Ginger treatment for cough, cold, asthma, diabetes, liver, stomach, prostatitis

Ginger is an amazing root crop that has long been successfully used in the treatment of diseases such as asthma, prostatitis, diabetes, etc. Another Greek scientist and physician Dioscorides who lived in the 70s A.D. in his work “On Medical Matter” he described ginger as the best remedy for the human digestive system.

Tea and coffee with ginger

Ginger is primarily a spice. That is, a product that improves the taste of many dishes and drinks. You can use it to make tea and coffee. Moreover, these drinks will not only become tastier, but can also help the body cope with many ailments.


Drinks with this spicy root are very popular in the East.

But, due to the fact that today ginger, both in raw and dry form, can be easily purchased from us, you can prepare tasty and healthy cocktails at home.

There are several recipes for brewing ginger tea. It is better to brew it on the basis of green tea. So you can prepare not only a very tasty, but also a healthy drink.

  1. Cut off a 4-cm slice from the spicy root
  2. We peel it and rub it
  3. We shift into a teapot
  4. We put there a brew of green tea and fill it with water heated to 80 degrees
  5. Let it brew for about 20 minutes

To enhance the taste and increase the benefits of this tea, you can add honey, lemon slices and spices such as cinnamon, cardamom and star anise. You need to drink such tea no more than 2-3 glasses a day.


  • Coffee-based ginger drink is very popular. With it, you can warm yourself on a cold winter day and help the body cope with infections and cramps.
  • Coffee with ginger relieves toothache well, is used as an expectorant and antiemetic. Thanks to ginger tonic properties of coffee increase many times
  • If you like to make coffee on the stove, then the easiest way to make a ginger drink is to simply add a few slices of spicy root directly to the turk

But, a little more complicated recipe:

  1. We heat the water (1 cup) and add cardamom (1 pc.), Cloves (3 pcs.), Grated nutmeg (1 pc.) And cinnamon (a small stick) to it.
  2. Mix and add ground ginger (1 teaspoon)
  3. Bring water to a boil and add coffee (1 tbsp. Spoon)
  4. Mix and bring to a boil
  5. But, directly in front of him, remove from the stove (do this three times)
  6. Filter and pour milk (1 cup)
  7. Add sugar (to taste) mix and let it brew for 5 minutes


The benefits of ginger have been repeatedly described on the pages of this site

It is the properties of the main component of such tea that make it not only very tasty and fragrant, but also help to use it for health purposes.

DigestionGinger tea has a stimulating effect on the gastrointestinal tract. Compounds in this spicy root activate the production of gastric juice. That is why with the help of such a drink you can increase your appetite and get rid of heartburn. Tea with pieces of ginger is an excellent prevention of gastric ulcer. But, if this disease is already diagnosed, then it is better to refuse such tea.
Brain workUsing this spicy root, blood circulation in the brain can be activated. Due to which it is possible to stimulate brain activity. Therefore, ginger tea is indicated for people engaged in intellectual work. Thanks to the main component of this drink, you can improve concentration and memory.
Reproductive systemGinger is one of the very first aphrodisiacs known to mankind. Moreover, he successfully acts on both men and women. Ginger enhances blood circulation in the pelvic area. Which positively affects the work of the reproductive system. With the help of such tea, one can improve male potency and cure some forms of female infertility.
The cardiovascular systemGinger can thin the blood. That is why a ginger drink can reduce the risk of blood clots. In addition, using this spicy root can reduce the level of "bad" cholesterol. Representatives of traditional medicine advise drinking ginger drinks to prevent such a cardiovascular disease as atherosclerosis.
Overweight and ObesitySubstances that ginger is rich in can accelerate many metabolic processes in the body. This spicy root accelerates the breakdown of fats and helps the natural removal of their excess from the body.
DetoxificationVarious toxins, waste products and decay products can accumulate in the body for years and cause many very serious diseases. Using ginger, you can remove such compounds and cleanse the body. This is best done with ginger tea or coffee. But, with the last drink is better not to get involved.

