Why does a cow dream - red, black, white, red: interpretation of different dream books

In this article you will find different interpretations of sleep if you dream of a cow.

The cow has long been a symbol of wealth and even wealth. In the last century, if a family had at least one cow, this meant that the family was not the poorest, because a cow is both milk and meat. What does the appearance of this animal in a dream mean? Why is a cow dreaming? Look for answers to these questions below.

What is the dream of a big cow to a girl, woman, man: according to the interpretation of different dream books

Dreaming cow

A person spends a third of his life, having dreams, which they tried to interpret from the beginning of the creation of the world.
What does a big cow dream of in a dream to a girl, a man, a woman, according to the interpretation of various dream books? Here is the answer:

Vanga explained this dream like this:

  • For a girl - someone is worried, the right choice is to be made.
  • For a woman, a deterioration in the health of loved ones is expected.
  • For a man - means the approach of enemies.

Dream Interpretation of Simon Kananita:

  • Portends wealth.
  • For a girl - a wealthy groom.
  • An inheritance awaits a woman and a man.

Long decoded such a dream like this:

  • The expectation of difficulties in a career, the solution of which will require a lot of time, is for the girl.
  • A woman who has had such a dream will have extra problems.
  • Quarrels and conflicts with ill-wishers await the man.

In a gypsy dream book, dreaming a big cow means:

  • Work hard and conscientiously, the result will be a reward.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn:

  • The girl is better to be patient with a new business.
  • A calm family life awaits the woman.
  • A man, on the contrary, will worry about the unexpected hobby of his soulmate.

According to Tsvetkov’s dream book see a cow in a dream:

  • All (women, men, young girls) feel excessive care on themselves.

The connecting link for all dream books is that a large Burenka will bring something in huge quantities to everyday life, be it wealth or, conversely, deprivation.

What do cows and bulls with horns dream of, a herd of cows, many cows, a cow butts: interpretation of sleep

Dreaming cow

Why dream of cows and bulls with horns? The Burenka female or male goby has long been associated with fertility, health and affluence.

  • If you saw in your dream a whole herd of cows or gobies or just a lot of cows, then this is a happy and prosperous dream.
  • Large herd means unexpected wealth and successful resolution of all problems, even those that were no longer hoping to be resolved.
  • Cow with horns also interpreted as a good sign, but only if the animal is calm and not aggressive. Then this dream portends success in business, fate will reward you for diligence and diligence, it is possible to advance through the ranks.
  • If you sleep and see in your dream a hostile bull or burenkathat attack and butt, then in reality you will expect tears, frustration and loss, possibly financial.

Also, the interpretation of this dream, when a cow or a goby butts, may be as follows: perhaps betrayal from people from whom you least expected it.

Why dream a black, white, red, red-haired cow?

Dreaming cow

Burenka in many religions of the world is sacred and personifies good and all good. If this animal appeared to you in a dream, then you can safely talk about the appearance in the life of good news or the successful resolution of certain issues.

But for a correct and more detailed interpretation of sleep, you should pay attention to environmental factors. Very important is the color of the cow. So, what is the dream of a cow of one color or another? Here is the answer:

  • Red-haired burenka - a very good sign. This dream means financial well-being, a happy resolution to money problems.
  • Black ladybugon the contrary, it does not bode well, rather it is a dysfunctional dream. A person who sees a black borenka in a dream may have troubles, including those associated with money. This dream is a harbinger of tears, troubles and sadness.
  • White Burenka indicates that the dreamer misses deceased relatives. Perhaps it is worth remembering the departed loved ones.
  • Red burenka in many dream books it means a fire or fire. But it can also indicate excessive emotional overload of a sleeping person.

The spotted burenka that appeared in the dream portends a conflict. But this, if the burenka is ordinary, if it is pregnant or has already calved, then the interpretation will be different. Read on.

What is the dream of giving birth to a cow, a cow gave birth to a calf, hotels?

Dreaming cow

Usually a dream with a baby calf and a burenka is interpreted positively. But still different dream books interpret this dream in their own way. Therefore, try to remember all the little things, and only then proceed to decipher according to one or another interpreter. So, what is the dream of giving birth to a cow, or when she has already given birth, hotels? Here is the answer:

According to Miller's dream book.

  • If a young lady dreamed that a cow in her dream gives birth, then she should wait for the fulfillment of her most cherished dreams. So dream as much as you want, but dreams should be good.

According to the eastern dream book.

  • If a cow gives birth to a dead calf, this is not good. The hope of achieving goals can be forgotten for a while.
  • If a woman herself took birth in a Burenka, then she should expect the beginning of a new life. The main thing is to carefully listen to the advice of others.

Interpretations of sleep depending on the color of the giving birth cow:

  • Redhead - predict good luck.
  • Black - a harbinger of treachery of loved ones.
  • White - to a great gift.
  • Many colors in coloring - to doubt.

If you saw in a dream that a burenka gave birth and her child drinks milk from her - this is to receive an inheritance that will not take long to wait.

