What colors to mix to get a mint color?

In this article we will tell you what colors will help to make the desired shade of mint color.

Mint color is a shade of green and belongs to the pastel range. It is associated with freshness and tenderness, and also helps to relax. This is one of the complex shades, which is displayed by mixing tertiary colors. Therefore, in order to get a really beautiful and rich mint color, it is necessary to use several colors and always in the correct proportions. What we will talk about in this article today.

What colors to mix to get a mint color?

We know that each color has hundreds of shades, so not always when mixing the same colors will get the same result. But we strongly recommend starting with a small amount. Indeed, through experiments, you can derive the desired shade of mint color.

  • The easiest way to get a mint color - This is to introduce a white color into the green paint. But keep in mind that the saturation of the primary color will set the shade of mint. Therefore, you need to add whitewash exclusively to dark green paint, then you get a calm and muted mint color.
Washed color has many shades
  • In nature, there are two basic colors: cold and warm. The mint color also has them. They are easy to obtain if you follow the instructions and rules.
    • Green and blue paint usually taken in 1: 1 proportions and mixed well. But you can adjust the quantity yourself. Since more blue gives a warm mint, and more green gives a colder color.
    • Cold tone It will also work if 40% of the blue paint is added to the green color, and then diluted with 10% aquamarine.
    • Warm and calm tone You can get a mint color by mixing blue with yellow, then adding as much blue tint. After that, you need to enter about 10-20% white. But it already depends on the desired saturation.

No need to be upset if the first time you fail to create the perfect mint color. Mixing colors is an art in which practice is important. The main thing - do not forget about the desired combination, and the sample method will tell you about the necessary proportion.

Watch the video: HD Paint Mixing - 'Sweet Mint' Colour (November 2019).