Gifts for March 8: gift ideas for March 8 with photos, tips. What to give to your beloved girl, woman, wife, mother, daughter, mother-in-law, sister, sister-in-law, friend, grandmother, godmother, boss and colleague, teachers at school and kindergarten teachers?

Large selection of ideas for each individual case.

Men with excitement and undisguised anxiety are waiting for March 8, because every woman in the family or at work needs to consider an individual gift.

On this day, no representative of the fair sex should be deprived of attention. Many options for ideas and practical tips will help you make your choice.

What to give a woman on March 8: tips

Every man should remember forever - women remember for a long time not presented flowers.

And on March 8, it is a bouquet of delicate flowers that everyone expects, with rare exceptions. Moreover, men should create an atmosphere of reverence, love and unlimited attention in the morning.

What to give your beloved girl on March 8: ideas, tips

  • Present subscription to a package of services in the spa center and send your favorite to relax.
  • At this time, get what you need at the supermarket and personally cook dinner by candlelight. Many restaurants will help you with this and bring your order to the address. It remains only to light the candles.
  • Rested and relaxed meet a girl in a suit, at least - in a shirt and strict pants. During the meal, give the main gift, and be sure that you will have an unforgettable night.

The main gift.

  • set of sexy underwear,
  • personal care kit
  • round sum gift card to the cosmetics store,
  • trip abroad
  • phone
  • car - there are many options
  • for a budget gift you can compose a song or verse - a girl in love will appreciate it

What to give your wife on March 8: ideas, tips

The morning for the wife should begin the same way as for the beloved woman - coffee, breakfast, flowers and kisses.

As for gifts, it’s easier to say that you can’t give in any case. The wife is busy daily with the household and children, so buying a vacuum cleaner or kitchen utensils will clearly not impress her.

Options for the best gifts for the wife.

  • Favorite perfumes, cosmetics, clothes, fur coat, jewelry - Give something personally for her, because only a beloved man can know the preferences of his faithful and accurately guess with the choice.
  • If you have children, then give a gift to your grandmother and give her the grandchildren to indulge in the evening, and arrange dinner for two in a chic restaurant.
  • Can rent a room for the night and at least until the morning to return to the candy-bouquet period, not burdened with life and education of offspring.
  • An important rule for creating a holiday atmosphere is change your home environment.

What to give mom on March 8: ideas

For many mothers who have managed to build friendly and warm relations in the family, the value or usefulness of the gift is completely unimportant, because the main thing is attention and understanding that the child appreciates and loves her.

  • If there is an opportunity to present an expensive gift, then think about what life in everyday life can make for her.
  • But even if finances do not allow, then make a gift with your own hands.
  • Believe me, even with a soul, a read verse about love for mom touches her more than any souvenirs.

DIY gift for mom on March 8: ideas

  • You can find a children's joint photo with mom, enlarge it with a photo studio and make an original baguette yourself or picture frame. It is better to immediately help her find a place in the house or hang on the wall.
  • If mom loves to read, she will appreciate bookmarksmade from photographs of children or grandchildren.
  • And lovers of indoor flowers can prepare an original pot.
  • A joint gift from children and grandchildren can be decorated dishes, an embroidered tablecloth or a painted picture.

What to give grandmother on March 8: ideas

  • Grandmothers can do bouquet with paper flowers or fleece, casket or vase, originally decorate the photo album.
  • Those who know how to sew or knit can perform shawl, tablecloth, apron or even a curtain.
  • Older grandchildren may think about acquiring small chest of drawers, dishwasher, kitchen appliances or trolley bagsto make it convenient to carry products.
  • Can choose new wallet, bag, umbrella or passport cover.
  • If the grandmother spends a lot of time in the country, then you can buy original bench, a set of garden tools or do it yourself automatic irrigation system for the garden.

What to give my daughter on March 8: ideas, tips

You need to choose a present in accordance with age.

  • Young people will be happy to receive set with baby cosmetics, personal pink hairdryer or purse with rhinestones.
  • Dolls, soft toys, going to rides or to the aquarium, watching cartoons together in a movie theater - everything will be in joy.
  • For girls under 10 years old, you can purchase kits for creativity, embroidery, soap do it yourself weaving bracelets.
  • Teenagers will be delighted with different gadgets - a new smartphone or a stylish case, tablet, player, charger or original headphones.
  • Many people become interested in female things, so fashion perfume or mascara increase self-esteem among friends.
  • Just don’t give books - children do not like this at any age.
  • Adult daughters can choose gold jewelry or stylish chest for storing jewelry.
  • Fashion bags or clutch always relevant, and if you decide to buy cosmetics, it’s better to hand gift cardbecause the tastes of different generations are different.

What to give a child on March 8: ideas, tips

  • Dolls, robots, designers, sets of children's dishes and household appliances, soft toys and sports equipment for children - the choice depends only on the budget that you are willing to spend.
  • There are many fashionable novelties, for example, flying fairies, talking animals, musical instruments.
  • If older girls can also complement a gift with a bouquet of flowersthen kids have enough toys.

