The best hemostatic drugs, tablets for heavy periods. How to drink Vikasol, Ditsinon, Trameksam tablets with heavy periods?

List of the best hemostatic drugs and pills for heavy periods.

Many women seek to reduce menstruation, and sometimes delay it for several days. For this, hemostatic drugs are often used, which we will discuss in this article.

Causes of heavy periods and bleeding

First of all, you need to deal with the cause of heavy periods. There are many reasons that cause severe uterine bleeding. These include those, as a result of which the gasket completely gets wet in 2 hours. That is, it is not enough to absorb all the bloody discharge.

Causes of heavy periods: 

  • Inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs. It can be ailments of the ovaries and uterus. Most often occur with endometritis, which is provoked by sexually transmitted diseases. Oddly enough, but among the complications, heavy menstruation, as well as uterine bleeding.
  • Violations in the myometrium. This is the middle layer after the endometrium, which covers the surface of the uterus. Most often, with problems with this layer, profuse uterine bleeding, as well as strong menstruation, occur. Usually they are observed due to the presence of fibroids, endometriosis, as well as adenomyosis. The nodes of the endometrium grow into the inner layers of the myometrium, therefore, during menstruation, the body tries to get rid of the foreign body that is inside the uterus.
  • Hormonal disbalance. Indeed, if a woman is on a diet, or vice versa, is obese, a large amount of estrogen can be produced in the body, which provokes a thickening of the inner layer of the uterus. During menstruation, the body tries to get rid of the thick layer of the endometrium, remove its residues. This provoked profuse bleeding.
  • Menopause and menopause. During this period, there is indeed a decrease in the amount of estrogen in the blood, so menstruation can become irregular and random. Spotting discharge is observed, or vice versa, very plentiful
  • Oncological ailments. Oncology is often associated with proliferation of the inner layer of the endometrium, so severe bleeding can occur during menstruation. It is worth noting that it is necessary first of all to deal with the reasons for the strengthening of menstruation and a large number of them. Only after using the right treatment can a cycle be established and bleeding reduced. Usually, curettage is prescribed for these purposes, followed by hormonal drugs that regulate the production of estrogen and progesterone.
Medications for heavy periods

What pills to drink with heavy periods?

There are several types of drugs with which you can stop bleeding. The most common of these are hormonal birth control pills, hemostatic drugs, as well as traditional medicine recipes. If the menstruation is plentiful, while regular, it makes sense to go to the doctor and check the pelvic organs with an ultrasound scan. Most likely, a woman has endometriosis or endometrial hyperplasia. It is these diseases that provoke severe bleeding during menstruation.

What pills to drink with heavy periods:

  1. Desaminooxytocin
  2. Ergotal
  3. Ginestril
  4. Dinoprost

Birth control pills for heavy periods

Oral contraceptives reduce hormone production, resulting in no bleeding.

Birth control pills for heavy periods:

  • Dufaston. This product is not an emergency substance and is not used for contraception. But note that tablets inhibit ovulation. It is usually used to treat and reduce the growth of the endometrium in the uterus. Most often, such a drug is effective in endometriosis, endometrial hyperplasia. Usually it is prescribed 7-10 days before the expected menstruation. After 7 or 10 days of taking the drug is canceled, after about 2 days, periods begin. At the very beginning, the discharge will be brown, but you should not be afraid, it does not cause any complications. Monthly periods end faster and are rather scarce, due to the fact that in the second phase of the cycle the endometrium did not grow. This drug is usually used not as an emergency, but as a means to treat certain pathologies of the uterus.
  • Oral contraceptives. Among them can be distinguished Yarina or Jeanine. These are three-phase tablets, with which you can achieve a decrease in the intensity of menstruation. They are also prescribed for the treatment of various diseases and with irregular periods. The composition of three-phase components contains substances that reduce the production of estrogen in the body, thereby preventing the growth of a large amount of endometrium. That is why very little blood comes out during menstruation, due to the fact that the endometrium simply does not grow and there is nothing to leave.


What are hemostatic pills for heavy periods?

When choosing a hemostatic agent, the doctor usually focuses on the patient's age and the presence of concomitant diseases. With age, the number of chronic ailments increases, thereby reducing the choice of drugs that can be prescribed for bleeding.

The safest drugs are consideredVikasol, Dicinon. Phyto-hemorrhagic suppositories are often prescribed. Usually they are prescribed for hemorrhoids, but they are often used in gynecological practice to stop heavy periods. They strengthen the walls of blood vessels, preventing the removal of large amounts of blood.

What are hemostatic pills for heavy periods:

  • Fibrinogen. This is a drug that is made from natural blood, and it provokes its coagulability. It is usually prescribed together with aminocaproic acid to prevent the formation of blood clots. These drugs are injected or in tablet form. It is used during surgery and after surgery on the uterus, lungs and other internal organs. For adults, aminocaproic acid tablets are prescribed in an amount of 5-24 g per day. Depending on the strength of the bleeding. This drug, as mentioned above, goes well with fibrin. Usually they are prescribed together.
  • Vidanol. It is made on the basis of tranexamic acid from which Tranexam is made. These are analogues drugs. The drug is an inhibitor of fibrinolysis, and stimulates blood coagulation. Assign one tablet, 2-3 times a day. Often prescribed after surgery to prevent bleeding during a biopsy of the cervical canal, uterus or laparoscopic procedures.

