What constipation and diarrhea can cause: causes. Vitamin D as a new bowel treatment

The reasons why constipation occurs or diarrhea can be different. But both of these problems are quite serious. And, if you do not take the necessary measures in time, you can seriously worsen your condition. Moreover, you can not only get sharp pains in the lower abdomen, but also general intoxication or dehydration of the whole organism.

What constipation and diarrhea can cause: reasons

  • Not only unhealthy diet, but also other health problems can cause any of these conditions:
    • stomach ulcer;
    • bowel obstruction or inflammatory processes in it;
    • oncological diseases;
    • polyps that have grown;
    • human inactivity;
    • the use of products with fixing or laxative properties in large quantities.
  • The general condition of the whole organism depends on how bowel movements pass. Moreover, both processes are badly reflected in our health: when the stool is slow or infrequent, and also when it occurs abundantly or with great frequency.
  • In the first situation, when a person has constipation, the accumulation of harmful substances and poisoning of the body from the inside is possible. But in the case of diarrhea, on the contrary, all beneficial substances are washed out from the body, weakening it and leading to dehydration. But both processes negatively affect our immune system, undermining its foundation.

Important: Remember that products with a large amount of coarse fibers, as well as fiber, make the intestinal muscles work, irritating its mucous membrane, thereby increasing peristalsis. And foods that are not rich in fiber are easily absorbed and the intestines can afford to spill over.

Take a note of the list of foods that are always in the house and are able to eliminate constipation or diarrhea by the natural method.

Laxative Products

Products that fasten

Vitamin D as a new bowel treatment

  • The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition published on its pages the results of a pharmaceutical study that proved the benefits of vitamin D for bowel disorders and constipation.
  • The study also confirmed that people who suffer from such diseases have low levels of vitamin D in the blood or its pronounced deficiency.
  • Cholecalciferol, also called Vitamin D3 - The most important vitamin for the human body, and its lack provokes malfunctions not only in the intestines, but also in the immune and nervous systems.
  • It was also found that patients in whom the amount of vitamin was normal, any bowel disease was easier to tolerate than people with deficiency. But clinical efficacy remains to be proven.
  • Although one version has been established that calciferol favorably affects the functioning of the intestines and helps to cope with constipation. More precisely, with its lack, such a delicate problem arises.
  • And it is synthesized by our body under the action of ordinary sunlight. Therefore, buying a piece of vitamin in a pharmacy is not necessary, just walk more often in the sun.

Important: If taken improperly or as a result of an individual reaction of the body, especially in children under 1 year old, vitamin D may cause constipation. Be sure to consult your doctor about this topic.

We get vitamin D from the sun

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