Children's gifts for March 8 in kindergarten: ideas

Little preschool girls are future women, so from childhood you need to accustom to the existence of the holiday on March 8. It is important to develop an understanding that everyone receives attention on this day.

  • Original flowers made of fabric, fleece or paper. can replace expensive bouquets.
  • And as a gift fit small dolls, soft bears, a set of pencils, felt-tip pens or plasticine.
  • In children's stores, ready-made small sets for sculpting or drawing.
  • In the pastry shop you can order small cakes in the form of toys or characters from cartoons - children will be delighted.
  • Little fashionistas will be pleased to receive hair clips, ribbons, brooches and small combs.

What to give in-law for March 8: ideas, tips

Relations with the spouse's mother do not all develop smoothly and smoothly, so the gift should be without double meaning.

  • A good option would be choice of dishes, teapot, tablecloth, frying pan, double boiler, yogurt maker, bread machine, towels, soft blanket or blanket, bedding, floor lamp.
  • If the mother-in-law likes to take care of herself, then the delivery will be to the place cosmetics.
  • It is not necessary to choose the most expensive brands, the older generation loves the domestic manufacturer.
  • To any present, you must pleasant words, warm and sincere hugs and a bouquet. Can give plant in the pot.

What to give to sister-in-law on March 8: ideas, tips

Some are of the opinion that giving something to a sister-in-law is not necessary at all. But if you still want to pay attention, then it is better to ask about preferences and hobbies in advance.

  • If there is no special information, then general inexpensive options in the form of scarf, a scarf, gloves, a notebook with a pen, a personalized mug, umbrella or wallet.
  • If the relationship with the sister-in-law develops positively, then you can give aromatic lamp with essential oils or go to the store of amazing things and choose, for example, ball for decision making.

What to give to employees and colleagues on March 8: ideas, tips

The size and value of gifts will depend on the number of women. If the team is small, then you can choose useful kitchen gadgets, because each housewife spends a lot of time in the kitchen.

  • Blender, food processor, set of dishes or towels - This is a win-win option.
  • Massage subscription or bath set will be appreciated.
  • It is worth being careful with the choice of cosmetics, since here the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are the most demanding. You can not only make a mistake in choosing the means, but also offend, choosing, for example, a wrinkle cream for a woman of 30 years old or a sharp perfume for a tender nature.
  • If the team is large enough, then an excellent ratio of price and utility will be calendars, mugs, pens, business card holders and all sorts of pleasant things for the desktop.
  • The standard set is box of candies in conjunction with a bottle of good wine or liquor.

What to give to the boss and supervisor on March 8: ideas

  • For conservative and serious women, a win-win option is suitable - sets for a table, company pens or a coffee maker for an office.
  • In specialized gift shops there is a huge assortment of products with a patriotic orientation for discreet people - portraits with the president of the country, metal coat of arms or set of laws in thick leather binding.
  • More open and close to the team leaders, you can pick up something personal, for example, good bedding set or kitchen appliance, exclusive living potted plant for an office or the whole aquarium with fish for moments of peace and tranquility among workdays.

What to give sister on March 8: ideas

A sister is a close and dear person, so you should not approach the choice of a gift with a special passion. You definitely know her hobbies and wishes, so it’s not necessary to be original - give what she wants.

  • If you want the present to be remembered for a long time, then show your imagination.
  • Create joint video or order fun photo shoot.
  • And you can remember childhood, go to the amusement parkto eat cotton candy and ride on a sightseeing wheel.

What can I give my friend on March 8: ideas

Accidentally seeing a thing long before the holiday, it is better to buy it and facilitate the search for a gift for the future.

  • Will be original joint photo session with a professional photographer.
  • But there are absolutely banal gifts that are still nice to receive - shower gels, cosmetics, scarves and gloves, wallets and jewelry.

The main thing is a positive mood and sincere wishes.

What to give to the godmother on March 8: ideas, tips

Godfathers are required to participate in the spiritual development of the children they baptized.

  • Therefore, you can focus on baptism by giving religious book, icon or other church utensils.
  • A pleasant reminder of the day of baptism will be general photo found in the archive and framed.
  • You can take care of the godmother by giving warm scarf, scarf, mittens. It is permissible to limit oneself to generally accepted gifts and a bunch of flowers.
  • If the godmother lives far away, then do not forget to call and put warmth into every congratulatory word.

What to give a girl on March 8: ideas, tips

A gift to a girl should not be expensive, but symbolic.

  • Romantic natures love all sorts of pleasant things in the form of mirrors, mugs with the inscription, pillowcases for a pillow or phone case with a photo of your beloved guy.
  • For beauty, you can give set for manicure, hair dryer, curling iron, bag or chest for cosmetics.
  • On March 8, each girl is obliged to receive gifts, so if you plan to meet with a friend, and he will not come alone, then his companion can be presented flower or candy.
  • It is acceptable to present a small keychain or any other souvenir without any special semantic load

What to give on March 8 to your ex: ideas, tips

If you were able to maintain friendly communication and are not trying to renew the relationship, then it is better to opt for gifts that do not oblige or mean anything.