Ginger contains a very large amount of essential oils containing allergens. That is why when drinking tea or coffee with this spicy root, it is important to make sure that there are no negative reactions of the body to this product.

In addition, it is undesirable to drink such drinks (especially coffee) before bedtime. Ginger has a tonic and nervous system stimulating effect.

Immune Ginger Recipes with Lemon

  • Ginger with lemon is a powerful remedy for many ailments. Most often, with its help they improve the work of the cardiovascular and digestive systems, as well as strengthen the immune system
  • Lemon, like spicy root, is very rich in vitamin C and amino acids that are beneficial for humans. A ginger drink with citrus slices can be used not only to help the body during colds
  • With the help of such a tool, it is possible to fight spring vitamin deficiency, strengthen the heart and improve the functioning of the stomach
Recently, ginger with lemon has been widely used for weight loss.

To prepare such a universal tool is very simple:

  1. Grind the spicy root with a grater
  2. In the resulting gruel you need to add lemon juice
  3. Mix and let the ingredients brew (15 minutes)
  4. Pour boiling water, mix and let it brew.
  5. To enhance the healing effect, honey and mint can be added to such a drink.

You can consume such a drink both independently and add to tea.

The composition of such a drink includes vitamins C, A and B, which are important for the immune system. Thanks to them, you can strengthen the immune system during colds and saturate the body with many useful vitamins and minerals.

Another recipe for a drink to help the immune system:

  1. Cut ginger into small pieces and boil them in water
  2. Grind boiled ginger with lemon
  3. Mix and add honey
  4. Add 1 tablespoon of this product to green tea 30 minutes before meals

Recipes for the treatment of ginger cough, colds, bronchitis

You can reduce the risk of developing colds during their peak with tea with the root crop described

This universal remedy provides good support during periods of SARS, ARI and influenza epidemics. Its benefits have been proven and are not in doubt not only among representatives of traditional, but also official medicine.

For the treatment of colds and coughs, such ginger-based products are indicated:

  • Alcohol tincture. Ginger grate and pour alcohol or vodka. Insist for a month and drink after the main meals one teaspoon
  • Decoction. The spicy root is grated, poured with water and boiled 10 minutes after boiling. Take 1 teaspoon 1-2 times during the day
  • Milk jelly. Mix a glass of milk, turmeric, ground red pepper and dry ginger (2 grams each). Cook for 2 minutes and add honey and mint to taste.
  • Fresh ginger. To prevent colds, you can just chew a slice of raw spicy root 2-3 times during the day
  • The juice. With a dry cough, grate the ginger root on a fine grater and squeeze the juice from the resulting one. It must be mixed with lemon juice and honey. Pour boiling water and insist 15 minutes. Take 1 teaspoon every 45 minutes
  • Drops. If one of the symptoms of a cold is a runny nose, then you can clean your nose with ginger juice and sugar. To do this, mix the ingredients and drip their nose (2-3 drops)
  • Inhalation with ginger essential oil. Dilute 3-4 drops of spicy root oil in a glass of boiling water and inhale for 8-12 minutes
  • Mustard plasters. Mix ground ginger with a little water. The resulting gruel should be rubbed into the soles of the legs and between the shoulder blades
  • Ginger bath. Very well help to cope with a cold bath with a ginger decoction. But, they can be used only when a cold is not accompanied by an increase in temperature

Ginger Asthma Treatment: A Prescription

  • You can use this spicy root in the treatment of bronchial asthma. It is quite difficult to cure this ailment. Therefore, most often people with asthma do not fight with the disease itself, but with its symptoms
  • At the same time, they should take a lot of drugs that adversely affect the work of some internal organs. But, you can replace medications with ginger
  • The upper respiratory tract is very severely affected by bronchial asthma.

