Dream interpretation - horses: why dream about a red, black, white, brown, gray, spotted horse? Why dream about the image, silhouette, shadow of a horse with mane, horns, wings: the interpretation of sleep for men and women

In the article you will find an interpretation of the dream in which you saw a horse or a stallion.

Why does a horse dream about white, black, red, gray, brown, red, pink, blue, blue, violet, color?

Anyone can dream of a horse and this image always symbolizes something good, since the animal in many dream books is associated with friends. Be sure to remember all, even the smallest, details of the dream in which you saw this animal, because they are also important.

Interpretation - Horse:

  • White - you will meet a wonderful person who can become your close friend and even your soulmate if you want to.
  • Black - wait for the envious and rival who wants to leave you "in the cold" and take your fame.
  • Brown - good fun in the circle of dear people and allies.
  • Redhead - Remember your friends in a difficult moment and they will definitely come to your aid to save you from problems.
  • Gray - you lack the attention of loved ones, do not close yourself from everyone, look for communication!
  • Red - You are lucky enough to meet true love. They may be a close friend!
  • Pink - you have tender feelings and romantic feelings ahead.
  • Blue - Try to wait out "difficult times" and all problems will work out by themselves.
  • Blue - sometimes you only think about yourself.
  • Purple - the indifference of loved ones will make you grieve and doubt yourself.
  • Maroon - you have offended a loved one, try to fix everything as soon as possible.
  • Spotted - Ignoring, you will not achieve anything and will not receive anything in return.
  • In the peas - joyful chores and pleasant experiences.
  • Multicolor - bright, colorful, eventful life.
  • Rainbow - you do not live reality and are often "in a fantasy world."
  • Gold - improvement of well-being.
  • Silver - strong friendship.
Dreams in which you saw a horse

Dreamed of a horse galloping, running, in a herd, grazing in a meadow, drinking water, chewing grass: the meaning of sleep

Each person in his own way relates to this animal, but still it causes good and positive emotions. The same with the interpretation of dreams, a horse in any of its guises either warns a person or talks about good changes in life.

Interpretation of sleep- horse:

  • Rides across the field - you may not have time to accomplish something very desirable for you.
  • Rides around the city - something unusual and very strange will happen to you that can shock you.
  • The cart is lucky - A fruitful work week lies ahead.
  • Lucky carriage - a “white streak” will begin in your life, which will improve every sphere: relations with loved ones, loved ones, financial situation, health.
  • Riding a horse - you will be able to overcome all your life difficulties on your own.
  • Galloping on a horse - hurry, because you may not be in time.
  • A horse in a herd - it's time to know your place!
  • A horse grazes - you are lucky to make a successful and profitable deal.
  • The horse is tied - limited opportunities.
  • Drinks water - health improvement.
  • Eats hay and grain - Your work will be rewarded with a good payment.
  • Eats fruit - nice gift or thanks.
  • Beats the hoof - someone is seriously angry and offended.
  • Lying with a hoof from behind - wait for revenge from the one to whom you have already done harm.
  • Waving his mane - fun with friends and joyful events.
  • Waving its tail - do not rush to draw conclusions, everything may change.
  • Drives off flies by tail - Envious and rivals.
Sleep: horse

Galloping on a horse in a dream, stealing a horse, feeding, beating, chasing, letting water get drunk, combing a mane, stroking, scolding a horse, talking to her: the meaning of sleep

Try to remember any action that you perform in a dream, as this can “fundamentally” change the meaning of your dream. Not only the image of the animal is very important, but also what you did while you saw it.

Interpretation of sleep - horse:

  • Get out on a horse - independently successful overcoming of life difficulties.
  • To fall from a horse - someone will be able to spoil your reputation and harm.
  • Riding slowly - A calm and happy life without troubles.
  • Jump fast - desire to have time to do something important.
  • Catch up on a horse - if you try and make efforts, you will easily overcome any life difficulty.
  • Catch a horse - hard and vain work.
  • Steal someone else’s cattle - to get other people's laurels.
  • Hand Feed - you can get close to a person.
  • To give a drink - helping a friend will return to you with a beneficial gratitude.
  • To beat with a stick or lash - Do not try to spoil relations with friends, so you do not regret later.
  • Kicking and kicking - you will grieve for a long time about a broken relationship.
  • Drive away, scare - you will create an unfavorable opinion of yourself.
  • Stroking the head - think you know the exact solution to your problem.
  • Combing the mane - you need to rest.
  • Talk to the horse - make a new acquaintance, you need live communication.
  • Braid her braid - do not create difficulties for yourself!
  • Giving her flowers - wasted effort and health.

