How an owl differs from an owl, an owl: comparison, difference, photos. Why do owls, owls and eagle owls hunt only at night?

Owls come in many forms. Let's look at how the eagle owl differs from other representatives of the genus owls.

The family of owls represents several groups of birds that differ from each other, and they also have common characteristics. Owls can turn their heads 270 degrees, their eyes have three centuries: the first for blinking, the second for protection against insects, the third for sleep.

It is noteworthy that birds live their whole lives in tandem with only one male. All birds: owl, owl, owl belong to the family of owls. But they have some differences, both in appearance, size, and in the way of hunting. Next, we learn in detail how to distinguish where an owl is and where is an owl or an owl.

How an owl differs from an owl, an owl: comparison, difference

An owl is a bird of prey of a similar series. They are of two types:

  1. Barn Owls - Barn Owls, etc.
  2. Owls - eagle owl, splyushka, owl
Genus consistent

Owl, owl are also owls. The largest representative of this group of birds is owlIt impresses with its size, maneuverability, and can change direction in flight even at high speed. It hunts for large prey. The only thing that it is now rarely seen in the open spaces of nature, which is why it was listed in the Red Book.

Owls come in different sizes, colors and types. Each group of birds is characterized only by their inherent appearance. Some species of owls (fish, eared) have ears, however, like an eagle owl, it is precisely by these signs that it can be distinguished. A large bird does not have a round disc on its face, like owl and owls.

The family is owl. What size are the birds?

Characteristic differences between birds of this breed:

  1. Owl, unlike an owl (except for some species of it) has feather ears, impressive size, unusual plumage in the head area.
  2. Almost all owls and owls have a frame in the form of a corolla, equally stiff, short feathers. Fili does not have one.
  3. An owl flies quietly, and an eagle owl creates whistling sounds when flying.
  4. An owl hunts mice and other small animals. Eagle owl can even hunt for roe deer.

What is the difference between an owl and an owl, an owl externally: photo

Owl has characteristic features that are unique to this genus of owls. As mentioned above - this is a predator with ears, thanks to which it perceives sounds in such a range that exceeds almost four times the sound range of mammals.

The head of all these predators is round and large in comparison with the body. Feathers eagle owl have a reddish tint on the front side. And on the head, back there are black stripes, which allows the bird of prey to disguise itself.

Eagle owl - what does it look like?

Owl It is small and has no ears. It has a motley color and large expressive eyes. The beak, like all owls, is bent in the form of a hook, its nails are very sharp, thanks to them the bird successfully hunts.

Owls - family of owls

IMPORTANT: In the order of owls, there are more than two hundred species of birds, different in size and appearance. But all these birds have large eyes that look only ahead due to the fact that owls do not have eyeballs.

What is the difference between an owl and an owl, an owl in size, wingspan: photo

Owls come in various sizes - the largest of them is an eagle owl, while an owl is a very small bird. An adult eagle owl weighs about four to five kilograms. Its length can reach almost 73 centimeters. When an eagle owl flies, the wingspan is 150 centimeters, and sometimes two. Interestingly, females are larger than males, a bird can weigh one and a half kilograms more.

White Owl

A long-eared owl is also somewhat similar to eagle owl, only its size is significantly inferior to a bird of prey. And its flight is not heard because the congener has soft, short feathers that frame the ends of the wings.

Owlthe bird is not large. The body length of an owl representative is about 23 centimeters. The color may vary in this breed, depending on the subgroup of the bird. Females are also somewhat larger than males; on their heads they have no ears characteristic of eagle owls.

Sparrow owl

IMPORTANT: The habitat of birds in the natural environment is approximately ten years, in captivity the owl lives much longer. Sometimes this period reaches forty years. All this happens due to the fact that in the natural environment the owl does not survive long because of its extermination by hawks, golden eagles, etc.

What is the difference between an owl and an owl, an owl for singing?

Especially during the warming period, when nature wakes up on the street after winter, owls often scream. The tone of their voices is somewhat sad, dreary, monotonous. And for others it is melodic. The eagle owl with a terrible echo pronounces woo-oh, so he calls the female. Many people who hear such cries of a bird are often scared. Although this sound does not threaten them with anything terrible. Eagle owl females shout - huh huh.

In an owl, the sounds are slightly different from other representatives of the owls. To mark the boundaries of the territory, the owl makes sounds like croaking. When they fly to the nests, they make a high-pitched sound. In case of alarm, they shout, tweet.

Boreal Owl

Why do owls, owls and eagle owls hunt only at night?

Most owls fly out to hunt at night. This is a favorite time of day for such a number of things. However, not all birds prefer to hunt at night, many do it during the day. Eagle owl, owl get their food at night and day.

It all depends on the place of residence. Those representatives of the owl family that live in the North can not divide day by day, night, because there can last six months the daylight hours.

Despite the fact that owls have better vision at night, they can see well during the day. But there is a certain peculiarity of vision in a predator, more precisely, near a bird it sees very poorly, but far perfectly.

Eared Owl - Night Hunt

Predators are able to perceive the heat transfer of the victim, ultrasounds. Thanks to which they can easily notice their prey. To catch it, it is enough for an owl to fly silently and use its claws and beak.

The eagle owl catches prey due to quick reaction and sharp vision. In flight, he rises high in order to see the victim from afar even in secluded places, and then abruptly catch it.

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