But, with the help of the recipes described below, you can help your body with this serious disease:


  1. Squeeze juice from fresh ginger root
  2. Dilute in a spoonful of water 7 drops of juice and take on an empty stomach

The dosage should be gradually increased to 30 drops. The course of treatment is 2-3 months.


  1. We clean the ginger root (400 g) from the peel and grind it on a grater
  2. We fall asleep in a glass jar and pour alcohol
  3. Insist in a warm, bright place for 15 days, periodically shaking the contents of the jar
  4. After this time, the liquid turns yellow
  5. We filter the tincture and dilute (15 drops per 150 ml) of water


  1. Grate the ginger and squeeze the juice
  2. Mix the juice (1 tablespoon) with honey (1 tablespoon) and fenugreek seeds (2 teaspoons) and leave for 12 hours
We divide the product into two parts and take it in the morning and in the evening


Inhalation with essential oil of this root is very good for asthma:

  1. We wash the potatoes under running water and cut them into large pieces without peeling.
  2. Boil until cooked
  3. Add a few drops of essential oil to hot potato water

The inhalation procedure must be carried out daily for 15-20 minutes.

IMPORTANT: When treating bronchial asthma, you need to abandon bad habits (alcohol, tobacco smoking, etc.), as well as eating meat. Subcooling has great harm in this disease.

Ginger liver treatment: recipe

Using this spicy root, you can cleanse the liver of the decay products of alcohol, toxins and toxins. For this purpose, ginger root infusion is often used:

  1. Pour ginger (20 g) with boiling water (1 cup) and insist 30 minutes
  2. Eat before breakfast

It is necessary to start taking such a drug with 10 drops. Daily increase the dosage by 2 drops. A maximum dosage of 40 drops should be achieved after 15 days.

Without increasing it, we take the drug for another 15 days, and then we reduce 2 drops daily. When the dosage reaches 10 drops, you need to take a break and after 15 days repeat the course.

IMPORTANT: Of course, do not self-medicate. Taking ginger-based products must be combined with the treatment prescribed by your doctor.

Ginger is a unique natural product that can cleanse the body of toxins and normalize digestion and blood formation.

With it, you can even recover from alcoholism.

When craving for alcohol, you need to chew a piece of fresh ginger. It is important to understand that alcohol loads the liver very much and destroys the cells of this internal organ.

You can cleanse the liver of the decay products of alcohol and restore its cells using the following recipe:

  1. Grind lemon peel (1 pc.) And mix it with ground ginger (2 teaspoons)
  2. Add nutmeg (pinch) and cloves (1 pc.)
  3. Pour the mixture with boiling water (1 cup) and insist 15 minutes

We drink this product in half a glass 2 times a day in small sips.

Ginger Diabetes Treatment: Prescription

Spicy root products may be used to treat carbohydrate metabolism disorders. Compounds in its composition can reduce sugar levels.

In addition, this product is able to saturate the body with the nutrients it needs.

IMPORTANT: The use of ginger-based products for the fight against diabetes must be agreed with your doctor. You can not use ginger and hypoglycemic agents at the same time. They will strengthen each other, which can negatively affect health.


  1. We clean the ginger root and fill it with water
  2. We insist about (1 hour), remove from water and grind
  3. Put in a thermos and pour boiling water

You need to drink such a drink three times a day half an hour before meals.

It can be added to green tea, mixed with honey and lemon.


We prepare juice in the traditional way. Grate the ginger root through a fine grater and squeeze the liquid out of it using gauze.

Such juice should be drunk twice a day. The maximum dosage in one dose is 1/8 teaspoon. Ginger juice can be diluted with water.

Ginger Stomach Treatment: Recipe

For indigestion, this product is also indicated. Using a spicy root, you can normalize the digestive tract. The composition of this product includes compounds that have anti-inflammatory properties. In small quantities, ginger can even help with gastritis.

