Fairytale therapy: what are these methods of application, application. How to raise a child with the help of fairy tales?

Do you know that magical, good tales can be treated? And besides, fairy tale therapy is used for both children and adults.

Few people know that reading fairy tales can not only entertain the kids, but also helps to heal adults. Any text, even from several sentences, contains a code, the use of which helps to cope with phobias, realize dreams, overcome difficult situations in life, and makes it easier to find answers to exciting questions.

Fairytale therapy: what is it?

Therapy with the help of fairy tales can correct behavior, or have a powerful healing effect with the help of a fairy tale. This principle was long ago used by parents who, with the help of a fairy tale, explained to their children the concepts of good and evil, taught them to resist fears, thus forming the character and horizons of the child.

Fairy tales

Modern mommies and daddies don't count fairy tale therapy suitable tools for educational impact on offspring. And this is a big mistake - not to listen to your own child, sometimes ignoring his requests to read this or that magical story. After all, children subconsciously understand what worries them, what they dream about and therefore ask their parents to pay attention to the specific problem of their beloved child.

Techniques for using fairy tales

There are four different methods for using fairy tales that help:

  1. Bring up baby - listening to a fairy tale, children learn to live in society, learn the concepts of correct and appropriate behavior for the public, as well as moral principles.
  2. To develop the necessary qualities in children and adults - Each correctly selected story is able to teach: to be responsible for one’s actions, not to shy away from making vital decisions, and to deal with circumstances. Indeed, in fairy tales, good always prevails over evil, however, for victory, the main characters need to make an effort to overcome difficulties. Characters who are on the side of evil necessarily lose and punishment is inevitable for them. Thus, we can explain to the child (or adult) - it is worth choosing the side of truth and morality.


  3. Through the narrative of other people's lives - to form a model of behavior and life scenario in a child or adult.
  4. Psychotherapists successfully apply this treatment method.

The use of fairy tales

Fairytale therapy is universal, as it allows you to solve both one specific problem or several.


Fairy tales:

  • They evoke the necessary feelings from those who listen to them or read them.
  • They get rid of insurmountable fears, for example, fear of darkness, water, etc.
  • Form the basic principles of life and character.
  • They help in making difficult, but correct decisions, as well as mastering in society.
  • Learn to love, make friends, value loved ones.
  • They help to understand the structure of the world and its laws.
  • They relieve weaknesses (manifestations of aggression, stinginess, desire to lie, etc.).
  • They bring up positive character traits (the desire to be fair, to sympathize, to be responsible, etc.).
  • They learn to build relationships with the opposite sex, comrades, relatives.
  • They help forgive those who have acted unworthily with you and continue to live on, etc.

Fairy tale therapy technique can be used in different keys - it all depends on who needs help: a child or an adult.

For example, a children's fairy tale should be simple to perceive and medium in size; therapy for adults involves the use of stories deeper in meaning, with complex symbols and turns of speech.

Most often, fairy tale therapy is used as follows:

  • To work with a story already written by the author, they read a fairy tale in order to then analyze the actions of the heroes, namely: what moved them during this or that action, what they led to in the end, etc.
  • For therapist to create an individual story for an adult or child that reveals a particular patient problem. That is, the client creates a story on his own, touching on his problem and trying to find a solution (recommended for older children or adults).
  • To try to beat a fairy tale (prepared or written by a patient), for example, in a puppet play.
Fairy tales

To write your own fairy tale, it is recommended to complete 3 steps:

  1. Get ready - the patient is aware of his problems, ponders them and calms down before starting to write a fairy tale.
  2. Write a story (in the presence of difficulties, it is not forbidden to resort to the help of a specialist).
  3. Read a fairy tale and analyze it.

How to raise a child with the help of fairy tales?

In order to educate your child with the help of fairy tale therapy was effective, use the fairy tale, in cases, for example, when a child likes to lie, not understanding why it is bad. The problem can be eliminated by creating the offspring of his own story.

Follow these steps:

  • Create a character (or use your favorite child's character), introduce it to the baby.
  • Create a conflict: the character loved to lie, which caused many troubles in his life.
  • Emphasize - the hero’s awareness of the incorrectness of his act: because of lies, troubles arose in the hero’s life.
  • The climax of the story: the hero was able to cope with problems, as he redefined his behavior.
  • Come up with a happy ending.
  • Discuss the tale with the baby - he needs to understand that the main character’s troubles began because he lied and only his decision to change and stop telling lies led to a successful outcome of the tale.
Used by psychotherapists

Fairy tale therapy - It is effectively used by psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, teachers, educators in kindergartens in order to find a solution to their professional problems.

We recommend that parents take a closer look at this technique, for use in parenting.

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