Design ideas of the original manicure with dots on the nails. How to make a beautiful manicure with points on the nails for a beginner at home?

Spot manicure is a nail design created by applying neat circles. It is made both a professional tool and a simple toothpick. Manicure tips and ideas are listed in this article.

What do you need for drawing on the nails with dots?

Point manicure is one of the most popular and relevant for several seasons in a row. You can make it not only in the cabin, but even without difficulty and at home. This does not require any special skills, abilities or materials. You will need a regular nail polish, a toothpick or a special dots tool.

Dots (from the English “dots” - dots) is a small stick with a wooden handle and an iron tip on which a small ball is located, compare to what a ballpoint pen has. If you get a set of dots, then you get about six sticks with balls of different diameters.

dots toolkit set of dots for drawing on nails

Dots leaves a neat bead on a varnish base with another contrasting varnish color. Some technologies also involve dots drawing various patterns and monograms.

In the absence of a tool such as dots, you can also use either a toothpick or the most common needle. Of course, these tools do not leave such a clear picture, but nevertheless, they are necessary. To do this, they are also dipped in varnish and applied to the substrate.

nail dots

Drawings on nails with dots step by step at home for beginners

No matter how difficult it may seem to you, drawing dots is very simple. To do this, you will need:

  • dots tool (or toothpick)
  • two contrasting colors of varnish
  • fixing varnish

Step by step drawing points on the nails:

  • Paint your nails after a thorough manicure with the base color of the varnish, choose any color you like
  • Wait until the base coat of varnish is completely dry, if necessary - apply a second coat of varnish and also wait for it to dry completely
  • On a work surface (a piece of paper, plastic or oilcloth), apply a drop of varnish of a different color, contrasting the base
  • Dip the dots in a drop of fresh varnish and transfer it to the base layer, making a print
  • As a result, you will get an even circle, each of which can be placed in a clear or chaotic order
  • Using dots, you can draw a print with polka dots, flowers, lace patterns, smooth transitions and much more.
  • Also, changing the diameter of the dots, you can make a variety of drawings, each of which will differ in size

If you draw points with a toothpick, then you should know that this tool quickly comes to wear: the tip of a wooden stick becomes flat, soft and saturated with varnish. For this reason, you need to constantly change toothpicks.

dotted dots dots drawn with a toothpick

Dotted nail designs

To draw a beautiful pattern on the nails, both the novice master and the professional master need not only desire, but also knowledge of some particularly winning schemes. Using such schemes, you can create a stylish and very beautiful design that will surprise others.

Dots drawing scheme number 1 scheme number 2 of drawing a pattern on nails dots

Apply a bitmap should only be fresh varnish. So you get a clear, even and very round point. If the varnish is dry, it is better to apply a new drop on the work surface. If the varnish has dried on the working tool (dots), wipe it with a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover and continue to work.

Dotted nail design, dots ideas and manicure options

With the help of dots, you can create a very diverse and each time beautiful manicure that will easily match any style and occasion. Try to choose the right colors for the picture: contrasting and bright.

version of manicure dots "reptile"

Black lacquer is an excellent basis for applying the picture with light colors of varnish. You can change the shades of varnish and apply them completely randomly with tools of different sizes.

Dots and needle flower pattern chaotic dots dots drawing, design options dots drawing "peas" colorful dots drawing dots lace pattern original point manicure feminine point manicure manicure dot "Mickey Mouse"

French manicure french with dots, photo

You can make a beautiful french (that is, “French manicure”) in a completely unusual way, using a bitmap. Use the tool that is convenient for you: dots or a regular toothpick. Dots should be applied to the usual part of the nail - on top, where there should be a white strip.

It is necessary to apply such dots close to each other so that at a distant distance your manicure is perceived as a regular jacket. You can vary the diameter of the circles and change their location, as well as the color palette. Also in your power to make a beveled jacket or moon manicure.

the easiest version of french manicure dots black and white original french manicure with bitmap beveled jacket with bitmap unusual french dotted manicure

Pink manicure with dots, photo

Pink manicure is always distinguished by a special femininity and tenderness. When making a bitmap, you should predefine the color policy of the design. Pink varnish is best combined with:

  • white
  • black
  • blue
  • beige
  • burgundy

Of course, it’s best to choose a light base and draw pink dots on it, but just as successfully, the pink color will serve as the base color on which you can draw white and black dots. You can decorate such a manicure with varnish-fixer, silver or golden sand, rhinestones.

dot manicure in pink color Contrast Pink and White Polka Dot Manicure pink avant-garde dot manicure

Red manicure with dots, photo

Red nail polish is a classic color for manicure. He gives hands a special femininity and always speaks of a lady as a passionate person. One of the most successful point manicures is white polka dots on a red background. It always looks very advantageous and attractive. Such a manicure can safely be called summer. It should be combined with the same elements in the wardrobe and image, complementing:

  • scarf or scarf
  • rubber band for hair
  • dress
  • beads and bracelets
  • red lipstick
  • shoes in the same style
red manicure with blue dots red manicure with white dots and rhinestones red manicure with small and large dots very feminine red polka dot jacket

White manicure with dots, photo

White color of a varnish is the best basis for drawing any tones and colors. With white color, both light and dark shades are perfectly combined. White peas will also look good on any dark color of the varnish (or even bright). The most accurate pattern is one that consists of small peas, so try to choose a tool with the smallest diameter of the ball.

white dot manicure options white manicure with large black dots white manicure with colorful dots original white manicure with a dot pattern "snowman" gentle manicure with a pattern of colorful dots

Black manicure with dots, photo

Black polish is another classic solution for a manicure base color. Almost any shade will look great on it. Apply peas with a dots or toothpick of any diameter, draw patterns and repeat ornaments.

black and white jacket with dots simple black manicure with white dots black manicure with colorful dots

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