Elite women's perfumes, French, Arabic for women: a list with names, a brief description of fragrances. How to buy branded perfumes for sale in the online store Lamoda and Wildreriz: links to a catalog with a price

In the article you will find lists and descriptions of the most expensive and famous perfumes in the world.

Elite women's expensive brand perfumes: a list with names, a brief description of fragrances

Perfume is a real business card that can tell a lot about a person. It often happens that a woman has not been able to pick up “her” fragrance for years, and when she finds it, she is ready to lay out even fabulous sums of money for each bottle.

INTERESTING: The choice of perfumes in modern stores and boutiques is simply huge, but there are those perfumes that are recognized as "the best" and the most expensive.


  • Jar - this unique perfume is truly considered refined and belongs to the category of fresh and herbal aromas. The cost of one bottle reaches 800 $. Perfumes have a pleasant aroma of currant, according to the manufacturer, as well as a mixture of the smell of mowed grass, broken branches and dahlias. You can’t buy a perfume on the Internet or in an ordinary store, it is sold only in a branded store Jar Parfums in Paris.
  • Joy - the aroma appeared in the 19th century and at that time was considered the most expensive perfume. The uniqueness of these perfumes is that more than 300 pieces are used to make them. fragrant roses and about 10 thousand jasmine flowers. One bottle Jean Patou's Joy costs approximately 800 $.
  • Shalini - This fragrance was created by Maurice Rusel himself. Perfumes have a rich and persistent smell of neroli, sandalwood and vanilla flowers, with hints of musk. This is a very sweet and feminine perfume, its cost is approximately 900 $.
  • Selenion - Japanese perfume. It is unique in that it consists of incredibly rare and original ingredients (reseda, osmanthus, jasmine, rose and wild olive). The fragrance is very delicate and sweet at the same time. A touch of oakmoss gives an aura of mystery to spirits, the cost of such a bottle is approximately 1200 $.
  • Goutal's eau d'hadrien- fresh and bright, popular and sought after, unusual and alluring. The main component of perfumes is Sicilian lemon, cypress and grapefruit. The cost of such a bottle reaches 1500 $.
  • Faubourg - perfume of the famous French brand. Perfumes are unique not only in their sweet floral aroma, but also in the fact that their bottle is made of pure rock crystal. The cost of this persistent, alluring, very seductive and feminine fragrance is 1500 $.
  • Les Larmes Sacrées de Thebe- This enchanting fragrance was released in the early 90's. It is unique not only in an incredibly beautiful and expensive bottle made of expensive crystal, but also in that it contains components such as myrrh and frankincense. Cost - 1700 $.
  • Caron's- This is a unique perfume, because its manufacturer insistently claims that it is universal and suitable for both floors. Perfumes convey the aroma of two types of pepper: black and red, complemented by the spicy aroma of cloves. Cost - 2000 $.
  • Notorious- Perfume from an extremely fashionable brand. The components of these spirits are unusual and original. The main note is black currant, it is complemented by the aroma of bergamot, vanilla, iris and musk, white peony and cloves, chocolate cosmea and pink pepper. The cost of the bottle is more 3500 $.
  • Chanel No. 5 - A very popular and world-famous perfume, a true collection aroma. The bottle is made of glass, which is placed in a handmade box. Perfume is considered the most feminine fragrance that will never go out of style. Its cost - 4200 $.
  • Ellipse- this is the so-called “chypre” aroma, which literally “fascinates” with its light woody notes, the smells of grass, moss and a touch of wildflowers. Presently Ellipse - This is a rarity, because its production was discontinued in the 80s of the last century. This vintage fragrance is currently available at approximately 5000 $.
  • 1- An unusual and very rare aroma, because for its production a rare plant is required - Madagascar ylang-ylang. Supplements it with violet root, sandalwood, vanilla and bergamot. A bottle of this perfume is decorated with a real diamond. Bottle cost - 5500 $.
  • Royal arms - This fragrance was specially released for Elizabeth II. There are only a few bottles of this perfume and each is decorated with a diamond and complemented by a gold chain. The cost of perfume is not small - 7000 $.
  • Guerlain Idylle - this fragrant perfume consists of lilies, peonies and roses, and the bottle itself is created in the form of a droplet. Cost Guerlain Idylle - 40.000 $.
  • Clive christian - The uniqueness of this perfume is that it consists of almost 2000 aromas. The bottle itself is made of crystal, decorated with gold and diamond. Bottle cost - 1000 $.
  • Dkny - These perfumes have a very rich aroma, consisting of juicy fruits and fresh flowers. But the uniqueness of the perfume is not only in its "rich" and rich aroma, but also in the fact that the bottle is abundantly decorated with gold and precious stones. This is a unique bottle, which was released only in a single version and was sold for 1.000.000 $.

