How to cut jeans for shorts for women and men? How to make jeans with fashionable shorts and torn jeans?

Old denim pants with one movement of the hand turn into ... stylish shorts! Such a wardrobe item can be easily made independently without much effort, and decorative elements and modern solutions for decorating shorts will give a special fashionable touch.

How to trim jeans for women's shorts?

Probably, many fashionistas and needlewomen have convinced themselves more than once that the most exclusive and unique wardrobe items are obtained only when you use your own hands to create them. Moreover, a beautiful and original thing can never lose its relevance and go out of fashion.

A striking example is denim shorts. After all, if you pay attention, you can see that every season they remain at the peak of popularity. There is something special in jeans shorts that reminds everyone of lightness, carefree, summer, sea, sexuality and bright T-shirts. The best part about jeans shorts is that you don’t have to spend money on their purchase!

Beautiful denim shorts can be made from old denim pants. This will save your personal funds and make this wardrobe item as stylish and attractive as possible.

How to make stylish shorts from old denim pants?

Stages of turning old jeans into stylish fashionable shorts:

  • Planning.This stage assumes your thorough preparation for the process. To do this, you should do the two most important things: find old trousers that you don’t mind cutting with scissors and clearly determine for yourself what kind of result you want to achieve
  • Cloth jeans.It is also worth paying attention to what fabric your jeans are made of. Modern denim can be thick and thin, stretch and 100% cotton. It is worth knowing that stretch jeans are not the best option for creating shorts, since such a fabric is not designed to keep shape. Too baggy pants, on the other hand, turn into baggy shorts
  • Tissue processing.This stage involves the high-quality washing of jeans trousers so that they have the opportunity to "get hooked", that is, do not significantly decrease in size. If you wash already cropped jeans in shorts, you run the risk of shortening the finished item of clothing, which may look a little worse
  • Choose the length of future shorts.This is necessary in order to properly trim the fabric. For example, capri should be trimmed strictly along the calf muscle. This option of elongated shorts is perfect for those women who have problems with leg fullness and do not like dramatic image changes. Bermuda - Another option for shorts, it involves cutting the legs at the level of the knees.Short shortswill suit both young girls and women with slim long legs without a hint of cellulite and other body imperfections. These shorts are good to wear on the beach and in the city in extreme heat, combining with light t-shirts and sandals
  • Define the boundaries.This is an important step in creating shorts, which is decisive and decisive for their beauty. To do this, wear trousers, stand in front of the mirror and clearly draw the boundaries of their circumcision. To do this, draw a line with a piece of dry soap, with a chip, or simply fasten a pin. After that, jeans already removed from the body should be put on the table and draw a border under the ruler so that the cut line is even. Jeans are trimmed along the drawn line and trimmed either manually, or on a typewriter, or simply disheveled. At the end of the work, you can devote some time to decorating jeans. This can be embroidery, creating scuffs, holes, sewing on beads and sequins, gluing rhinestones
create beautiful shorts in stages

How to cut jeans for men's shorts?

The advantage of jeans shorts is that they go to almost every man of any age and status, as well as physique. And the best part is that you don’t have to spend money on their purchase, they are easy to craft from old unnecessary jeans trousers. Your zeal and hard work will help the shorts become original, stylish and fashionable.

In order to make good denim shorts you need:

  • Find old unnecessary trousers that do not mind trimming.Pay attention to the material of the trousers, because stretch is not the most successful fabric for experiments. There are too many rubberized threads in it, which will degrade the appearance of the product
  • Oversized baggy trousers will eventually become baggy loose shorts, and skinny skinny jeans will become tight shorts. In any case, the trousers must be washed and dried before being hemmed and trimmed. This will allow them to get a little “hooked” for high-quality trousers and shorts
  • The best option for shorts for men isburbudy.These are shorts that reach their knee with their length. To correctly determine your ideal length, you should wear washed and dried pants on your body and stand in front of the mirror. Using a pin, determine the required and preferred length, lock the pin. Remove the trousers and put them on the table, draw an even cut border with a chalk adding one centimeter (it is needed in order to tuck the fabric and hem)
  • Trim the pants clearly to a specific border. Tuck the fabric and sew it very carefully on the sewing machine. This will give the product a neat appearance and a finished look. Optionally, you can also add some decorative elements that will decorate the product and make it incredibly stylish.
how to determine and correctly make the length of men's shorts

You can decorate men's shorts in several ways:

  • Make a few scuffs in the area of ​​the knees, side and back pockets, seams
  • Make some special holes or cuts
  • Sew labels or fabric inserts with inscriptions or brands
  • Sew metal spikes, buttons, buttons or chains

How to trim jeans evenly under shorts?

