Wireless Charging for iPhone with Aliexpress: How to order? How to order an external battery for a phone and a battery on Aliexpress?

Where can I order wireless, solar-powered and car chargers if you cannot find a suitable model in your electronics store? The answer is on Aliexpress website. And how to do this, read the article.

A few years ago, having a phone on hand was not as necessary as it is now. The phone is used not only for calls, but also as a game console, camera, radio, remote control for TV and much more.

Over time, the tendency to use mobile devices is only growing, and the problem arises - what if the phone is discharged in the most inappropriate place and at the wrong time? How not to miss an important call from superiors, colleagues or an expensive customer? For each phone there is a suitable charger, but what to do in a situation where there is no outlet nearby?

Do not forget to charge phones

The answer is obvious - use wireless chargers or batteries.

To find such is not a problem now. You can do this in almost any electronics store. But the main of all options, as always, is the Aliexpress website.

Portable external battery with Aliexpress: how to order?

The Aliexpress website features over 17,000 different models of portable external batteries. This is much more than in any computer hardware store.

On AliExpress website you can find portable external batteries with a capacity of 5000 mAh, 10000 mAh, 15000 mAh and even 20,000 mAh. For comparison: the average battery capacity in the phone is only 3000 mAh, and phones with a 4000 mAh battery are not produced in such a large amount.

Large selection of external batteries on the site

If you are convinced that you need a portable external battery, read on about how to order it.

First you need to choose the right model. In doing so, rely on the following parameters:

  • Battery Type
  • battery capacity
  • login interface
  • appearance
  • price category

If the item “Appearance” confused you in this list, pay attention to the following, rather specific models, which clearly show that the design of a portable external battery is of great importance.

Portable TOTOPO external battery with a capacity of 12,000 mAh in the form of a cartoon character.

12,000mAh portable external battery

The original Avengers Captain America Shield Power Bank Charger USB at 6800 mAh - not much, but what a design!

6800 mAh portable external battery

Another very stylish version of a portable chocolate bar shaped external battery pack. A model with a capacity of only 3000 mAh will help your phone last for a day without the additional use of a charger.

3000mAh portable external battery

Once you have chosen the best option for yourself - proceed to the checkout procedure.

The article will show how to place an order using the example of this Power Bank model.

First, register on the site, as indicated in the article, or log in to an existing account. After choosing your favorite model, select its color, if it is required. So, if you do not have any items in the basket, immediately click the "Buy Now" button. It is orange in color and is located under the model description.

Button for ordering goods right now

The site will automatically transfer you to the checkout page.

Important! If you previously ordered something from the Aliexpress website, the delivery address was saved automatically. If the address has changed, you need to enter it again by clicking on the "Edit" button.

If you have never ordered anything from the Aliexpress website, when placing an order, you will first be asked to enter a delivery address.

page for registration of address and delivery method

Now go to step two, namely, choosing a delivery method. In this case, you can choose ePacket delivery, which will last from 14 to 23 days, or PostNL delivery, which lasts from 23 to 35 days.

At the same stage, you can leave a comment for the seller. For example, ask him some question, ask that your order is better packaged for some reason or something else.

The second step in placing an order

Note! If you have discount coupons in Aliexpress, then at this stage you can apply them by checking the corresponding box below.

Now you need to click on the "Place an order" button. Before doing this, once again carefully check the correctness of all the data entered.

After that, the site will transfer you to the payment page. Of the main payment methods are offered:

  • bank card
  • Yandex money
  • qiwi wallet

But also you can choose other payment methods.

Payment order on the website Aliexpress

If you pay with a card, enter the necessary details in the appropriate fields.

Card Payment

Payment using Yandex.Money.

The second payment method is Yandex.Money.

The easiest way is to pay with a Qiwi wallet.

Payment Order Qiwi Wallet

After you have chosen a payment method, indicated all the details necessary for this, and clicked the “Pay Now” button, the site will transfer you to the payment confirmation page, then a letter will be sent to your mail in which your order will be recorded.

Attention! Some sellers send a tracking number of your order by letter to the mail so that you can know the status of your order and its current location.

