How to clean gold at home? How to clean gold with soda, peroxide, ammonia, foil correctly?

Have your gold jewelry lost its attractive luster? No problem. Our article will tell you how to restore the perfect look to rings and chains using simple home remedies.

Absolutely all gold jewelry fade over time and become covered with an ugly coating. This is due to the fact that various metals are added to gold to give it rigidity, which inevitably oxidize and begin to dye jewelry in a darker color. In addition, the appearance of ringlets and chains is badly damaged by decorative cosmetics and the environment.

Without proper care, all these negative factors can ruin the appearance of the jewelry so much that they will have to be cleaned with ultrasound. If you want to avoid unnecessary expenses and worries, then periodically clean the surface of the decoration with home remedies.

How to clean white gold at home?

Clean gold dishwashing detergent

Although white gold is made using a slightly different technology than usual (nickel, palladium or platinum is added to its alloy) it also tarnishes and becomes covered with dirt. Moreover, due to the fact that it is quite bright, negative changes begin to manifest themselves much earlier than on yellow gold.

In addition to the fact that such jewelry is covered with an ugly coating, they still darken quite strongly. And if all this dirt will accumulate over the years, then over time it will be impossible to restore the former luster to the decoration. Proper care and regular cleaning of the products will help you avoid such problems.

Cleaning white gold products with dishwashing detergent:
• Take sparkling water (demineralized) and add any organic detergent to it
• Foam the liquid a little and lower the white gold jewelry into it
• Leave them there for 15-25 minutes
• After time, remove them from the solution and gently rub with a toothbrush
• Rinse the rings in clean water and dry with a soft cloth

Ways to clean gold

Clean Gold Vinegar

If you like gold jewelry, then you probably know how difficult it is to restore their former splendor and rid them of dirt. It is especially difficult to clean the base gold. Usually it contains a rather large percentage of zinc, nickel and copper.

These metals stain gold in a greenish color that cannot be removed with ordinary water. Most often, such products are cleaned in two stages. First, soak in a solution of washing powder and water, and when the dirt softens a little, proceed to its removal.

Gold refining methods:
• You can wipe the rings with a mixture of beer and egg white
• Put the gold chains for 2-3 minutes in a solution of vinegar and water
• Soak the jewelry in freshly squeezed onion juice for 1.5-2 hours
• You can try to return the shine to gold with ordinary lipstick
• Prepare a solution of borax with water, soak a cloth in it and wipe your jewelry

How to clean gold with ammonia?

Ammonia must be diluted with water

Ammonia is considered a fairly effective tool for cleaning zloty products, but due to the unpleasant odor, women use it last. But still, if you use an ordinary medical mask, then you can clean your favorite rings without any problems.

Another disadvantage of this method is the ability of ammonia to adversely affect some metals that are in the composition of jewelry. Therefore, you can use this substance literally 2-3 times a year. If you regularly use ammonia "for deep cleansing," then your rings and chains will wear out pretty quickly.

• Pour ammonia and water in a 1: 6 ratio into the container
• Mix gently to make a homogeneous solution.
• Dip your jewelry into it (no more than 2 minutes)
• Using a manual strainer, remove the rings from the water and rinse them thoroughly under running water
• Wipe all products with a soft cloth.

How to clean gold with ammonia?

Pure gold with ammonia

Although ammonia removes plaque fairly well from jewelry surfaces, hard-to-reach spots such as stone inserts, ornaments and patterns will still require mechanical cleaning. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that after you get the rings from the ammonia, you will have to additionally walk on them with a soft toothbrush.

Recommendations for cleaning gold with ammonia:
• Take a sealed jar, pour 150 ml of hot water into it
• In water, add two ampoules of ammonia and 2 tbsp. l washing powder
• Stir the solution thoroughly until smooth.
• Put jewelry in a jar and close everything with a lid
• Shake the can for 5 minutes
• Drain the solution through a sieve, rinse the jewelry with running water and polish them with a woolen cloth

How to clean gold with soda?