Jeans never went out of fashion and products from this fabric always remained relevant, in demand and fashionable. Any person: a woman, a man or a child, will be able to feel comfortable, stylish and beautiful in a jeans product.

Fashionable denim shorts can be completely different: wide and narrow, short and long, simple and decorated with many decorative elements.

In some cases, you can even meet trendy ultra short shorts that look extremely attractive and sexy on young girls, revealing a buttock on the leg.

If you want to get loose summer shorts in which you can go with pleasure all summer, then Bermuda shorts are best for you.

Loose jeans that are not tapered to the bottom are useful for this. This style has been fashionable for several seasons in a row, and such decorative elements as scuffs and holes can add special style.

How to make fashionable denim shorts from old trousers on your own?

How to make shorts on your own:

  • The length of the shorts should definitely be determined at that moment while the pants are dressed on the body. If you define it on your pants off, you always run the risk of making them too short and shorter than you expected.
  • Having determined the length, you should fix it for yourself in any convenient way, and then draw a border exactly under the ruler on the table so that the cut is correct and uniform, the same and even for both legs
  • You need to cut shorts with a margin, that is, to the length that you measured while looking in the mirror you need to add another one and a half centimeter. This amount of fabric is necessary in order to make a beautiful hem and stitch it
  • This line must be done from the wrong side, so that the seam is not on the outside of the fabric. The disheveled edge where nicks stick out, necessarily tucks inward

The finished product must definitely be decorated with various modern decorative elements. Everything you need for decoration can be found in any hardware store.

stitching on homemade denim shorts homemade denim shorts without stitching on the edge, shorts with a tattered edge and decorative holes independent tailoring of Bermuda jeans shorts from old jeans trousers independent tailoring of jeans shorts, an original line on the edge of the leg from the outside - a stylish solution

How to make fashionable shorts from old jeans?

We can say with confidence that your homemade shorts look: stylish or not, the presence of various decorative elements is responsible for them. Each new season, one can observe how modern designers come up with more and more new ways to highlight everyday clothes and to elevate them to a stylish and universally recognized level.

If you have successfully determined the ideal length for yourself and cut the jeans, turning them into shorts, the next thing you need to do is spend your energy on decorating and decorating them. Such decoration can be either minimal or global, it all depends on your preferences and your style.


  • Scuffs are one of the simplest and most fashionable decorative elements that can be present on shorts of any length and any style.
  • Scuffs will decorate your shorts and add special ease, lightness and summer mood to them.
  • You can perform scuffing with the help of improvised tools: a pumice stone, sandpaper, a blade, eyebrow tweezers, manicure scissors
  • Simple scuffs of light and white color are created by rubbing pumice or sandpaper on the fabric. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to get exactly the result that you expected. Nevertheless, you create your own individual style and any labor costs will pay off with interest
  • When wiping the fabric, place a thick cardboard under the bottom (between the legs) to prevent rubbing of other layers of the fabric
  • Stylish holes can be made using the blade with which you dissect the fabric. After that, with nail scissors or tweezers, you should get all the vertical threads. As a result, you will get a stylish “gap” in jeans, which can be done both on the knees and on the pockets
scuffs on denim shorts


  • Another trendy way to decorate jeans
  • Making a stylish and beautiful hole is very simple - you just need to cut the fabric horizontally in the selected area several times. The distance between the cuts should be approximately one centimeter
  • After that, pull out all the vertical threads from the cuts with eyebrow tweezers and get a stylish hole
  • You can also cut a round hole or a hole in the shape of a square with scissors. The edges of the cut hole should be thoroughly wiped with pumice or sandpaper.
denim shorts with holes


