 Again we draw a trapezoid from the collar - two straight lines going to the hem of the fur coat.

Step 6 At the fur coat, draw furry ruffles running along the bottom and vertically. The fur needs to be drawn with smooth lines, do not try to draw it on a ruler. Keep a perspective.

Step 7 We outline the middle of the fur coat. This can be done by eye, but can be measured with a ruler. We draw a horizontal line in this place, which will serve as a guide for the hands. Now we draw hands. They start from the collar and end just on the horizontal line that we just spent. Draw a few centimeters above the line on the sleeves.

Step 8 Now we draw mittens of such a shape as in the picture.

Step 9. We draw stars or curls on the sleeves and the fur coat itself. If you want to achieve minimalism, just skip this step.

Step 10 We finish drawing the Snow Maiden, adding a blue color to the drawing.


Step 1. We draw the contours of the Snow Maiden, as in the photo. We start with the head, gradually adding a few smooth lines for the decorations on the head and the silhouette of the torso.

Step 2 Now we draw a “frame” - in the upper part of the body we designate a circle - there will be a waist and a chest. From this circle we draw two sticks - these are future hands. The lower part of the body (where the hem will be) we begin to draw more clearly.

Step 3 We begin to detail the picture: add sleeves and mittens to the hands. Do not forget to make fur on the sleeves. At the same stage, we draw a face - the expression on the face of the Snow Maiden is always kind, with a smile.

Step 4 Now is the time to draw a collar on a fur coat, which is located between the upper body and the head. Also draw a kokoshnik hat as shown in the picture.

Step 5 At this stage, the image of the Snow Maiden is almost ready. We draw the scythe with a bow to the granddaughter of Santa Claus, as in the picture, and draw the bottom of the fur coat (fur, dress and hem of the fur coat). Erase all excess lines with an eraser, in some places you can draw folds.

Step 6 Coloring what we got. This option is black and white, but of course you can use colored pencils, felt-tip pens, paints. Traditionally, the Snow Maiden's clothes are blue or white, and her hair is golden.

How easy is it to draw Santa Claus in the cells?

Draw Santa Claus in the cells is very simple. Such a task can be performed even by a preschooler or student of the first or second grade.

Show attention - it will be useful to you in this task!

Choose one of the drawings below, take a notebook sheet in a cage, felt-tip pens and draw!

option 1 Option 2 Option 3

Drawing of Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden for sketching

If you already know how to draw Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden - start improving your skills. One of the most effective ways to learn how to draw better is to start sketching. During copying, you remember some elements, tricks.

For drawing, you can use the following pictures.

Option for sketching 1 Option for sketching 2 Option for sketching 3

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