  • Any options are suitable - from cosmetics and kitchen appliances before design elements, paintings and vases.
  • You can limit yourself congratulatory SMSwhich should not have ambiguous phrases and hints.
  • If the purpose of the gift is to return the status of the couple, then you need to be prepared to spend a serious amount on something really valuable.
  • Chic bouquet of red roses and gold jewelry box few will be left indifferent.

After presenting the gift, steal the chosen one for several hours and spend dinner by candlelight.

What can teachers give on March 8 from the class?

  • Paying attention to the specific work of teachers, an appropriate gift would be beautiful and expensive calendars, notebooks, pens.
  • They are also given flowers for all holidays, so you can choose a compact and original stand for potted plants.
  • This is exactly the option when books are a good gift, so encyclopedias and art publications will be a really great solution.
  • We must not forget that teachers are just women with low wages, so they will be pleased to receive good makeup kits, kitchen gadgets, home textiles, dishes, and gift certificates.
  • Young teachers will like subscription to spa services.

What to give to the teacher on March 8: ideas, tips

Personally, each student still gives a bouquet of flowers, but often you want to give something individually and separately from the rest.

  • You can buy something useful, but it will be much more pleasant for the teacher to receive a gift made by the child with his own hands.
  • Junior students can do caskets, figurines, bouquet of sweets or of toysAny craft.
  • And high school students can give wooden chopping board and burn warm words on it.
  • Can do Handmade soap or embroider a picture. The teacher will remember the attention paid for a long time.

What to give teachers on March 8: ideas

Traditionally, you need to congratulate all women and educators in kindergartens, too.

  • They are usually given bag with a bottle of alcohol and sweets. Popular are sets of cosmetics and small figurinestherefore it is better to be more original.
  • If the teachers are asked to give money, then it’s even easier - they will buy what they really like.
  • But few will be against quality bags, gift certificate or key holders.
  • Pens and notebooks always needed, so you can safely buy them.
  • Mandatory addition to the gift should be a bouquet or a sprig of mimosa.

What to give classmates on March 8: ideas

There are always a lot of classmates, so the best option would be something small, inexpensive, but very cute.

  • Very popular Greeting Cards with kind words.
  • And as gifts suitable original magnets, trinkets, scented candles, lip glosses, small cosmetic bags, cute sets of stationery, pendants with the zodiac sign, pens and notebooks.
  • On this day, high school students usually celebrate the holiday in a cafe.
  • Convenient and less formal is the option of tea drinking in the classroom.

What you can give cheap on March 8: gift list

Modern women are quite spoiled and it is usually not possible to get along with just a bouquet of tulips, although only flowers take a lot of money.

Today you can find many interesting and inexpensive things:

  • key rings
  • magnets
  • housekeepers
  • business card holders
  • original candles
  • bath salt or body scrub
  • passport covers
  • flower pots
  • French press
  • tea collection
  • bijouterie
  • champagne glasses
  • A wonderful gift will be jar of coconut oilwhich is a universal cosmetic product
  • Cake towels
  • thermo mug
  • wallet mouse
  • souvenirs and frames
  • vases and figurines

What to give women on March 8 with their own hands: ideas

Today, many are fond of making small accessories or jewelry with their own hands.

  • Someone knits, sews, weaves their beads, draws, and someone is engaged in scrapbooking, decoupage, quilling, facing, encaustic, origami, makes candles or soap.
  • Any handmade souvenir pleasantly warms the soul and is carefully stored for many years.
  • Even if there are no special hobbies, but I really want to make an interesting gift, then you can study the expanses of the Internet and find a suitable master class.

Here are some DIY articles:

  • How to make flowers from balloons with your own hands?
  • How to make candy with congratulations and wishes with your own hands?
  • Knitting soft toys with knitting needles with diagrams and description: master class, photo
  • Crochet border decoration for handkerchiefs, napkins, kerchiefs: pattern designs

Gifts for March 8: tips

1. Do not get carried away and come up with a too original gift, since most women are quite predictable in their wishes and are offended without getting what they want.
2. Choose useful gifts, giving preference to use in the house.
3. Buy perfume or cosmetics only when 100% are sure of the name of the product that a woman will like. Well, or if she trusts your choice.
4. Invite a woman to the March 8 celebration at a restaurant or any place remote from home walls.
5. Tested by thousands of men: the phone is one of the most desired gifts.
6. Jewelry is always relevant.
7. Despite the large selection of gift certificates, some women may be offended by such a gift. The reason is simple - the man did not spend time searching for a gift, but transferred this care to her.
8. Flowers, flowers and flowers again! You can have a bouquet of sweets or toys.

It is better to start preparing in advance so that in the morning you can make a festive mood. All worries will pay off handsomely - a grateful woman will remember the attention given for a long time, and surround her man with care throughout the year.

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