How to distinguish real perfumes, perfumes, eau de toilette from fakes, copies: comparison, tips. How to determine the authenticity and quality of perfumes, perfumes, eau de toilette by packaging, barcode, aroma resistance, bottle, certificate?

In this article we will talk about how to distinguish real perfumes, perfumes, eau de toilette from fakes, copies.

Quality perfumes have long been considered a luxury item. For their manufacture used a variety of extracts and plant essential oils, natural extracts, spices, as well as various aromatic additives.

Subsequently, the perfume industry began to gain popularity and won thousands of fans around the world. Today, perfumes and eau de toilette are made in almost every country under local brands and also using cheaper raw materials to produce products similar to well-known brands.

We will examine the difference between original perfumes and copies, as well as understand how to properly purchase a product without harm to health at a reasonable price.

How to distinguish real perfumes, perfumes, eau de toilette from fakes, copies: comparison, tips

There are many ways to determine the original origin of the perfume. However, many scammers are increasingly using sophisticated ways to create copies. When buying perfumes or toilet water, it is important to pay attention to the following factors:

  • Barcode
  • Packaging integrity
  • Vial shape and density
  • Fragrance
  • The composition of the product
  • The presence of a protective hologram and film
  • Batch Number
  • Perfumery Cost
  • Point of sale location
Distinguish original from fake

Attentiveness to these product features is explained by such reasons:

  • The barcode indicates the country of origin of the perfume. Regardless of what information is indicated on the package, if it does not match the code of the same state, it is obvious that this is a fake
  • The integrity of the packaging of the original products indicates its quality and authenticity. Fraudsters seldom use extra cardboard pads, foil, or other fixing devices.
  • The density and shape of the bottle of original perfumes is visible to the naked eye. Bubbles have no punctures, scratches, the lid completely covers the throat. Cheap analogues often have smudges and cracks in the bottle
  • Real perfumes have long lasting durability. If, after 5 hours after application, you do not feel aroma, obviously you have acquired a fake
  • Not the last role in the manufacture of products is the composition. Almost all copies of the original perfumes contain a high concentration of alcohol. Real perfumes are revealed gradually, while fragrances and aromatic compositions are in first place in the list of ingredients
  • It is also worth paying attention to the presence of a hologram and a protective film on a cardboard package. They are mandatory for all units of luxury perfumes. In addition, the film must be of dense material, with smooth edges, without excess glue and damage.
  • The batch number is also inherent in all representatives of elite perfumes. As a rule, it is applied to cardboard packaging or the bottom of the bottle. At the same time, copies of perfumes and eau de toilette of world famous brands never have this information
  • When buying a fragrance, do not try to find the goods at the lowest possible price. Indeed, well-known brands use unique formulas, components and natural extracts, which at cost can not be cheaper than the average market offers
  • Also, you do not need to look for an elite perfume in natural markets, in underpasses, as well as in small cosmetic stores. In order to buy wholesale and retail branded products, you need to get a special certificate
Choose a good perfume

If you want to purchase original elite perfumes, then you should adhere to the following tips:

  • Choose perfumes and eau de toilette in official stores of this brand, or in a network of large stores specializing in the sale of cosmetics and perfumes
  • Pay attention to the appearance of the sealed packaging and to the bottle
  • Be sure to use a tester to determine resistance
  • In order to save on purchase, track promotional offers and sales in the network of large cosmetic stores
  • Do not buy perfumes for spills. Well-known brands make products exclusively in standard bottles
  • If you doubt the reputation of the store and the authenticity of the goods, compare a bottle of a larger capacity with a minimum (5-7 ml). The hologram, production time, security code and film must be indicated on both units

How to determine the authenticity and quality of perfumes, perfumes, toilet water packaging?

Almost all companies involved in the production of so-called "copies" do not bother with the release of identical packaging. You can determine the authenticity of products by considering the following details:

  • The presence of not tightly closed cardboard and slots in the joints indicates a fake
  • The lack of a cardboard vial retainer inside the box is unacceptable for real perfumes and toilet water
  • The genuine product always has a protective cellophane film without internal cardboard slip, traces of glue and bumps

  • Original products are protected by a batch number and a quality hologram.
  • Brand perfumes have no smudges or dirt on the packaging
  • On a cardboard box of genuine goods there is information about the country of manufacture, composition, lot number, barcode, as well as the address, website, telephone number or email for feedback from the manufacturer

How to verify the authenticity and quality of perfumes, perfumes, toilet water by barcode

On the packaging of many perfumes you can often find information about the country of origin:

  • Made in france
  • Made in italy
  • Made in spain
Distinguish fake by barcode

However, only the barcode indicates the true place of production. It is necessary to pay attention only to the first figures, since the subsequent ones contain information about the product, as well as the control group. The following countries are leaders in sales and production of perfumes:

  • Italy - 80-83
  • Spain - 84
  • Great Britain - 50
  • Latvia - 475
  • Germany - 400-440
  • Japan - 49
  • Turkey - 869
  • USA - 00-09
  • Portugal - 560
  • Bulgaria - 380
  • India - 890
  • China - 690-691
  • UAE - 629

If the country of the manufacturer is different from the state code indicated on the bar code, this means that this is a fake.

What is the barcode of French perfumes, France?

France is the birthplace of perfumery. The first perfumes were made in the XI century from the extract of roses and spices brought from Jerusalem by the Crusaders. In the XX century, perfumery reached its peak everywhere. In many countries, perfumes and eau de toilette, similar to French perfumes, began to be produced.

