Crafts from do-it-yourself corrugated paper: New Year's, for Mother's Day, for the holiday, for Birthday, in kindergarten. Light, simple crafts for children

Corrugated paper is an excellent material for creativity. This article offers you ideas for beautiful crafts and crafts tips.

Craft - voluminous tree of corrugated paper for the New Year

Corrugated paper - universal material for needlework and creativity. From it you can make a huge variety of crafts: gifts, jewelry, decor, packaging. The advantage of paper is that it holds its shape perfectly and has a huge number of color solutions that can satisfy everyone.

IMPORTANT: There are two types of corrugated paper: thin and thick. For needlework, it is best to use thick paper, as it can succumb to transformation.

For example, try make volumetric christmas tree. This craft will come in handy on the eve of the New Year holidays. It can be sent to a children's competition in a kindergarten (school) or decorate a house in the New Year.

There are several basic ways and secrets of creating such a Christmas tree:

In order for you to get a beautiful and voluminous cone-shaped Christmas tree, you must have:

  • Corrugated Paper
  • Cardboard sheet
  • Glue
  • Scissors

IMPORTANT: Use dry glue in the form of a pencil. It does not leave wet spots and the work is neat.

Work step by step:

  • A cone should be made from a sheet of cardboard. To do this, you need to draw a large and even semicircle.
  • Cut a semicircle, form a cone, and glue the edges together.
  • Corrugated paper should be cut into strips 5 cm wide.
  • Each strip should be folded in half and formed with your fingers on it a three-dimensional pattern by pulling paper.
  • Now you need to wrap a strip of corrugated paper around the cone and stick it.
  • Glue should start from the base and gradually move to the top.
  • You can decorate the finished product with a cardboard star and beads imitating toys and jewelry.
Corrugated Christmas tree made of corrugated paper

Realistic Christmas tree made of corrugated paper:

  • For such a craft, you should choose thick corrugated paper dark green color.
  • Use thick wire as the base.
  • Cut corrugated paper into strips 10 centimeters thick. Each strip should be torn with scissors to twist the needles.
  • We twist each incised strip with our fingers into a small tube.
  • As a result, you get the basis for the Christmas tree branch.
  • The base should be wrapped around the wire, fixed at the base and greased with dry glue.
  • After making a certain number of branches, craft a Christmas tree. Craft is ready!
Realistic Christmas tree made of corrugated paper.

Fluffy Christmas tree made of corrugated paper:

  • You will find it useful to pack thick corrugated paper.
  • It should be cut into strips. The bottom layer is the widest. It should be 25 cm wide and 20 cm long.
  • With each new layer, you should reduce the base by 2 cm in diameter.
  • A sheet of paper should be squeezed with an accordion and tied with a thread in the middle.
  • The edges of the sheet should be torn or trimmed with a zigzag.
  • One layer of the Christmas tree consists of two parts of corrugated paper, a folded accordion and a bandaged thread.
  • You can fasten the layer together using a clerical stapler or by stitching with a thread.
How to make a Christmas tree paper basis? How to assemble a Christmas tree from corrugated paper?

Craft - Snow Maiden from corrugated paper, how to make?

Thick corrugated paper can be useful to those who create New Year's compositions. With its help it will be possible to make outfits for the Snow Maiden. The doll itself needs to be bought at the store or a doll made of fabric is sewn.

Decor Ideas for Dolls with Corrugated Paper:

Snow Maiden from corrugated paper

Crafts - corrugated paper snowflakes

Corrugated paper is great to create a lush and very beautiful snowflake, which you can decorate any room in the New Year. For this you will come in handy:

  • Cardboard
  • Corrugated paper
  • Scissors
  • PVA glue

Work step by step:

  • Draw a snowflake on cardboard
  • Cut her out
  • From corrugated paper, cut thin strips; they do not have to be flat.
  • The cardboard base should be generously smeared with glue and a strip of corrugated paper twisted into a rose should be attached to it.
  • Do not lift the product upright until it is completely dry.

IMPORTANT: You can wind each strip of paper on the tip of a pencil, and then fasten it to glue.

How to attach corrugated paper to the base to make a snowflake? Lush corrugated paper snowflakes

Craft - "Mother's Heart" for mother's day from corrugated paper

“Mother’s Heart” - An interesting version of the craft, which can be presented to a loved one or mother on any occasion. With its large size and incredible volume, the craft conveys your feelings and literally "declares love."

In order to make such a heart, you will need thick cardboard base and packaging of thin corrugated paper. From the base you need to cut out the heart. From corrugated paper - a lot of pieces of square shape.

PVA glue is applied on the base. Each square of corrugated paper is wound on the tip of a pencil and thus transferred to the glue. Due to the fact that the edges of each patch are not even, you get a lush and embossed pattern on the surface of the heart. A tape should be attached to the finished product, on which it is suspended.

What should be a cut piece of corrugated paper? How to attach corrugated paper to the heart?

Light and simple children's crafts from corrugated paper in a kindergarten

Corrugated paper can help transform any children's crafts. It is very simple to work with it and you can buy paper in any store for creativity and stationery at an affordable price.

Ideas for crafts for children in the garden of corrugated paper:

For example, make a craft out of cardboard. Cut flowers, glue and wrap in corrugated paper. Use material of different colors.