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Elite women's perfumes French: list with names, a brief description of fragrances

French perfumes are famous not only for their persistence, but also for the sophistication with which perfumers create them. French perfumes are famous all over the world, but the most popular of them are:

  • Of course, the most popular and most "French" fragrance is "Chanel Nº 5", which was created specifically for the brand owner - Coco Chanel. His name is also interesting, because the perfumer just presented her with 10 bottles, and she chose exactly No. 5. One bottle combines fresh aromas of flowers and juicy notes of fruit, as well as a few spices. This perfume does not require advertising, because it is loved for quality and sophistication.
  • Another popular French perfume is called "Guerlain"It conveys the true aroma and spirit of the East, as the perfumes are sweet and spicy, but complemented by the juiciness of citrus and flowering plants.
  • Bottle with the name "L'Air du Temps"released the son of Nina Ricci. He tried to" cover "with this aroma many pleasant smells that inspire joy and calmness at the same time. Decorate a bottle with a lid with pigeons (a real symbol of peace).
  • Cult Fragrance "Opium"impressed with its persistent and rich" alcoholic "aroma. It is a very" bold "and modern perfume that suits both young and mature women. The creators tried to" instill "the spirit of the East and exotic, classic and freshness into the bottle of Opium.
  • Aroma "Poison"created by maestro Dior. This smell is very sensual and exotic, it can be safely called an" explosion "of juicy fruits mixed with fresh wood and flowers.
Chanel No. 5 Gurlen L'Air du Temps Opium Poison

Elite women's perfumes Arab for women: a list with names, a brief description of fragrances

The difference between the Arab spirits is that they are still made according to old recipes. Such perfumes retain their persistence, attract sweet aroma, mesmeriz with sensuality.

Most Popular:

  • Soundous blend- The main note of perfume “sundus”, which is complemented by citruses. This is a very sensual and vibrant perfume, which is very popular in the East.
  • J'essence -a combination of cedar and vanilla, a very sensual and slightly “cold” aroma, complemented by citrus and freshness of jasmine.
  • Banafsaj spring -rich floral perfume, combining a bouquet of aromas of fragrant roses, peonies, jasmine and lilies.
  • Banafsaj nightg -floral-powdery perfume, which can be safely called "festive" and unique.
  • Hiba Al Ahlam -rich sweet aroma with a deep, warm and spicy fragrance.
Soundous blend J'essence Banafsaj spring Banafsaj nightg Hiba al ahlam

How to buy branded perfumes for sale in the online store Lamoda: links to the catalog with a price

If you want to get a truly original brand perfume, you should pay attention to the modern online store Lamoda. Here are collected perfumes from world famous manufacturers at affordable prices and with a guarantee of quality. Here is a wide range of brands and you can always be sure that you are getting a quality product. You can find the perfume catalog on Lamoda in the "Women" section, by selecting the "Beauty" category and then by clicking the "Perfumery«.

Perfume on Lamoda

How to buy branded perfumes for sale in the Wildberry online store: links to a catalog with a price

Another store where you can buy high-quality perfumes of a famous brand is Wildberry. Here in the category "Beauty" there is a huge catalog of perfumes from different manufacturers with a full description of the fragrance.

Perfume on wildberry