Sometimes an order involves calling the operator from the store where you ordered the goods. This is necessary to reduce the risk of a possible error during subsequent delivery.

This was the last step. Now you just have to wait for your parcel, periodically checking its location.

Wireless Charging for iPhone with Aliexpress: how to order?

The iPhone was once a rarity. Once upon a time, but not now. Apple technology has gained immense popularity, and you can find a person with their products everywhere. As you know, everyone is waiting for something new and unusual from brand companies, so Apple began to produce wireless chargers.

The advantages of such chargers include their mobility. Now you do not need to look for an outlet to “extend” the life of the phone.

On Aliexpress website you can find a large number of wireless chargers for the iPhone.

Imagine two models of wireless chargers for iPhone.

The first model is a portable wireless charger for the iPhone. Suitable for all models from 5 to 6S Plus.

Wireless charger

The second model is a desktop charger, which is convenient for those who spend most of their time in a sitting position (office, as an option).

Wireless Desktop Charging for iPhone

Below is a diagram of how to order wireless charging for an iPhone from the Aliexpress website.

First of all, choose a suitable model, and also do not forget to choose its color. Most often, the manufacturer offers a choice of 4 to 10 color options.

Then click on the yellow-orange Buy Now button.

Done, the model is in your virtual basket, but since there is only one item, the site automatically takes you to the checkout page, where you need to enter the address, phone number, select a delivery service and specify other details.

This procedure is described in detail in the previous part of the article.

The choice of wireless chargers for iPhone on aliexpress website

Aliexpress - phone battery: how to order?

Sometimes it happens that a technique breaks down. The battery for the phone is also not eternal, and in some cases it requires replacement. Find a new battery on Aliexpress is not difficult.

All models are in the Batteries section for mobile phones, which can be accessed by going first to the Phones and Telecommunications section, and then to the Spare Parts for Mobile Phones section.

Section Batteries for mobile phones

The process of placing an order is already presented in this article, but before placing an order, you need to choose the product that you need.

Important! Each phone model has its own accumulator (battery), which is not recommended for changing to batteries of other phones.

One of the most important characteristics of a battery is its energy intensity. This indicator affects how much time your phone can manage without additional charge.

Battery capacity indicator and where to find it

Attention! If you actively use the phone, then batteries with a capacity of 3500 mAh or more will be a good option for you.

If you are interested in compatibility with the batteries presented on the site, with any particular model, then on the left side select the appropriate brand.

Brand-specific charging model compatibility

Once you have found the model that is right for you - click the "Buy Now" button, and then proceed according to the scheme above.

Solar powered phone charger

One of the recent interesting inventions is solar-powered devices. Such models are more environmentally friendly, because they do not directly consume natural resources such as electricity, provided that they are charged in the sun.

The solar-powered charger is a separate rectangular device (smartphone shape) with a thickness of about 2 cm.

Similar models look very stylish.

12,000 mAh Power Bank charger with optional solar panel. There is an option to order this model in silver, black, blue, red and gold.

Solar Powered Bank

Another model of Solar Power Bank Dual USB. Its main difference is that it is waterproof, so it is great for use in extreme situations. The design of this Power Bank is significantly different from the previous one and looks more sporty.

Solar Powered Bank

There are many more similar models, but the ordering process is always the same, no matter what region you live in.

You should know it! Sellers at Aliexpress always ask Russian citizens to provide all the information about themselves in English, so that in the future there will be no problems with placing an order.

Charging for the phone in the car

Great thing for those who are constantly on the road. No need to run into the nearest cafe along the way to charge the mobile device. Now your phone can be powered by a car battery.

One of these models. Portable device for charging the phone from the car.

Car Charger Model Example

The entire ordering process is the same:

  1. Decide on your own needs
  2. Choose the most suitable model
  3. Place an order
  4. get a tracking number for the package
  5. Waiting for an order
  6. Get the package

Watch the video: Aliexpress External Battery Powerbank wireless Charger Qi Wireless Charger Dual USB Power Bank for i (November 2019).