  • Especially popular are women's denim shorts decorated with lace
  • Lace fabric can be sewn with your own hand to the wrong side of shorts where there is a hole
  • Lacy fabric trimmed the edge of the leg or area of ​​the pockets
  • Lace can be sewn along the seams or in the waistband
  • The color and style of lace can be easily chosen independently and sew them both with a machine line and with your hands
denim women's shorts with lace

Decorative elements:

  • Jeans shorts can also be decorated with the many different decorative elements that are sold in modern hardware stores.
  • Simple metal and curly buttons, ribbons, buttons, stripes and chains are used
  • You can combine several styles in one wardrobe item
stylish denim shorts decorated with decorative metal buttons in the shape of a star fashion denim shorts decorated with metal spikes modern denim shorts decorated with many decorative elements

How to make jeans shorts with a twist?

Shorts with a twist - a wonderful simple, but at the same time stylish wardrobe item that will become your favorite casual wear. Such shorts can easily be made from old jeans on their own.

Shorts with a twist in stages:

  • Find the right trousers, yourself at the mirror, determine the required length of future stylish shorts, fix it with a pin and remove the trousers
  • Three to five centimeters should be retreated down from the marked value (depending on the width of the desired turn) and draw with a ruler and pen a clear, even cut line
  • Cut off the excess bottom of the trousers with scissors
  • There is one secret that will allow you to cut the fabric as evenly as possible: cut each side (front and back) separately
  • Take the iron and iron the door carefully, wrapping it the way you like it
  • If you want to hide the cut tattered edge, fold it inward again and smooth it again with strong pressure
  • Sew the edges to each other either with a basting, then to stitch it on a typewriter, or very carefully with your own hand to achieve the perfect result

You can also independently adjust the thickness and height of the cuff, turning it one or more times.

torso shorts

How to tear up denim shorts?

If you make jeans shorts from simple jeans trousers, then most likely you will want to make some stylish and decorative elements on them.

The easiest and best thing is to make scuffs that ordinary shorts literally “turn” into an incredibly relevant wardrobe item.

Where to wear scuffs on shorts:

  • On the knees - one of the best options for placing scuffs, here your efforts will be noticeable and will always attract the attention of others
  • On the pockets -scuffs look good both on the back and side pockets. In some cases, you can wipe the fabric so hard that the lining of the pocket is visible
  • On the hips -also one of the winning options that will make ordinary shorts very stylish. Some scuffs may be horizontal, but vertical ones will always make the silhouette more elongated and slim.
  • On the pope -this scuff option is suitable for short women’s jeans shorts, which can enhance the girl’s sexuality and open the “pieces” of the naked body
hips frayed pockets knee wear abrasions on the pope

You can make scuffs with:

  • sandpaper of different stiffness
  • pumice stone for heels
  • coarse and fine grater
  • special cleaning for fish

How to make torn shorts with your own hands?

Ripped shorts are a stylish and modern wardrobe item. It is not at all difficult to make them by cutting and tearing the fabric with all the same tools that are described in this article. But along with this, it is important to know where the holes on the shorts look most profitable:

  • On the knees - a stylish modern solution. The hole can be either a small scuff, or a large area cut out by scissors and necessarily tattered threads along all edges
  • On the pockets -a stylish solution that will open the area of ​​the lining pocket fabric. In such holes, from the wrong side, you can also sew other fabrics of different textures and colors, as well as lace
  • On the pope - a stylish but bold decision that will add sexuality to the female body

In any case, the hole should not just be cut off with scissors. The edges of the hole must be rubbed to the state of disheveled threads, so that the hole looks as beautiful and stylish as possible.

ripped pocket shorts ripped hip shorts ripped shorts on the pope

How to make shorts out of pants?

Just like jeans, you can make shorts of any style and length from any other fabric. The main thing is to always choose a 100% cotton fabric for these experiments, which will perfectly retain its shape and will easily give in to sewing.

In any case, shorts are best obtained from dense fabric, similar in texture to jeans. Pay attention to the style of jeans to get the expected result of future shorts.

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