How can I feed a baby at 8 months? The menu, diet and diet of a baby at 8 months with breast and artificial feeding

The article will give tips on feeding the baby at 8 months, an approximate menu and diet.

In the diet of an eight-month-old baby, new foods are added. This is necessary for the full development of the children's body. If there are no restrictions from the pediatrician, products can be combined. The diet is 5 meals:

  • Around 6 in the morning. This time is ideal for breastfeeding or breastfeeding. Breast feeding should not be interrupted for at least a year. This will help the baby adapt to a new diet.
  • 10 a.m. At this time, the child is given a nutritious breakfast rich in carbohydrates. It must be porridge. Types of cereals can be changed day by day, giving preference to loved ones
  • 14:00 - this is a full dinner, which should consist of soup or broth. Also, you need to introduce meat into the diet. It will be given in the form of puree
  • 18:00 - evening meal. It can be very diverse, but food should be easily digestible. It can be cottage cheese, baby yogurt or mashed vegetables
  • 10 pm - the last meal, which, like morning feeding, should consist of milk

What cottage cheese to give the child at 8 months, how much and how often?

Cottage cheese is rich in calcium, fluoride and vitamins, which are involved in the full development of the child’s bone system.

  • For children who eat breast milk, curd should be administered no earlier than 8 - 9 months of life. For those who are on artificial feeding cottage cheese is shown from 7 months
  • Curd should be given after vegetables, fruits and cereals are introduced into the diet
  • First you need to establish how the baby's body responds to a new product. First give a teaspoon of the product and observe the reaction
  • If all is well, then the portion is increased. It can reach 30 - 40 grams per day
  • Giving cottage cheese is better at the beginning every other day. Only starting from 10 months, cottage cheese can be given daily
  • It is better to cook cottage cheese yourself from natural products. Purchased cottage cheese, especially with additives, is strictly forbidden to give
The right diet for a baby at 8 months

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How much yolk to give a baby at 8 months?

Egg yolk is usually mixed with breast milk or an artificial mixture. Also, it can be added to mashed potatoes or porridge

  • Egg yolk is not a new product for a child of 8 months of life. But giving this product is still not necessary in large quantities
  • If the baby’s reaction to the yolk is good, then you can give it a half. The portion can be increased with every month of life
  • It is better to give preference to quail eggs. Children are less likely to have yolks of this type in children.
  • You need to feed the baby eggs carefully, without abusing this product in the menu

How much meat to give to the child at 8 months: the norm?

  • At 8 months, pediatricians recommend actively introducing meat into the baby’s diet. Naturally, it should be in the consistency of mousse for a better perception
  • There are many essential vitamins (A, B12, B2), amino acids and minerals in meat. All of them are involved in the development of the children's body.
  • The norm of meat for an 8 month old baby is up to 50 grams per day
  • Meat should be introduced into the diet only in the absence of allergies, constipation and other negative reactions of the body
  • The diet is recommended to eat chicken, veal, turkey or beef. All meat should be fresh and with delicate fibers.

How much porridge should a child eat at 8 months?

  • At 8 months, the baby is usually given such cereals: rice, buckwheat, oats or corn porridge. You can give other cereals, if the child perceives them normally
  • The porridge rate at this age is up to 180 grams porridge
  • It is not worth giving semolina to babies up to a year, as it reduces the ability to absorb calcium
  • Porridge can be grinded or given in pieces. The kid will figure out over time how to chew them
Porridge for a baby at 8 months

How to cook porridge for a baby of 8 months?

  • Croup must be washed with water and sorted out. Then it can be ground in a blender.
  • Then the cereal is poured with boiled water and cooked until tender. Make sure the croup is not burnt
  • Up to 8 months, porridge is boiled in water. Before feeding, you can add a little mixture or breast milk to it
  • Closer to a year, porridge is boiled in non-fat natural milk
  • From 8 months, you can add butter to the porridge - 5 g

The rate of fruit puree and vegetable puree at 8 months

The norm of vegetable puree for a baby of 8 months is 180 g, fruit - 80 g

  • Mashed potatoes can be special purchased or cooked at home.
  • Purchased mashed potatoes should be fresh, there should be no chemical additives in the composition. Learn the composition of the product before feeding it to the baby.
  • Homemade baby puree needs to be prepared from environmentally friendly fruits and vegetables, a hard skin needs to be removed. Mashed potatoes using a blender or metal sieve
Fruit and vegetable puree for a baby at 8 months

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What kind of kefir is given to a child at 8 months and how much?