With the development of the chemical industry, fakes have reached the climax of popularity. Sometimes even experienced experts cannot distinguish the original from the copy. However, a real French perfume can be determined by trusting the barcode indicated on the package: 30-37.

Nevertheless, recently on a cardboard box next to the inscription "Made in France" in the original and English languages, more and more often you can find signs in Arabic. This is due to a number of the following features:

  • Large brands are trying to reduce production costs, so they transfer production to less affluent countries
  • The presence of holograms, a batch and a series of manufacture, as well as inscriptions in Arabic indicates that the company specializing in the production of products is the official representative of the French brand
  • The manufacturer adheres to all technological standards and uses the correct proportions of those components that are used in the original recipe for perfume production
  • The barcode of France, regardless of the place of production, is assigned if the official representatives of another country make perfumes and toilet water on order for a famous fashion house
Country Barcodes

Therefore, in the case of buying French perfumes, pay attention not only to the bar code, but also to other information:

  • Packaging quality
  • Persistence and Aroma Composition
  • Availability of hologram and series of release
  • Bottle and its density

How to find out the authenticity and quality of perfumes, perfumes, toilet water in a bottle?

In order to purchase original perfumery and not buy a fake, in addition to external signs of quality, the appearance of the bottle plays an important role. The true bubble is distinguished by the following features:

  • Regular bottle
  • All sides are symmetrical
  • No damage or scratches
  • The bottom is usually noticeably thicker
  • Title and information have no grammatical errors
  • The letters are not erased, easy to read
  • High quality glass
  • When dropped, the bottle almost never breaks
  • All parts (sprayer, cap) fit snugly, without forming perfume leakage
Identify vial authenticity

Also on the lower outer side of the original fragrances there is always a sticker or engraved inscription with the following information:

  • Manufacturer contact information (website, phone number, mailing address, electronic data)
  • Vial volume
  • Perfume Series and Issue Number
  • Brand name
  • A warning about the correct use of the product may also be indicated, but it does not always occur.

Also, many fashion houses indicate only the series and number of perfume production. This does not indicate a low quality of perfumes or eau de toilette if these data appear on the cardboard packaging. However, in the absence of any information on the protective box and at the bottom of the bottle, you should assume that you have a fake in your hands.

How to determine the authenticity and quality of perfumes, perfumes, eau de toilette by the persistence of aroma?

In order to determine if the perfume is genuine, sometimes it is enough to carry out a few simple manipulations:

  • Before you go to the store, give up coffee, cigarettes and spicy food, as these factors negatively affect receptor susceptibility
  • Do not try more than 3 flavors
  • Apply a small amount of perfume to the back of your hand
  • Take the first breath right away
  • Next, wait about 5-10 minutes. and take a second breath
  • After 5-6 hours. taste the aroma again

Since the perfume is opened gradually, the 3 stages of this process can be determined solely by means of a sample. Indeed, if you apply perfume and immediately purchase without taking into account the necessary time interval, you will not be able to realize whether this composition is suitable for you. Because the top notes are significantly different from the bottom.

Spirit Resilience

On average, perfumes have the following stamina:

  • Elite Brands - 6-12 hours
  • Mid-priced - 5-8 hours
  • Budget flavors - up to 4 hours

The durability of perfumes and eau de toilette is affected by the amount of alcohol in the composition, as well as the nature of the aromatic composition. The most long-playing are:

  • Spicy
  • Eastern
  • Sweet

Also, classic Arabic aromas made on the basis of essential oils are distinguished by long-term durability, but at the same time their price is not inferior to elite European perfumes.

How to find out the authenticity and quality of perfumes, perfumes, toilet water by certificate?

Certificate of quality - a document authorizing the sale of a particular product, as well as confirming its quality and authenticity. It should be available at all points of sale of perfumes. Each document is issued separately for a specific group of products. In other words, one certificate cannot be used to sell perfumes and eau de toilette from different manufacturers. This document should also indicate:

  • Product Name
  • Product group
  • Manufacturer
  • Country of origin
  • Volume of one bottle
  • Confirmation of the quality and absence of harmful elements for the human body
  • Seller Signature
  • Seal of relevant regulatory authorities

This document can be seen by every buyer, regardless of age and price of the goods. According to the Law on Consumer Rights, this certificate must be freely available. Therefore, in case of questions, it is worth contacting the corner of the buyer or the manager of the trading floor.

How to buy perfume, perfume, eau de toilette in order not to buy a fake: tips

In order to purchase a high-quality original product, you must follow these tips:

  • Do not look for elite perfumes worth 300 rubles. Since the manufacturer spends a significant amount of resources on the development and production of aroma, the price of the goods can not be lower than the cost
  • Do not choose perfume hastily. Medication, coffee, smoking, and a runny nose negatively affect the receptivity of our receptors.
  • Pay attention to the packaging and bottle. Cracks, dirt, glue and dents indicate fraud
  • Buy only at trusted points of sale: malls, chain cosmetic stores
  • Check quality certificate
  • When buying goods online, take an interest in expiration dates, ask to send a photo of packaging from different angles
  • Pay attention to the barcode. It must match the country of manufacture.

If you do not have enough money to buy an elite fragrance, do not despair. Indeed, in the free sale a huge number of testers of all famous luxury perfumes. Unlike original products, they are practically not faked. At the same time, their price is lower, and the volume is slightly larger.

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