We clean gold soda

Soda is an excellent alternative to household chemicals for cleaning dirt, so it can also be safely used to remove deposits from jewelry.

The main advantage of this cleaning method is the absence of any aggressive substances in the soda. This means that you can regularly use this tool and are not afraid that your gold will begin to wear out prematurely.

• Pour 1 liter of water into a saucepan, add 2 teaspoons of soda and 2 teaspoons of detergent
• Thoroughly mix the soda mixture
• Dip decorations in a saucepan and set on fire
• Boil them for 5-10 minutes
• Turn off the heat and let the jewelry cool in a soda solution
• When they have completely cooled, go over them with a toothbrush, rinse and dry

How to clean gold with salt?

Gold purification with salt

Salt is considered a natural antibacterial abrasive. Therefore, the mixture prepared on its basis, not only removes dirt and returns glitter to gold, but also disinfects all your jewelry. If you decide to use salt to clean jewelry, then try to apply it in such a way that it does not damage the surface of the rings and chains.

In the case of saline, there’s nothing to worry about. The salt will simply dissolve in water, and you can process the solution with all your jewelry. But with the preparation of salt paste will have to tinker. If you put ordinary salt in it, then it is 100% likely to scratch your gold. Therefore, before adding this component to the paste, carefully grind it in a mortar.

Cleaning agent recipe with salt:
• Take 1 cup of water
• Add 5 tablespoons to it. salt
• Thoroughly mix the saline solution.
• Put gold jewelry in it
• After 5-6 hours we take out their saline solution, rinse and dry

How to clean gold with hydrogen peroxide?

Gold purification with hydrogen peroxide

Peroxide alone cannot cope with plaque and dirt, but if mixed with several active substances, it will radically change its properties and turn from a disinfectant into a cleaning agent. Moreover, this solution will help get rid of dirt even in hard to reach places.

• Measure 40-50 ml of hydrogen peroxide
• Pour it into 250 ml of water
• Add the ampoule of ammonia and 1 tsp. liquid soap
• Preheat the solution and dip jewelry into it
• After 20 minutes, remove them and rinse thoroughly with clean water.
• Dry and polish jewelry

How to clean gold foil?

Gold Foil Cleaning

If you don’t have time to prepare homemade cleaning products and pastes, then try returning your jewelry to normal with ordinary foil. No one can say exactly what its effect is, but its presence in saline or soda solution contributes to a better removal of ugly plaque.

  • Prepare a concentrated saline or soda solution
    • Bring it to a boil
    • Place a piece of food foil on the bottom of the glass
    • Put gold on top and fill it with hot solution
    • Leave items in the scan until the liquid cools completely
    • Drain the cleaning solution, rinse the jewelry and pat it dry with a soft cloth

How to brush gold with toothpaste?

Gold Cleaning Toothpaste

Probably everyone knows that there are substances in the toothpaste that gently polish the enamel. It is this property of the paste that will help us return the old look to old jewelry. When used correctly, it will not only rid your rings of accumulated dirt, and will make minor scratches less visible.

Due to the fact that the toothpaste does not contain large abrasive substances, you can use it quite often without any particular fear. This cleaning method is ideal for removing dirt from rings and chains that you wear almost every day.

• Find an old toothbrush
• Squeeze a little toothpaste on it
• Gently brush the decoration surface
• Rinse off the rest of the toothpaste with running water and blot the product with a soft cloth
• Wipe the ring with lemon juice

How to clean gold gently with Amway Cleaner?

In addition to all the agents described above, Amway universal cleaning agent can also be used to remove dirt from jewelry. It contains a fairly large number of active substances that cope with the oldest mud without much effort. This tool can be used in the form of a soap solution or directly in its pure form. In both cases, you will get a good result.

• Add Amway to plain water
• Boil the cleaning solution and dip the gold jewelry in it.
• Boil still 5 minutes
• Drain the liquid and go over the surface of the jewelry with soda paste and a toothbrush
• Rinse and dry products

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