To go after a horse in a dream, to run away from a horse, to sell, to buy a horse: meaning

After waking up, try not to get out of bed to remember all the details of what you saw in a dream. If the pictures are "muddy", write down thoughts on paper and only then grasp the interpretation of sleep.

Interpretation - Horse:

  • Walking through the forest for a horse - trust a close friend.
  • The horse helped not to get lost - your loved one will help you out in a difficult situation.
  • Running away from a horse - Do not try to avoid talking with a loved one.
  • The horse has bitten - betrayal by a loved one or close friend.
  • Lead for the reins - take control of the situation
  • Harness a horse - you need to be wiser and more confident
  • Buy expensive - having spent a lot of effort, you will receive due reward for the labors.
  • Buy cheap - luck and luck are on your side.
  • Sell ​​- you have difficult times ahead, requiring your attention and patience.
  • Receive as a gift - good purchase.
  • Buy a sick horse - a series of disappointments and failures.
Dream interpretation: horse or horse

A horse in a dream is big, small, calm, aggressive, with a foal, with a horse: the meaning of sleep

The size of the horse, its color and image are extremely important for the correct interpretation of sleep.

Interpretation - Horse:

  • Big - great luck and luck.
  • Small - a small but very useful life acquisition.
  • Skinny - diseases in the family or among loved ones.
  • Fat - be calm, you will succeed and life will certainly bring "sweet fruits".
  • Calm - Look for support in close people and best friends.
  • Angry and aggressive - do not trust strangers, otherwise you may be deceived.
  • With a foal - dream of a woman foreshadows marriage and pregnancy. Man - a profitable business and meeting with his beloved.
  • With a stallion - meeting with a very significant person for life.
  • Racehorse - you should radically change something in your life and risk a lot in order to gain greater happiness.
  • Horse Racing - long searches and doubts.
  • Live - good and auspicious times.
  • Dead - a series of life failures and losses.
  • Pure - You can build relationships with close friends.
  • Dirty - you will be cruelly deceived and deliberately arranged a trick.
  • In blood - in a serious matter, you will be able to fail badly.
  • Horse's head - the pain and frustration you did not expect from your best friend.

What was the dream of a horse saddle, a footprint, a horseshoe?

If you saw in a dream not an animal, but something that resembles it, such a dream also matters. Remember all the details and little things.

Interpretation - Horse:

  • Shadow of a horse - Ahead of a serious conversation, it can not be avoided.
  • Saddle - a good offer that you can’t refuse.
  • Footprint on the Earth - you will spend time, effort and money in vain.
  • Horseshoe - good luck in any business, no matter what you take.
  • Shores -you do not notice the obvious.
Dreams in which you saw a horse - meaning

Dream interpretation: a horse in the stable, on the street, in the stall, at home, on the farm, outside the window, in the forest, in the mountains

What did the horse do in a dream? What was her "mood"? All this is important for a correct understanding of the meaning of a dream.

Interpretation - Horse:

  • In the stable - in a difficult situation, you need to trust your family and family so that they can help.
  • In the stall - it's time to pacify your desires and think about the well-being of family life.
  • Sleeping in the manger - well-being and a prosperous future.
  • On the farm - it is time to change the place of work and by all means to improve your financial situation.
  • In the woods - it will be difficult for you to start a "new life", it is better to correct the mistakes of the "old".
  • In the mountains - contempt and envy of those people who often surround you.
  • In the pasture - it's important to think about whether your loved ones are good, and not about your own pleasure.
  • In the House - unexpected news will shock you and change plans.
  • On the bed - wait for the betrayal of a loved one.
  • Eats from the table - you take your enemy as a friend.
Horse Dreams

Dream interpretation: unicorn, centaur, zebra, pony, fairytale horse with wings, toy, drawing, picture, image of a horse


  • Unicorn - the fulfillment of a long-awaited dream
  • Centaur - danger lurks you in an unexpected place
  • Zebra - after a series of failures your situation will improve
  • Pony - your hopes are too great, the reward will be too small
  • Fairytale Horse - do not believe the rumors, all is not true
  • With wings - it's time to radically change your future
  • Shadow of a horse - don't lie, lies will turn against you
  • Drawing, image of a horse, silhouette - Meeting with friends
  • A horse in the sky - good news
  • In water - pleasant changes
  • In dirt - unpleasant words
  • Horse Dung - someone says bad things about you

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