Remember that very often women after menstruation can suffer from reduced hemoglobin. This is a completely normal situation, which is associated with a large loss of blood. Therefore, during the period of menstruation, as well as immediately after them, it is recommended to take iron preparations, for exampleMaltofer. They increase the concentration of hemoglobin, and improve the general condition of women. Often, calcium preparations are also prescribed, since a large amount of it can be washed out during blood loss.


The best hemostatic drugs for heavy menstruation on herbs

In addition to medicinal tablets, traditional medicine is often used. In the pharmacy you can find a large number of plant extracts and dried herbs to reduce bleeding.

The best hemostatic drugs for heavy menstruation on herbs:

  • Usually, in order to reduce menstruation, it is prescribed nettle extractyarrow and water pepper.
  • Oddly enough, but these drugs are prescribed by doctors in the antenatal clinic, as they are considered the safest. They cause a minimum of side effects, and also have a small number of contraindications.
  • Nettle extract is taken in approximately 30 drops twice daily. Appointed exclusively during menstruation. Nettle grass can also be used, which is brewed and taken in the form of tea.
Nettle extract

How to drink Dicinon tablets with heavy periods?

The tool is used not only at home, but also in the hospital.Dicinon tablets with heavy periods sold at the pharmacy can be found as an injection. The drug strengthens the walls of the capillaries, improves blood microcirculation. Due to which the amount of blood is significantly reduced.

Ideal if the woman has undergone some kind of surgery on the pelvic organs. Often, the drug is prescribed after surgery or after curettage, abortion, with detachment of the placenta, during pregnancy.

How to take Vikasol with heavy periods?

This drug is sold in tablets and stops the blood after 12-18 hours. That is, you should not expect a very fast effect, you have to wait.

How to take Vikasol with heavy periods:

  • It is worth noting that the drug increases the viscosity of the blood and provokes its coagulability. Therefore, the drug is not prescribed for thrombosis and very thick blood.
  • Also, the drug is not prescribed for more than 4 days. Otherwise, side effects can occur actively.
  • However, this is the most common drug with which women, during menstruation, seek to stop or reduce them. The tool works very effectively.

How to drink Tranexam tablets with heavy periods?

Tranexam. Its action is very similar to Vikasol, it also increases the amount of fibrin in the blood, and stimulates blood coagulation.

How to drink Tranexam tablets with heavy periods:

  • Assign 2 tablets 3 times a day. Usually they start taking it from the first day of menstruation, and continue for 4 days. This drug is not used until menstruation, as it works directly in the process, stopping the blood.
  • It is an emergency aid when a woman first encountered uterine bleeding and has no idea how to stop it.
  • To regularly use this remedy every month, to reduce menstruation, is by no means worth it.
Preparations for bleeding

Hemostatic drugs for heavy periods: reviews

Of course, such drugs should be prescribed exclusively by a doctor, but it happens that women decide to take the drug on their own, due to lack of time. Below are reviews of the most common drugs for bleeding and heavy periods.

 TOantioxidant drugs for heavy periods, reviews:

  • Olga, 35 years old. This year I planned to go to the sea, but during this period menstruation fell out. Usually they are plentiful and greatly interfere with active life. Therefore, on the advice of a pharmacist, I purchased Vikasol. I took 2 tablets at once, and the next day two more. My periods began on time, but the next day after taking the drug, the amount of discharge became minimal. Instead of 7 days, menstruation lasted only 4, and were more like a daub than a full menstruation. After arriving home, I felt very ill, my lower abdomen hurt. The next month I received a super-plentiful menstruation with a large number of clots. I will not use this drug anymore. I think that it has a bad effect on the condition of the internal organs of the small pelvis.
  • Yana, 40 years old. I suffer from uterine fibroids, so abundant periods are often observed. The doctor prescribed Dufaston to me. I took it 7 days before the onset of menstruation. The drug helped me a lot. I didn’t want to accept, as I read a lot of negative reviews on the Internet. Many girls complained that while taking this drug, their weight increased and swelling occurred. All these side effects were not, I can say that the drug suits me well and helps. Monthly periods became not plentiful, their duration decreased by 2 days. If before this, the menstruation lasted 8 days, now menstruation lasts only 6. But at the same time, the last two days, the menstruation is very weak, more like a brown daub.
  • Elizabeth, 50 years old. During menopause, she noticed that monthly bleeding sometimes occurs. On the recommendation of a doctor, I take Dicinon. The drug helps me a lot, I use it not often. Since menstruation has recently been irregular, and can go once every 2-3 months.
Heavy periods

As you can see, any hemostatic drugs for heavy periods should be prescribed by a doctor. This is due to the fact that they have a different effect, and are prescribed for certain ailments. What is suitable for your girlfriend or neighbor may not suit you.

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