When choosing kefir for a child, study its composition. It should not contain preservatives and additives, the shelf life is minimal.

  • For children on artificial nutrition, kefir is introduced into the diet as early as 7 months of age. For infants - after 8 months of life
  • You can introduce kefir after the baby is already free to eat cereals, vegetables and fruits
  • To make the baby love kefir, you can add applesauce to it. Sugar can not be used
  • The first time the rate of kefir is up to 30 grams, gradually this dose is increased to 100 grams
  • Sour-milk products are best given in the evening feeding. Kefir is watered from a spoon or cup
  • To be sure of the quality of kefir, it is better to cook it yourself from natural milk
What kind of yogurt to give?

Agusha milk from 8 months, how to give?

  • Agusha milk is intended for children from 8 months. Information on this is indicated directly on the milk package.
  • According to the manufacturer, milk is enriched with vitamins A and C, contributes to the growth of the baby
  • According to reviews, children drink this milk well, it rarely causes allergies
  • You can give such milk at 8 months and later. Usually they give it to the evening reception write or add to porridge
  • Milk has a short shelf life, you need to store it in the refrigerator
Agusha milk for a child at 8 months

How and what to give cookies to a baby of 8 months?

Cookies are by no means an essential element for a baby of 8 months. It can only be given if the child does not have constipation

  • Baking should not become one of the nutrients for children up to a year. Cookies can sometimes be given, but only as a treat
  • Cookies for children of 8 months should contain a minimum of sugar and fat. Ideal - crackers or biscuits
  • You can give cookies between feedings. Sometimes it is added to the mixture for nutrition, so the child eats better
  • Cookies can be prepared independently, then you will be sure of its quality.
  • According to reviews, the best cookies for children under one year of age are Baby and Heinz

What kind of fish can a child be 8 months old and how to cook?

  • For a baby of 8 months, you can give non-greasy (hake, pollock, redfish, pollock) or moderately oily (herring, carp or bream) fish
  • Fatty fish can be introduced only after a year of life of the child
  • Boil fish for children. A fish broth is able to stimulate appetite
  • Some pediatricians recommend giving children special canned food with fish. But this is a moot point. Indeed, in such a “fish” not all useful properties are preserved
  • The first acquaintance with the fish will be in the form of mashed potatoes. It does not add salt, spices or oil

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The menu, diet and diet of a baby at 8 months with breastfeeding

An approximate diet of the baby with breastfeeding will look like this:

  • First breakfast - 6 a.m. - 200 ml of breast milk
  • Second breakfast - about 10 hours - porridge without milk with butter, fruit puree (80 gr)
  • Lunch - 2 pm - Vegetable puree + vegetable little (180 gr), meat puree (or fish) (50 gr), fruit juice
  • Snack - 6 pm - cottage cheese or kefir, cookies if desired, fruit puree (if not for breakfast)
  • Dinner - before 10 pm - breast milk 200 ml
Kid's menu

The menu, diet and diet of a child at 8 months with artificial feeding

Diet for baby with artificial feeding:

  • First breakfast - 6 a.m. - 200 ml of the mixture
  • Lunch - about 10 hours - porridge with milk and butter, fruit puree (80 gr)
  • Lunch - 2 pm - Vegetable puree + vegetable little (180 gr), meat puree (or fish) (50 gr), fruit juice
  • Snack - 6 pm - cottage cheese or kefir, cookies if desired, fruit puree (if not for breakfast)
  • Dinner - until 10 pm - a mixture of 200 ml

If the child is allergic to dairy products, then snack is replaced with vegetable puree or porridge

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