Ginger will help with:

  • Bouts of nausea
  • Indigestion
  • Increased acidity of gastric juice
  • Vomit
  • Heartburn

IMPORTANT: Spicy root has proven itself in many stomach problems. But it can not be used for peptic ulcer. The substances that make up its composition can enhance the development of this disease.

For the treatment of the stomach, take no more than 4 g of this product per day

You can use this recipe:

  1. Mix ground ginger (1/2 teaspoon) and lemon juice (7 drops)
  2. Add salt and mix.
  3. Eat before meals

With this tool you can cleanse normalize digestion, improve the digestive tract and stimulate the secretion of gastric juice.

The "side" effects of taking such a remedy are a decrease in flatulence, a decrease in gastric colic and the purification of blood from toxins.

Ginger is indicated for various types of poisoning (including fungi) and for protecting the body from parasites.

Ginger Prostatitis Treatment: Prescription

  • As we have already found out, ginger copes with diseases of the male reproductive system. Thanks to its bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect, it can help with prostatitis.
  • Of course, you can’t deal with such a serious disease yourself. It is necessary to consult a doctor and get professional help from him. But, you can strengthen such help with the help of products made from this spicy root
  • Prostatitis can be treated with tinctures and ginger-based microclysters


  1. Grind the root on a fine grater
  2. Pour it with boiled water
  3. Add lemon, honey and mint to taste.

Drinking such an infusion is necessary in small sips throughout the day.


  1. Grind the root and pour alcohol (1: 1 ratio)
  2. We insist for 15 days and take 10 drops before meals

Microclysters from prostatitis

To prepare such a product, you need to buy ginger oil in a pharmacy and dilute it in boiled water

It is necessary to put microclysters daily for 10 days. Then you need to take a break and repeat the course.

Treatment of angina with ginger: a recipe

The benefits of this spicy root are endless.You can use it to treat sore throats. This can help:

  • Antibacterial throat treatment
  • Relieve inflammation and swelling
  • Reduce the number of germs in the body
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Liquefy phlegm
  • Reduce body temperature, which increased against a sore throat

To treat acute tonsillitis and pharyngitis, you can gargle and drink ginger-based drinks. It is advisable to begin treatment with such agents in the very early stages of the disease.

Decoction with angina

  1. Grate the ginger root (2 cm)
  2. Pour boiling water and cook in a water bath for 15 minutes
  3. To enhance the effect, you can add honey
  4. Cool to a warm state and drink in small sips

You need to drink such a decoction 2 times a day. After removing the inflammation from the throat, you need to continue treatment for another 2 weeks.


  1. Grate the ginger root on a grater (1/2 teaspoon) and brew boiling water
  2. We insist until the water becomes warm
  3. Gargle 4 times a day for 30 seconds
To enhance the effect, you first need to gargle with sage or chamomile infusion, and then with the above ginger remedy

If sore throat is accompanied by the release of pus, then propolis should be added to the ginger decoction when rinsing.


  1. Boil water (750 ml) and add ground ginger (1 teaspoon) to it
  2. Mix and cook on low heat for about 10 minutes
  3. Add honey (3 teaspoons), black pepper (a pinch) and lemon juice (3 teaspoons)

They drink such a cocktail 3 times a day until they recover completely.


  1. Add grated ginger (1 teaspoon) to the thermos, brewing black tea (1/3 tablespoon), cloves (2 pcs.) And pour boiling water (300 ml)
  2. Add apple and lemon (in a slice), honey (1 teaspoon) and mix
  3. We insist 30 minutes and drink 2 times a day

Inhalations with ginger oil (described above) and vodka compresses with ginger on the neck and chest have proven themselves well.

Recipes and the use of a mixture of ginger with honey, lemon

These three natural products are very beneficial.

If used together, then each of these products will enhance the action of each other.


  1. Grind ginger root (220 g) with a grater (you can use a meat grinder instead of a grater)
  2. Lemons (2 pcs.) Cut into pieces, peeled and chopped with a blender
  3. Add chopped ginger to the lemon puree and add honey (250 g)
  4. Mix until smooth and transfer to a glass jar with a lid
  5. Leave in the refrigerator for a day and consume 1 tablespoon 2 times a day.