In a dream, see a cow and milk, milk a cow: why - interpretations of a dream about a cow

Dreaming of a cow and milk

What do the interpreters say about the dream, where a man milks a cow? Why dream of seeing a cow and milk, milking a cow? Here is the interpretation of the dream about the cow:

  • If a burenka behaves calmly during this processthen a dream promises family well-being.
  • In case of troubled behaviorwhen she is sleeping, the dreamer expects unforeseen obstacles on the way to the main goal in your life.
  • Sleep has a different which someone outsiders milks the cow. In this case, such a dream portends a fraud on the part of the enemy. It is worth being careful and not giving people the opportunity to conduct themselves.

Other values ​​will be if the dream had a young girl:

  • If a dream about milking a young girl dreams of a young girl, then she should think about her relationship with a guy.
  • Such a dream meansthat the boyfriend is sitting on her neck, and this love relationship is worth ending.

A man dreams that he is milking a thin and exhausted burenka:

  • This means that soon in his life will come bad times.
  • This will especially affect the financial situation, which ultimately provokes family strife.

In general, milk dreams of profit. Remember your feelings after waking up. If you woke up full of energy, then the meaning of sleep is good. If you feel anxious, then it is worth going through many obstacles on the way to your prosperity.

Why dream of a dead, dead cow, a cow’s head, to kill a cow?

Dreaming of a dead cow

Interpreters say that often cows dream of happiness and well-being. However, does sleeping with a dead cow relate to those that promise success and prosperity?

What is the dream of a dead, dead cow? Here is the answer:

  • If a dead cow appeared in a dream, this is not good. It portends bad news, and you will know about them very soon.
  • According to the Islamic dream book, a dead cow in a dream prophesies trouble in the family or not at work.
  • A dying, sick animal, but still alive, promises a deterioration in relationships with households.

Why dream of killing a cow, the head of a cow? Answer:

  • If a person dreams about how he kills a burenka with his own hands, then the interpretation will turn in a completely different direction. It is believed that this alignment of events in a dream leads to luck and material profit.
  • A cow's head is dreaming as a warning. The dreamer needs to be vigilant, since a high-ranking person or boss wants to do harm to his deeds.

It’s worth a closer look at the color of the dead cows. It also plays a large role in the interpretation of sleep. Here is the meaning of such a dream about a cow by its colors:

  • The black - a serious danger is coming.
  • Red - increased likelihood of fire.
  • Redhead - the dreamer will miss the chance to improve his material condition.
  • White - fulfillment of desire.

As you can see, the meaning of such a dream is ambiguous. Therefore, remember the details and then you will know the exact interpretation.

Dreaming that a cow is attacking, running away from a cow: interpretation of sleep

Dreaming that a cow is attacking

In our life, dreams often appear in which something unusual happens (animal, event), are prophetic and are well remembered. Burenka is an ancient and auspicious symbol, meaning well-being, as well as the fulfillment of dreams and the fulfillment of hope.

  • Fed Burenka portends a calm, happy and measured being.
  • If in a dream you dreamed of a burenka, which jumps to you, it attacks - this is to the fact that there is an opportunity to get unexpected profit or even inheritance. So expect that soon happiness will smile from somewhere.
  • If a burenka, attacking you, while mooing, then the process of obtaining the inheritance will be quite long, but will end happily in your favor.
  • Run away from the cow means somehow eschewing any gift of fate. Perhaps you will not know about the impending inheritance, and with your thoughtless actions you will begin to push back unexpected luck.
  • But, if at the same time you ran away from a skinny cow, and even black - you run away correctly - from sorrows and troubles, needs.

Hornless Burenka is dreaming, the interpretation of such a dream in the modern world is a warning about something dangerous in terms of finances. For example, you lose a wallet or even a job.

What is the dream of grazing a cow: interpretations of a dream about a cow

Dreaming cow

Dream Interpretations consider burenki a good sign - pleasant acquaintances, job advancement, problem solving. What is the dream of grazing a cow? The interpretation of such a dream about a cow:

  • A pasture with many cows in a dream that you graze - an old dream will come true. Also, graze a herd of cows in your dream - to lead a small but close-knit team.
  • A woman dreams that she is grazing a herd of cows - Most likely, the sleeping woman is tired of worries at work and at home.
  • If a woman grazes one burenka - A successful meeting with a man who will offer a romantic relationship. If the sleeping woman has a husband, then the quarrels will stop, the financial situation in the family will improve.
  • If a man had such a dream - he is intended to meet a kind, sensible woman.

When deciphering the dream of "why a cow is grazing", small details are taken into account:

  • If a sleeping man or woman is grazing a plump cow, you can not worry and not worry about the little things in life.
  • If skinny, bony or sick - not good, a warning about an unsuccessful period of life and financial problems, diseases.

In most dream books it is written that grazing a cow in a dream is in real life a sign of meeting with bad people who envy and obstruct business. Here are a few more clarifications about this dream:

  • If the burenka calmly grazed, and suddenly ran from you - This is a warning about the onset of many obstacles to achieving the goal.
  • The grazed burenka behaves peacefully - A dream promises pleasant good changes in everyday life, and even the upcoming birth.
  • If grazing a pregnant cows - such a dream is a harbinger of material well-being, financial stability.
  • Sleep when grazing a cow with a calf, guarantees success in business and a happy family life.

Now you know what the cow is dreaming of according to different dream books and according to the transcripts in detail. If you saw a cow in a dream, and then you immediately dreamed of beef (a piece of meat) on a store shelf, then this is a disease. In general, raw meat always dreams of poor health.

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