Volume Corrugated Paper Craft

Very simple and beautiful from corrugated paper are obtained butterflies. To do this, cut two ovals from paper and twist the base for the body, as well as the antennae. Two parts are combined by twisting together.

Corrugated Paper Butterfly

Children's postcard can become very tender and elegant, if decorate it with a corrugated paper flower, for example, a snowdrop. To do this, cut several white petals and the base for the leaf, as well as the green stem.

Postcards with bulk snowdrops made of corrugated paper

Adult kids can do three-dimensional picture corrugated paper by gluing a variety of shapes. Such an application will be very colorful and “lush” due to the lightness of the material.

Owl corrugated paper applique

Other ideas for corrugated paper crafts:

Herringbone, flowers and bouquets of corrugated paper Corrugated Paper Fire Truck

Craft - Volumetric Corrugated Rose

Corrugated Paper Roses It turns out very bright, beautiful and realistic. It can be both simple and complex crafts. Children can try to do a rose from a twisted tube of corrugated paper. It just needs to be folded into a serpentine and glued to a cardboard surface.

Plain corrugated paper rose Heart decorated with corrugated paper roses

More complicated rose can be made of corrugated paper cut into circles and folded into a cone. For such a craft, it is best to choose thin paper, it is more delicate and the petals will seem very realistic.

Such a rose is attached to the stem - a wooden skewer wrapped in green paper. The stem is decorated with leaves, if desired, thorns can be made.

Step-by-step creation of corrugated paper roses with photo

There is another way to create a voluminous corrugated paper rose on a stalk. For this you should advance cut a few petalssimilar to real pink petals and a long strip. A strip (one or even several) should be wound on the tip of the skewer and glued with PVA.

You will get a peculiar com which will be the basis of the bud. Try to give it not a round, but an oval shape. Glue each petal onto the base one by one. At the end, make a stem and leaves from the base of the bud from green paper.

Step by step creation of corrugated paper roses A bouquet of roses from thick corrugated paper

INTERESTING: You can also make a voluminous rose from one continuous strip of corrugated paper with a hem cut in semicircles. After you wind the bud, use the tip of the skewer to wrap each petal so that it looks beautiful.

Beautiful corrugated paper rose with curled petals

Crafts - do-it-yourself flowers from corrugated paper

From corrugated paper it can turn out beautiful chrysanthemum, which is easy if you want to decorate the room. It is made from several sheets assembled in an accordion and sealed with thread. Such a chrysanthemum is usually mounted on a fishing line to hang, or simply glued to the wall.

Corrugated Paper Chrysanthemum

By way folding corrugated paper a lot of beautiful flowers can turn into a straw. To do this, it’s just right to process the edge of the cut corrugated tape: cut this or that pattern.

Corrugated paper dandelion, carnation, peony and chrysanthemum Colorful flower made of multicolored corrugated paper

INTERESTING: needlewomen often use corrugated paper to make bouquets of sweets. Crocus is one of the most popular flowers, making it very simple.

Corrugated paper tulip with candy

DIY do-it-yourself bouquet of corrugated paper

A bouquet of corrugated paper with its beauty can only be compared with a real living bouquet. Try to diversify the usual roses and chrysanthemums with wildflowers, for example, bells.

How to make a bell from corrugated paper?

Simple and very effective from corrugated paper, tulips are obtained. In order to make them you need two pieces of paper 10 cm long and 4 cm thick.

They should be twisted and in the place where they twisted, folded in half. The resulting petal has a beautiful deflection inside. Fold the four petals together and fix them on the skewer in the bud.

Corrugated Paper Tulip Bouquet of tulips from corrugated paper

Other ideas for creating flowers for a bouquet of corrugated paper:

Corrugated paper orchid. The middle is painted with paint - bitmap Small yellow corrugated paper flower step by step Do-it-yourself bush rose from corrugated paper in a bouquet

Craft - bump from corrugated paper

An interesting piece of corrugated paper is a bump. It should be done from thick corrugated paper. You should cut a wide ribbon of dark brown color and manually process one of its edges by pulling the paper and folding it with a pigtail.

Tuck and weld the edge of the corrugated paper by hand

Start folding paper serpentine, the processed edge will be outside, and the other inside, it will fill the bump from the inside.

Twisting paper cones The second edge of the bump is removed inside Fasten the bump with a green ribbon The finished product can be decorated with a fir branch made of corrugated paper

Craft - Birthday Corrugated Paper Cake

Corrugated paper cake - This is a kind of gift wrapping. You can hide a gift for a newborn in it, for example, from diapers, clothes, diapers and other things. In such a box, you can also put sweets or any other sweets with surprises that will be relevant on your birthday. The cake is decorated with corrugated paper flowers, ribbons and other decorations.

Ideas for making corrugated paper cake:

Beautiful corrugated paper cake Colorful corrugated paper cakes Cake decorated with corrugated paper

DIY corrugated paper sweets

Corrugated paper candy is a beautiful package in which you can hide any gift. To make candy you will need a large sheet and some decorative elements: ribbons, beads, serpentine and so on.

Candy Gift Wrapping

Recently, more and more popular gifts are candy bouquets made of corrugated paper. There are a lot of ideas for creating such flower-packages: large, small, different types.

Candy bouquet