  1. We prepare the vitamin mixture according to the previous recipe
  2. Before combining the ingredients, add turmeric (1 teaspoon) and ground cinnamon (1 teaspoon) to the bowl
  3. You can add fragrant cloves and mix
  • With the help of such funds, you can help your immunity. These natural products do not contain harmful synthetic additives and are well absorbed by the body.
  • Each of the components of such a mixture will provide powerful support to the body during the spread of respiratory infections.
  • A mixture of ginger, lemon and honey can be used as a separate product or added to your tea (1 teaspoon per cup)
  • But, in order for the beneficial properties of such a mixture not to suffer from hot water, it is necessary to add it to tea, the temperature of which does not exceed 50 degrees

Recipes and the use of a mixture of cinnamon and ginger

These two spices have been used by man since ancient times.

Initially, they were used to enhance the taste of some dishes. But, gradually, people began to discover the beneficial properties of these products. Today, a mixture of ginger and cinnamon is used for weight loss.

For this purpose, several recipes are used that combine the beneficial properties of these two spices:

Spicy cocktail

  1. Pour kefir into a blender bowl (250 ml)
  2. Pour ground cinnamon (1/2 teaspoon) and ginger (1/2 teaspoon)
  3. Add a pinch of chili pepper
  4. Mix and drink on an empty stomach

Such a cocktail is best drunk before bedtime, replacing it with dinner. This drink is well shown in the diet of fasting days. But, it should not form the basis of the menu with such a diet.


  1. Pour kefir into a blender bowl (500 ml)
  2. Add cinnamon (1 teaspoon) and ginger (1 teaspoon)
  3. Add natural honey (1 teaspoon)
  4. Let it brew and whisk with a blender

You need to drink such a drink (1 glass) three times a day half an hour before meals. The course of treatment is 7 days. If desired, lemon or orange can be added to the ingredients, enhancing the fat-burning effect of such a drink.


  1. Grated ginger (3 tbsp. Tablespoons) and cinnamon (1 tsp.) Fall asleep in a thermos
  2. Pour boiling water (1 liter) and let it brew
  3. We drink 1 glass on an empty stomach in the morning and in the evening


  1. Cut ginger root (2.5 cm) into circles
  2. Divide the apple (1 pc.) Into thin slices
  3. Add cinnamon (2 sticks), ginger and an apple to the teapot.
  4. Pour boiling water and let it brew for 10 minutes
  5. Add honey (2 teaspoons) and mix

Drinking this tea is best between meals.

Ginger pepper

The composition of pepper, as well as the composition of the hero of this article is ginger, entering compounds that have a fat-burning effect
  • That is why a mixture of these products is most often used diets aimed at reducing excess weight.
  • In addition, in Ancient Tibet pepper, like ginger, was used in "hot" mixtures. That is, in those that warmed the internal organs of the body and expelled diseases
  • A mixture of ginger and white pepper “warmed” the lungs, liver and stomach. Also, this mixture was used to enhance potency. Cough was treated with spicy root and black pepper, and throat with a mixture of red pepper
  • Unfortunately, the original recipes for such mixtures did not reach us. And if they did, they remain inside Tibet. Therefore, a mixture of ginger and pepper in our country is used only for weight loss

Ginger, Pepper, Peppermint and Lemon for Weight Loss

  1. Using a grater, grind ginger (6 teaspoons)
  2. Squeeze lemon juice (8 teaspoons)
  3. Mix the ingredients and add ground pepper (pinch)
  4. For taste, add mint (a few leaves)
  5. Fill everything with hot water (1.5 liters) and let it brew

We drink such a tasty and healthy cocktail 2-3 times a day between meals.

