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DIY dog made of paper, polymer clay, fabric, crochet: patterns, patterns, photos. Craft a dog to school, kindergarten, for the competition: manufacturing scheme

It's always nice to see a handmade toy on the tree.

How to make a Christmas toy dog ​​with your own hands for the contest?

Little cute cork dog certainly cause emotion. In addition, as a Christmas tree toy, it is very convenient - suitable even for a small tree, successfully fitting into any composition of jewelry. For its manufacture will need:

Actually, yourself traffic jams - some

  • Beads
  • Toothpicks
  • Wire
  • Pistol for gluing
  • Yarn or twine
  • Paint - optional

Making a toy is very simple - you can handle it in just a few minutes! For this separately cut ears, paws. Glue all the details glue gun, not forgetting about eyes and nose made of beads.

IMPORTANT: You can string the details on the wire too - then they will even move.

Tail is a small twine loop. BUT tongue and scarf performed from woolen threads. In the case of a scarf, they need to be twisted in the form of a pigtail.

Cute dog from corks on the Christmas tree

Craft paper dog for the competition for the child in kindergarten, school

A small origami dog that can be put to any place without any problems will surely appeal to many. Even a child will cope with origami. AND will need just two things:

  • Square paper any color
  • Felt-tip pen black color

Getting started:

  • Fold twice a piece of paper diagonally. Expand him
A piece of paper for dog craft folds diagonally twice
  • Now folded corners towards the center
Start folding doggie paper This is how a squared paper for dog-dog art should look when folded
  • One of the corners is standing to bend
One of the corners of dog-dog paper bends to the side
  • Bend the tip bent corner

IMPORTANT: Make sure that the tip fits perfectly on the fold line.

The tip of the paper for the dog-dog need to be bent
  • Bend angle finally and bend the other
This is how the corners of dog paper should look like

And in this case, the angle is to bendhowever, in such a way that a crease appeared. Well, the corner protruding from the fold will be the tail of the dog.

The future tail of dog-dog crafts
  • Now just fold the leaf in half
The blank for the dog is folded in half
  • Diagonal of the rectangle facing you create a fold. Pull the triangle inside out
Fold diagonal dog paper so
  • Make symmetrical bend on the other side blanks
The reverse side of the blank for dog-dog crafts
  • When the time will come make a face? It's about time. Expand the workpiece and pay attention to the front corner
A dog face will be formed from this corner
  • Do corner lapel and again fold harvesting
Fold the corner for the dog blank as follows Here is the blank dog
  • The final stage - the image using a felt-tip pen nose and eye
Draw eyes and nose for the dog This is what an origami dog looks like

Do-it-yourself soft toy dog ​​made of fabric: pattern

IMPORTANT: It is recommended to make a puppy out of the so-called "fluffy" fabrics - knitwear with fleece, plush, bikes. In this case, be sure to add about 0.5 cm to the seam.

Try to parts of the abdomen and back stitch so that letters on the patterns matched. Of course, you don’t need to touch the neck - through it, the workpiece is turned inside out and filled with filler.

Two sew parts of the head in those places where the letters are on the pattern "at" and g. Be sure to sew and forehead with chin.

For peephole and nose beads fit.

Pattern for a puppy toy

Crochet DIY Dog Toy

The coming 2018 will be held under the year of the yellow dog. Let’s try to tie such a funny toy-amulet in the form of a dachshund. Come in handy for this:

  • Multi-colored threads but yellow is a priority
  • Hook
  • Filler for a toy - for example, a synthetic winterizer is perfect
  • Glue
  • Beads or finished eyes for toys

IMPORTANT: Also stock up with a needle - despite the fact that the toy will be knitted, you will need to sew some details using a regular needle.

So, proceed:

  • Start creating a dog. from the head. Make 2 loops, and in the second of them, knit 6 columns. Nakida is not needed.
  • Already fit into each column 2 loops - their number in a row needs to be increased.
  • In a new row, start add columns through the loop. The next row is created without bars.
Knit the dog's head one crochet

Now in each row create 2 decreases.

IMPORTANT: The last 2 rows are nose. Knit it with brown or black threads. And then do not forget to fill the head of the future toy with a padding polyester.

This is what the head of a dog toy will look like.
  • The turn has come the ears. Dial 4 loops in a chain. Knit 1 single crochet in each stitch - and so 2 rows
  • Add through one loop columns. Another row needs to be created without increments
  • Further along the single crochet add in the first 2 loops, and in the next 2 loops - 2 columns, and in the subsequent 2 loops - by column
  • In the next 2 rows do 2 decreases - in the last row in the loop will be 1 single crochet. The entire ear should be tied with similar columns.
So the ear fits for the dog It turns out here is such a cute ear for a dog
  • After you tie the second ear in a similar pattern, you can tackle paws. Knit 6 stitches in one loop. After that, create increases through the loop. Then, in a new row, create 2 decreases. And then write one column in each loop in 3 rows.

IMPORTANT: This pattern is the same for both the front and rear legs.

Dog paws
  • To create tail, knit 6 single crochet stitches in a loop. Next, knit 1 column into the loop. The number of rows depends on how long the tail you want to make the toy.
Dog tail
  • For creating torso knit 6 stitches in the first loop. Start in the next row to add loops. Knit 2 columns in a loop, and then alternate 1 column and 2. Without adding, you can make 2 rows.
  • Next, knit 1 single crochet into a loop, but at the same time change thread colors - the dachshund will be in clothes. On average, you should get 10 rows, but, of course, you can make the dog more authentic.
The dog will have colorful clothes
  • Tie the toy body with yellow yarn, in each row making 2 decreases
This is how the body of a dachshund toy turns out

The final stage is sewing all parts toys to each other and placementpeephole

Bright toy dachshund made of yarn is ready

Do-it-yourself toy Christmas dog made of polymer clay

To make a funny polymer clay dog stock up:

  • Polymer clay brown, beige, white, black, pink
  • Eyesthat can be cut out of paper
  • Blackboard
  • Stacks, timber - all that will allow you to give clay the necessary shape

Can now start off:

  • From a clay ball shape your head, and on it - a recess for the mouth, folds. Create and stick nose
  • Now you can begin to manufacture the torso and hind legs
Creating the head, torso and hind legs of a polymer clay dog

IMPORTANT: Do not forget to attach pads made of white pieces of clay to the hind legs.

  • After that sculpt forelegs
Creating paws dog toy
  • Of course, pads needed and front paws. The head attach to the body. Collar will become a cute flirty addition
Be sure to make the dog a collar

The collar can be decorated somehow, and then you should remember about ears. In a set to a collar ears are decorated bows. Final touch - easy application blush and attachment peephole. Mouth also worth highlighting.

Final touches in creating dog toys

Try to create these charming toys with your children - that’s how you will make a guard for the coming year, and teach the child how to make it. Similar crafts can be sent to the children's contest.

Watch the video: DIY Shoe decorations - Polymer clay tutorial (November 2019).