Why do women and girls cover their heads with a scarf in a church? How to tie a scarf, a stole and a scarf on your head in a church, temple: photo. Do girls need to wear a scarf in the church?

The main canons of the Orthodox Church associated with headgear when visiting the temple.

People entering the temple for the first time should be aware that certain rules of conduct exist in the church. Spiritual foundations establish all the rules of Orthodox etiquette, which are required to coordinate the relationship between believers who are turned to God.

Many questions arise about the headdress of parishioners when they are in church.

We will talk about this etiquette rule in the proposed article.

Why do women and girls cover their heads with a scarf in a church?

Christian traditions in the temple
  • Such a custom appeared in deep Christian antiquity, and more precisely in apostolic times. In that era, every woman with the status of married and respectable, leaving the walls of the house, covered her head with a veil. This headdress testified that the woman is married and she belongs to her husband.
  • The husband could divorce his wife without returning the dowry, if she appeared on the street without a scarf. Such a female appearance was considered offensive to her husband.
  • In Russia, this pious tradition has been preserved - a woman in the church should conduct a prayer ritual covering her head with a veil.
  • This is a way of expressing respect and reverence for the early Christian church tradition.
  • Since this is only a married woman or a woman who has lost her husband, this requirement does not apply to young girls.

How to tie a scarf, stole, cape and scarf over your head in a church or temple?

There are many ways to wear a scarf, but not all of them are suitable for attending church.
The headdress should be appropriate for the situation, so intricate bows and knots must be excluded from the knotting option to visit the temple.

A simple solution is to buy a ready-made hat.

  • Throw it over your head and fasten it under the chin with a pin
1 option
  • Tighten the drawstring on the finished product
Option 2
  • If the stole or scarf does not slip off the head, throw the ends of the cross to the cross around the neck, and throw them back
3 option
  • Simply throw any scarf, if desired, secure it with a brooch in the neck area
4 option
  • If you are not sure about the tight location of the scarf, tie it on the back to a weak knot
5 option
  • Tie a stole or scarf on a knot under the chin
6 option 7 option
  • You can tie a scarf around your head, thus
8 option
  • The simplest methods are suitable for a wedding ceremony
Orthodox wedding outfit

How to tie a scarf on the head in the Orthodox way?

The requirements of ancient customs in the Orthodox Church for tying shawls
  • According to the canons of the Orthodox Church, the only right option is to tie the ends of the headdress in the area of ​​the chin or secure the scarf with a pin under it.
  • But in the modern church, they try not to pay attention to how the head is covered, the most important thing is the presence of any cover on the head.

Is it obligatory to wear a scarf and cover my head in church?

  • Only prostitutes and vicious women are allowed to advertise their affiliation with a special occupation without covering their heads
  • Draw your own conclusions

Do girls need to wear a scarf in the church?

Requirements of the modern church
  • When visiting the temple, girls do not cover their heads.
  • Ancient conventions attribute the headdress to the exclusive sign of a married woman.
  • Therefore, a virgin who does not have a husband is allowed to enter the church without covering her head with a scarf.
  • Modern being has brought its own changes to the long-standing custom. It’s easier to put on a stole than to incur the wrath of uninformed “grandmothers”.

Why don't men cover their heads in church?

Requirements for the male half, according to a long tradition
  • Visiting any room, a man needs to free himself from the headgear
  • This is done in order to pay tribute to the respect and respect of the owner
  • The owner of the church is the Lord
  • Thus, a man shows not only respect, but also emphasizes his defenselessness in the face of the Lord, and shows true faith

It is important to be attentive to the feelings of people, and remember that they attend church in order to open themselves before God, ask him for the most sacred and valuable, pray for forgiveness for sins. Therefore, it is necessary to dress and behave in this place in accordance with church canons.

It will be useful to read the words of the Apostle Paul on this subject:

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