Kefir with ginger

  • Kefir favorably affects the work of the gastrointestinal tract. The composition of this product includes many useful compounds for humans. And if ginger is added to this fermented milk product, then the benefits of such a “neighborhood” will be multiple
  • To make such a drink is very simple. Most often, ground ginger is used for these purposes. It is added directly to the glass with kefir, mixed and drunk.
  • You can add turmeric, cinnamon, pepper, honey, lemon and other useful ingredients to this smoothie. With help. This drink can speed up metabolism and burn excess fat.

Garlic ginger

In their action, these two products are very similar.

They can help a person cleanse the body of viruses and bacteria. Using ginger and garlic, you can remove toxins and toxins, reduce bad cholesterol and speed up metabolism. There are several recipes that use the miraculous power of these products.


  1. Peel ginger (4 cm) and garlic (2 cloves)
  2. Cut them into thin slices
  3. We place the ingredients in a thermos and pour boiling water (2 liters)
  4. Leave to insist for 1 hour

Drink such a drink 3 times a day in half a glass before meals.

Ginger Juice

Ginger juice can stimulate the stomach and intestines
  • Due to which there is a natural process of self-cleaning of the body. Thanks to the conclusion of toxins and toxins, many metabolic processes in the body are accelerated. What helps increase the rate of burning excess fat
  • Ginger juice contains a large amount of natural antioxidants. Reception of such a product allows to improve the structure of the skin, rejuvenate the body and carry out anti-cancer prevention
  • In addition, ginger juice is a powerful weapon against cough, runny nose and sore throat. To get rid of a cold, you need to dilute 1 teaspoon of this juice in half a glass of warm water. Add a pinch of salt to the drink and drink 3-4 times a day

IMPORTANT: Due to its beneficial qualities, ginger juice should be drunk as a preventative measure during colds. With it, you can strengthen the body's immune system. Such juice is shown with strong physical and psycho-emotional stress.

Do not forget about another useful quality of ginger juice - increasing potency in men.


Due to the specific taste in its pure form, drinking ginger juice is very difficult. In addition, the concentrated juice of this spicy root can have a negative effect on the gastric mucosa. Therefore, most often ginger juice is diluted with water or added to other juices, increasing their benefits.


  1. Rub the ginger root with a grater
  2. Squeeze through gauze juice
  3. Do the same with apple and carrots
  4. Mix the juices of these fruits and vegetables together and drink after meals

You can add ginger juice to milk. Dilute 1 teaspoon of ginger juice in a glass of milk and add honey. Drink such a drink before bedtime. With it, you can remove the nervous tension that has accumulated over the day.

Where else do ginger add?

In the gastronomic traditions of Asian countries, ginger is a very popular spice.

But, if you are looking for recipes with this product to promote health, then pay attention to these:


  1. Peel the carrots (100 g) and rub it through a coarse grater
  2. Using the oven, bake beets (70 g) and grate
  3. Using a fine grater, remove the zest from half an orange and lemon
  4. Grind celery (to taste)
  5. Grate ginger (30 g) and mix the ingredients
  6. Season with vegetable oil and add ground pepper


  1. We clean the melon (small size) from the skin
  2. Cut its flesh and place in a blender bowl
  3. Grind mint and parsley (1/8 cup each)
  4. Pour milk into a bowl and add greens
  5. Ginger (to taste)
  6. Beat until smooth


  1. Peel the tomatoes (1 kg)
  2. Cut their flesh into 4 parts and place in a pan
  3. Pour sugar (800 g) and put in the refrigerator for 2 hours
  4. We remove the pan from the refrigerator, put on the stove and boil the contents until the consistency of jam
  5. Pour lemon juice (4 tbsp.) And chopped ginger
  6. Cook for a few more minutes and pour the mass into banks

Ginger Treatment: Tips and Reviews

Kseniya. And I add ginger when I make strawberry jam. It turns out very tasty and most importantly useful. Be sure to open the jar during the period of infections.

Victoria. I read somewhere that this root can be used to treat gums. To do this, just chew it.

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